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News desk editor says “maas-salaama,” goodbye to Texan family

Anusha Lalani May 4, 2018

During my sophomore year I was sitting in one of my journalism classes when my professor asked, “Which one of you is working at The Daily Texan or any other place?” Almost half of the class...

SafeHorns launches #Report4Harrison campaign

Anusha Lalani May 2, 2018

During the memorial in honor of Harrison Brown on Tuesday, Harrison’s mother Lori Brown wore a hat reading #Report4Harrison, a hashtag part of a larger campaign launched by SafeHorns the same day. SafeHorns...


McRaven resigns from investment board

Anusha Lalani April 26, 2017

UT System Chancellor William McRaven decided last Wednesday to give up his seat on the board of the University of Texas Investment Management Co. in order to have the position filled by a Texas A&M...


Secretary of Education removes consumer protections from student loans

Anusha Lalani April 25, 2017

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos retracted policy memos two weeks ago that protected students taking out loans, a decision which could impact students across the country. In a letter delivered...


DHFS considers gender-inclusive housing option

Anusha Lalani April 12, 2017

The University of Texas at Dallas will provide students with the chance to live in gender-inclusive housing this upcoming fall semester, causing some UT Austin students to want the same option. “(The...


Muslim-American discusses experiences working in the government

Anusha Lalani April 11, 2017

As a student who saw the impact of 9/11, Farooq Mitha’s perception of the involvement of Muslim-Americans changed and inspired him to encourage more Muslim-Americans to take a proactive role in...

JeffDavis_Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Jefferson Davis statue reaches Briscoe Center

Anusha Lalani April 10, 2017

At 8 feet, 6 inches tall, the refurbished and controversial Jefferson Davis statue reached its final destination at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, returning to university grounds.  After...

Trump’s proposed budget impacts higher education, research

Anusha Lalani April 6, 2017

Billions of dollars would be cut from various agencies under President Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget plan, impacting numerous higher education programs and research opportunities, according...


Update: Senate approves Muny Golf Course transfer

Anusha Lalani April 5, 2017

Update (6:27 p.m.): The Senate passed SB 822, which would transfer the ownership of the Lions Municipal Golf Course from the University to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, by a 21-10 vote...

UT System chief medical officer stresses importance of reform in mental health hospitals

Anusha Lalani March 31, 2017

Five of the 11 mental health hospitals in Texas need to be replaced because of improper infrastructure and need for repair, according to David Lakey, UT System chief medical officer. “You can...


Proposed bill aims to raise purchasing age of tobacco and tobacco-related products

Anusha Lalani March 30, 2017

Approximately 28,000 adults die annually in Texas because of smoking-related illnesses, according to the website Texas Tobacco Law. This number is higher than the amount of people killed by alcohol, murder,...

UT Austin has highest percentage of rape among female undergraduates, study finds

UT Austin has the highest percentage of rape among female undergraduates across eight UT System academic institutions, according to a survey released Friday.   The Cultivating Learning and Safe...


Proposed bill decreases veterans and families eligible for benefits

Anusha Lalani March 24, 2017

Since 1923, veterans in Texas have received educational benefits for themselves and later for their families through the Hazlewood Act, which is now the focus of a bill that would reduce the number of...


Students for Fair Admissions seek to challenge UT admission policies

Anusha Lalani March 20, 2017

Students for Fair Admissions launched a new website two weeks ago in hopes of challenging the admissions policies of UT, nearly nine months after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of UT in the Fisher...


Professors at Dell Medical School bring new way of patient-to-physician communication

Anusha Lalani March 9, 2017

Patients are not as comfortable disclosing health disparities to their physicians as they are with other patients experiencing similar disparities, an issue two Dell Medical School professors hope to address.  The...

smoking infographic

UT institutions to become tobacco-free

Anusha Lalani March 9, 2017

The UT System is now the first public university system in Texas to be completely tobacco-free, according to a press release published Tuesday.  All 14 UT institutions will be a part of the Eliminate...


Former Vice President Biden to speak at SXSW

Anusha Lalani March 6, 2017

Former Vice President Joe Biden will speak March 12 in Austin at the South by Southwest festival, according to the festival’s website. Biden will speak during the Connect to End Cancer series,...

unnamed (2)

Recently confirmed regent focuses on higher education

Anusha Lalani February 15, 2017

UT System Regent Kevin Eltife, the youngest child of three, was raised by his mother on veteran administrative and social security benefits and has always been passionate about higher education.  “I...


