UT is ranked among top 40 colleges internationally

Anusha Lalani

UT is ranked as the 32nd best university in the world in the 2016 edition of the Center for World University Ranking, released July 11.

The CWUR bases its rankings on eight indicators: quality of education, alumni employment, quality of faculty, publications, influence, citations, broad impact and patents. The University ranked 66 for quality of education, 31 for alumni employment, 28 for quality of faculty, 51 for publications, 53 for influence, 29 for citations, 68 for broad impact and 37 for patents.

“UT’s standing as one of the best universities in the world recognizes our outstanding students, faculty members and alumni,” UT President Gregory Fenves said in a statement. “CWUR examines the impact and quality of our professors as well as the accomplishments of Texas Exes in the business world and their communities. It’s an honor to be recognized along with peer universities having a global reach.”

UT alumna Zenobia Maknojia said having graduated from UT helped her in her professional career and the ranking validated her decision to become a Longhorn.

“I would say that UT has helped me after graduation by helping me get my full time offer,” Maknojia said. “It’s definitely great to know that the world acknowledge how awesome UT is.”

Paromita Pain, assistant instructor for the Department of Journalism, said although the ranking shows the world how “special” the University is, she already knew it was.

“[The University] has an amazing ability to combine extensive research activities and teaching,” Pain said. “UT so deserves this ranking. Every conference I go to is Longhorn-dominated. As graduate researchers, we are given the funds and the freedom to pursue fields and areas where results are not guaranteed. UT takes risks and that’s what makes it wonderful.”

This ranking comes a few months after the Nature Index, a database containing published science research articles, ranked the University No. 25 in the world for publication of scientific research in April.

Chemistry and linguistics senior Elise LeBovidge, who was also admitted to John Hopkins University but decided to attend UT because of its research institutions, said the University provides many career options for its students.

“UT has allowed me to be flexible in my research endeavors, giving me the opportunity to move around until I find what I want do as a career,” LeBovidge said. “I’ve been able to jump around various labs to find a lab that really feeds my curiosity and my goals. I wish more people knew how great UT is at helping individuals pursue their dreams and careers.”