Hall v. McRaven hearing rescheduled for week of Dec. 7

Matthew Adams

A hearing in the Hall v. McRaven lawsuit has been rescheduled for the week of Dec. 7.

The hearing, which was originally set for Oct. 19, was first rescheduled for Nov. 9. Both sides filed an agreement Oct. 28 to reschedule the hearing a second time.

Following the release of the Kroll report in February detailing cases in which the President influenced UT’s admissions process, Regent Wallace Hall requested all documents from the report for his own investigation. Chancellor William McRaven denied Hall access to this information citing Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts laws to protect students and families’ private information.

“As a matter of law, [UT] System officials lack the authority to restrict a regent’s access to information that he deems necessary for the performance of his official duties,” Hall’s suit filed June 28 said.

If the hearing is not rescheduled, it could occur at the same time as the Fisher v. UT case, which will be reheard in the Supreme Court on Dec. 9. The case will review the constitutionality of affirmative action admissions policies at the University.

UT System spokeswoman Jenny LaCoste-Caputo said this is a scheduling issue between the attorneys and not between the principals involved in the case.

According to the document filed, McRaven will submit his summary judgment on or before Nov. 18 and Hall will reply to the motion on or before Dec. 2.  The parties agreed in the document that Hall, McRaven and Daniel Sharphorn, general counsel and vice chancellor of the UT System, will be in attendance without requiring a subpoena.