Recently confirmed regent debates System’s handle on debt

Anusha Lalani February 10, 2017

Just two days after his final confirmation in the state Senate, UT System Regent Kevin Eltife questioned the transparency of the System.  The Board of Regents had their first meeting of the semester...

RadWeaver_Courtesy of Rad Weaver

CEO of McCombs Partners prepares for newly appointed term as UT System regent

Anusha Lalani February 9, 2017

As a senior in high school, Rad Weaver was determined to become a professional baseball player, but he never expected in 20 years he would be the CEO of McCombs Partners and a new UT System regent. Last...


Students show support against Trump’s travel ban

Anusha Lalani February 8, 2017

More than two weeks into Donald Trump’s presidency, students continue to protest his travel ban. Approximately 50 students and community members rallied on East Mall Tuesday evening to show...


UT System chairman clarifies statement regarding diversity of regents

Anusha Lalani February 2, 2017

UT System chairman Paul Foster said Thursday the Board of Regents should be a diverse representative of Texas, taking back comments he made on the UT System not requiring an African-American perspective...


Teach for America CEO speaks about educational inequity

Jenan Taha and Anusha Lalani February 1, 2017

Teach For America CEO Elisa Villanueva Beard spoke to students on Tuesday on the importance of equal opportunity in education and how any student can become a teacher.  The Undergraduate Business...


McRaven releases statement on Trump’s executive order

Anusha Lalani January 31, 2017

President Donald Trump’s executive order blocks people with unique backgrounds and expertise from entering the U.S., UT System Chancellor William McRaven said in a Monday statement. McRaven’s...


UT System regent shares his experiences before the end of his term

Anusha Lalani January 30, 2017

With days left as a UT System regent, Alex Cranberg said his term was characterized by an effort to provide equal opportunities to all students. Cranberg was appointed as a regent for the UT System...


Texas Supreme Court rules against UT System Regent Wallace Hall

Anusha Lalani January 27, 2017

The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday against UT System Regent Wallace Hall, saying he cannot have access to student admission records and ruling in favor of UT System Chancellor William McRaven. The...


Possible re-lease for Lions Municipal Golf Course

Anusha Lalani January 25, 2017

The University has offered to extend the lease of the Lions Municipal Golf Course, which the UT System originally decided to let expire in the next two years. The offer to re-lease the golf course...


Abbott announces new UT System regent selections

Anusha Lalani January 24, 2017

Gov. Greg Abbott announced his three appointees for the UT System Board of Regents Monday, which includes the recently retired state Sen. Kevin Eltife, R-Tyler. Abbott’s announcement comes as...

New bill for undocumented students introduced

Anusha Lalani January 23, 2017

The Association of Public Land-Grant Universities released a statement in support ofa new bill this month that would continue work permits and legal rights to undocumented students who came to the...

Dell Medical School receives $1 million donation

Anusha Lalani January 20, 2017

The Dell Medical School received a $1 million gift from University Federal Credit Union Thursday in order to expand the health initiatives at the school. UFCU, a credit union focusing on higher education,...


Dell Medical School’s Health Disparities Team co-hosts sexual abuse and domestic violence docu-series screening

Anusha Lalani January 19, 2017

The Dell Medical School’s Health Disparities Team partnered with Huston-Tillotson University to screen a pilot episode of a docu-series on surviving sexual abuse and domestic violence.  The...


Texas Supreme Court hears oral arguments for Hall v. McRaven

Anusha Lalani January 18, 2017

Texas Supreme Court justices questioned UT Regent Wallace Hall’s case after hearing oral arguments Jan. 11 from a lawsuit filed by Hall against UT System Chancellor William McRaven. Four of the...


Dell Medical School calls for grassroots ideas

Anusha Lalani January 18, 2017

The Dell Medical School has created a new program aimed at engaging the local community to pitch in ideas that will improve the health services and resources provided to Central Texas residents.  The...


Voters delayed at FAC on Election Day

Anusha Lalani November 9, 2016

Students lined up to vote at 7 a.m. on Election Day, only to wait in line for more than one hour to cast their vote. The Peter T. Flawn Academic Center and the University Co-op opened their doors...


Students receive false emergency texts, UTPD investigating

Anusha Lalani October 6, 2016

Approximately 30 students reported to the UT Police Department Wednesday night that they were receiving text messages claiming there was an emergency on campus and instructing them to evacuate all campus...


