McRaven says faculty members must comply with campus carry laws


Caleb Wong

UT System Chancellor William McRaven said he expects faculty members to comply with campus carry rules and regulations in a Senate State Affairs Committee meeting Tuesday. 

“We have to have a discussion with the faculty members about this and make sure that they are following the law,” McRaven said. “It’s that simple.” 

McRaven’s comment comes after Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg said he would not allow guns in his classroom during a faculty meeting Monday.

“I feel strongly enough about this so that I will do what I have already done this term, next term — whatever the University regulations are, I will put into my syllabus that the class is not open to students carrying guns,” Weinberg said. “Now, that may get me into trouble with the state or with the students. I may wind up in court, [but] I’m willing to accept that possibility.”

Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston), the committee’s chairwoman, warned that licensed students carrying guns should not be treated differently than other students.

“We don’t let a faculty member make someone who has a concealed license sit in the back of the class or point it out in some way,” Huffman said. “I hope that we don’t place these individuals in a situation where they are treated differently than other students.” 

McRaven asked for trust from the faculty members during the committee meeting as campus carry implementation progresses. 

“My expectation as we move forward is that we will find that we have done our due diligence,” McRaven said. “What I’m asking the faculty members is: Give us a chance to show that we can address their concerns in a reasonable manner so they do not feel like it is threatening their ability to have a robust debate or their safety.”