Tat-Tuesday: Students share stories behind ink

Katie Walsh

Photos by Mike McGraw

Kennedy Paris

Etched into theater studies junior Kennedy Paris’s skin, directly beneath her heart, is a small tattoo of a heartbeat.

“One year ago today, I had a friend who was in a car crash,” Paris said. “He was flung out of the car and didn’t make it.”

Last spring break, Paris said she wasn’t in a good place and felt the need to do something, so she got her fourth tattoo to commemorate him. 

“I got heartbeat and stitches to bring new life I guess,” Paris said.

Quinn Bohlmann

Since high school, psychology sophomore Quinn Bohlmann has been obsessed with whales. She said her obsession began after watching a documentary about saving whales and connected to the values that many whales possess, such as their spirit and loyalty.

“I just really connect with whales,” Bohlmann said. “Whales are one of the only animals that are constantly with their families, and they can feel it when [a family member] is gone. I just think they are really intuitive and loving animals, and that is kind of how I want to be.”

After months of searching for the right artist, Bohlmann inked the whale on her side for her 18th birthday. 

“I wanted a piece of art,” Bohlmann said. “I always knew I wanted a tattoo, but I didn’t want to get one that I didn’t feel connected to. Once I found this picture online, I knew for sure that was the one.”

Michael Krauss

An image of Poseidon and his trident covers theater graduate student Michael Krauss’ right shoulder.

“I grew up on the North Carolina coast, so the water was always a big part of my life,” Krauss said. “I spent all my time at the river and ocean.”

Last December, Krauss added his favorite Greek god to the existing anchor on his right arm he got when he turned 21. Krauss has five other tattoos besides Poseidon.