Black Studies Conference addresses struggles of the black community

Anusha Lalani and Autumn Sanders October 3, 2016

The narrative of hardships for people of color stretches back as far as the history of the nation itself, from slavery to modern-day racism, according to panelists this weekend at the first annual Black...


Students train to become volunteer deputy registrars for upcoming election

Anusha Lalani September 26, 2016

Today is the final day for students to become volunteer deputy registrars, and training will be from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Wagner Student Workroom. Volunteer deputy registrars are students who register...

Courtesy of Whitney Williams

Dell Medical School students show support for Black Lives Matter movement

Anusha Lalani August 2, 2016

Within two weeks of its first session, students at the Dell Medical School displayed their support for #BlackLivesMatter through open discussions among students and faculty about the importance of diversity...

Institute for play court Stuart Brown

Play deprivation seen as one of the factors that led to UT tower shooting in 1966

Anusha Lalani August 1, 2016

After studying the life of UT Tower shooter Charles Whitman, one psychiatrist found that play deprivation as a child and an overbearing father may have driven him to carry out the attack.  After...

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 4

Students create an app to help report crime on campus

Anusha Lalani July 19, 2016

Recent crimes on campus have prompted two UT students, four UT alumni and graduates from other universities, to create an app that helps students report crime on campus. CampusWatch was created two...


UT is ranked among top 40 colleges internationally

Anusha Lalani July 13, 2016

UT is ranked as the 32nd best university in the world in the 2016 edition of the Center for World University Ranking, released July 11. The CWUR bases its rankings on eight indicators: quality...


Shots heard at protest in downtown Dallas

Anusha Lalani July 11, 2016

A peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas was interrupted Thursday night by the sound of gunshots.  Around 9 p.m., shots were fired after demonstrators ended their protest for the...


Students and faculty question whether increased safety protocol are still in place during summer

Anusha Lalani July 10, 2016

The familiar buzz of students talking and their feet shuffling to class is absent on campus during summer months, causing some students and faculty to feel uncomfortable while on campus. While most...

UT students present during terrorist attack at Istanbul airport

Anusha Lalani July 9, 2016

While waiting for his flight, Cade Edwards fell asleep at the Starbucks of the Istanbul Ataturk Airport. When he woke up, it was to the sound of people screaming. The radio-television-film junior and...


APD announces policy changes following fatal shootings of officers in Dallas

Lillian Michel and Anusha Lalani July 8, 2016

The Austin Police Department held a press conference Friday in response to the killing of five police officers at a protest in Dallas the previous night. Police Chief Art Acevedo began by expressing...

Giving circle court Stephanie Kripa Cooper-Lewter

UT student leads philanthropy group, gives back to South Asian women

Anusha Lalani July 8, 2016

In Hindi, the word "roshani” means light or brilliance. That is what one UT student hopes to accomplish with South Asian millennial women including other UT students: shed light or brilliance...


Students attempt to find on-campus housing

Anusha Lalani July 6, 2016

Students in search of on-campus housing at the University are having an exceptionally difficult time doing so due to the high demand of students applying and a shortage of spaces.  In the...


Dell Medical School welcomes inaugural class

Anusha Lalani June 30, 2016

The new Dell Medical School welcomed its inaugural class of 50 students Sunday, 135 years after UT’s founding. In 1881, Texans voted to have the main university in Austin while building the medical...

Supreme Court tie blocks executive action to protect undocumented immigrants

Anusha Lalani June 23, 2016

The U.S. Supreme Court was split, 4-4, in United States v. Texas on June 23, affirming the injunction on President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration, which would have protected nearly...

sex assault

UT alumna petitions for safer reporting system for sexual assault victims

Anusha Lalani June 23, 2016

UT alumna Tara DeMarco launched a petition on on June 8, calling on Chancellor William McRaven to implement an online reporting system for campus sexual assaults.   DeMarco, a sexual...

2016-06-16_Mechanical Engineering_Presentation_Joshua

High school students visit mechanical engineering lab on campus

Anusha Lalani June 17, 2016

High school students participating in a summer camp visited the Cockrell School of Engineering on Thursday to learn about the various robots in the rehabilitation and neuromuscular lab. The camp, CODE...


UT organizations hold vigil for Orlando victims

Anusha Lalani June 15, 2016

More than 100 students and members of the community gathered at the UT Tower to mourn for those lost in the Orlando shooting. Hosted by the Syrian People Solidarity Group, Texas Queer Students Alliance...

