University confirms safety of all UT students and faculty in France

Daily Texan Staff

Update: The University has confirmed the safety of all UT students and faculty in France, the university said in a statement Saturday morning.

Eighty-eight students and five faculty members are in France, according to the UT Austin Twitter account, and the University will continue to remain in contact with them to monitor the situation.  

The University has plans ready for students who want to return to the U.S. before the end of the semester, according to a press release.

"Our goal at this stage is still to help all students complete their semester abroad, but we continue to monitor the situation in France as it develops," the press release reads. "We will respond accordingly and swiftly as needs arise or as the situation changes. We have contingency plans ready for students who feel the need to return to the U.S. now or before the end of the semester."


Original story:

The University has confirmed the safety of all but six UT students studying in France, the university tweeted late Friday night. 

Following several terrorist attacks in the French capital Friday night, university officials began trying to contact about 70 UT students studying in Paris, according to the Austin American-Statesman, The university hopes to contact the remaining six students in the morning, the tweet reads.  

About 120 people are confirmed dead from a string of shootings and bombings across Paris Friday night, the Guardian reported. Attacks in Bataclan concert hall where concertgoers were held hostage led to around 87 deaths alone, according to the Guardian, although Paris Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman originally estimated the death toll in the hall to be 118.

The study abroad office began verifying the safety of the longhorns studying abroad in Paris following the attacks, according to a university press release.

“The University of Texas at Austin is monitoring the situation in Paris. We are in the process of contacting students and partner universities and programs to verify the safety of UT Austin students studying abroad,” the statement reads.

UT students in France are asked to check in via email with IOS. Call UTPD if in need of assistance.

Texas Exes president Antonio Garza asked UT students and alumni participating in the ring ceremony Friday night to put their horns up in solidarity with those who lost loved ones in the attacks.

Students, faculty, staff and  parents with concerns should call UTPD at 512-471-4441 or reference resources on this website:

This article has been updated since its publication to include updated information regarding the attacks and the current status of UT students.