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October 4, 2022

Ten best back-to-school apps

Albert Lee

Skip the notebooks, flash cards and multicolored pens this semester. With these 10 apps, you can keep all school necessities in the palm of your hand.

CourseSmart – Free
Textbooks are heavy and expensive. With CourseSmart, students can access textbooks without the hassle. There are 40,000 textbooks in all. Students can pay a maximum of 60 percent of the original book price to access textbooks for a period of time. Of course, there is no way to annotate or resell these books, and students must be prepared to read them on their electronic devices. Available on iOS and Android.

Quizlet – Free
Standing in line at Jester, wishing you could study for that imminent organic chemistry test? Quizlet is a great way to quiz yourself on the go. Type up flash cards on a computer or smartphone, and then swipe through to learn or test yourself. Students can even share and collaborate on notes. Availiable on iOS and Android.

Notability – $5.99
This is the app that allows students to leave their notebooks at home. With Notability, students can annotate PDFs or pictures, draw illustrations and record lectures. They can easily share notes with friends or transfer them between different devices with iCloud, Dropbox or email. Available on iOS.

Wikipanion – Free
Wikipedia is a must for quenching curiosity, as well as a great jumping-off point for research projects. Wikipanion provides a direct link to the Wikipedia servers so that urgent inquiries can be answered in less than a second. Wikipedia addicts can revel in instant answers to their most pressing questions, whether they are about slime mold, John Wilkes Booth or the radiation levels emanating from the Texas Capitol. Wikipanion even analyzes the text and highlights information the reader will find most relevant. Available on iOS.

My Grades & Homework – $0.99
This app is designed to help students keep their grades and assignments under control. Students can keep organized by putting all of their assignments on a calendar. As the semester goes on, students need to know if their hard work is paying off. They can enter grades into a calculator for course averages or an overall GPA. Available on iOS.

Khan Academy – Free
There are few students at UT who have not fallen asleep to Salman Khan’s calming voice at least once in their educational careers. With the Khan Academy app, students can take Khan ­— a pocket-sized friend who is knowledgeable about everything from accounting to geology — with them. Students can earn points and ask questions as they work through the lectures. Available on iOS.

Swoodle – Free
Students can use Swoodle to work on presentations together without having to find a time everyone can meet. Users can edit images, PDFs and documents while communicating with each other in real time through messaging and multi-way video. Available on iOS.

Evernote – Free
For students who fantasize about syncing their notes on all of their devices through a simple, clean platform, Evernote is a dream come true. Available on iOS and Android. – Free holds all the joys of a dictionary without the weight and bulk. Find definitions, synonyms, antonyms and interesting words of the day. The power of the English language now rests in your pocket. Available on iOS and Android.

Duolingo – Free
Students who are currently taking a language class or who want to stay up-to-date with their skills can use this app to practice and learn. Duolingo is free, because users learn language skills and then practice them by translating Wikipedia articles. Students can add their friends in order to compete and hold each other accountable. If users miss a day of practice, the app sends email reminders to keep up their practice streaks. Available on iOS and Android.

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Ten best back-to-school apps