Protesters gathered in front of Austin City Hall to demand return of ride-hailing companies

Anusha Lalani June 13, 2016

Ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft have officially left Austin, but their riders and drivers are not ready to give up so easily. At a protest held Thursday in front of City Hall, a small group of Austin...


Recent campus events raise safety concerns among class of 2020 and parents

Anusha Lalani June 9, 2016

Swarms of people in orange Longhorn t-shirts filled the University on Monday as the freshman class of 2020 attended the first round of summer orientation. While anticipation and excitement could be felt...


Disadvantaged college students perform better when aware of upcoming challenges, study shows

Anusha Lalani June 8, 2016

Disadvantaged college students are more likely to perform better in school when they are aware of the obstacles they may face, according to a recently published study. The study, which was published...


Students empowered by food petition against relocation of East Campus gardens

Anusha Lalani May 6, 2016

More than 1,500 signatures have been collected for a petition aimed at preventing the relocation of two East Campus gardens. Students Empowered by Food, a student organization committed to impeding...


Groupon offers online concealed handgun license course without live training

Anusha Lalani May 5, 2016

Individuals can now acquire a concealed handgun-license online through a Groupon offered by The Carry Academy.  The Carry Academy is a national online program that offers an online course for individuals...


Panelists discuss Islamophobia

Anusha Lalani April 29, 2016

With increased public attention concerning Muslim terrorists, Islamophobia in Texas is on the rise, a panel of speakers said in an on campus forum.   In the forum, six speakers discussed...


Electrical engineering showcase prototypes in senior design open house

Anusha Lalani April 28, 2016

As Texans fire up their grills for BBQ season, many will be challenged with cooking their meat evenly, but with the help of a new project by electrical engineering students, they could whip up a perfect...


New state law requires incoming students to watch suicide prevention video

Anusha Lalani April 26, 2016

Starting this summer, all incoming and transfer students will be required to watch a new video about mental health resources and suicide prevention during orientation because of a newly implemented state...

#BlackLivesMatter co-founder speaks about movement’s impact

Anusha Lalani April 21, 2016

The government’s decision to put abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill indicates some progress in the black rights movement, but activist Opal Tometi said it’s not enough. “I...


TAMU announces expansion of campus carry policy

Anusha Lalani April 19, 2016

As the implementation date for campus carry at the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University (TAMU) approaches, TAMU announced it would expand its policy not only to classrooms but to...


KUT, KUTX raise funds in semi-annual membership drive

Anusha Lalani April 14, 2016

KUT and KUTX raised more than $625,000 collectively in their semi-annual membership drive, which lasted eight days and ended April 6. Since the 1980s, KUT 90.5, Austin’s NPR station, and KUTX...


CMHC promotes mental health with interactive events

Anusha Lalani April 12, 2016

Glow-in-the-dark yoga and an adult coloring session are just some of the many activities offered by the Counseling and Mental Health Center during its inaugural Mental Health Promotion Week, which seeks...


TxDOT campaigns against distracted driving

Anusha Lalani April 7, 2016

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is educating the public on the hazards of talking and texting behind the wheel and any other activities that...


Students develop apps to detect skin cancer

Anusha Lalani April 5, 2016

People who do not have the convenience of going to a dermatologist can now analyze any suspicious moles by using two apps created by UT students. Biology and psychology junior Rachel Graubard and computer...


Holi Celebration on LBJ Lawn

Anusha Lalani April 4, 2016

Booming music, thousands of bodies and colored powder filled the air around the LBJ lawn as students gathered to celebrate the Hindu celebration, Holi. Hosted by the Hindu Student Association, Holi,...


Secular Student Alliance and Texas Students for Life debate abortion

Anusha Lalani March 31, 2016

Two members of the Secular Student Alliance and two members of Texas Students for Life participated in a heated debate, Wednesday, over whether abortion should be legal in America. Members from both...


Texas weather brings early blooming of bluebonnets

Anusha Lalani March 29, 2016

Texans are putting on their cowboy boots and heading to the open fields on the sides of the roads to take pictures with Texas’ state flower ­­— the bluebonnet. Bluebonnets can always...


Book presentation focusing on hardships of the trans-Atlantic slave trade

Anusha Lalani March 24, 2016

The sounds of appraising moans and claps filled a dimly lit room of the Gordon-White Building as Drea Brown read aloud from her poetry book, “dear girl: a reckoning." Brown, an African and...


Musical revue features Taylor Swift songs to help college students shake it off when coping with issues at school

Anusha Lalani March 10, 2016

Taylor Swift’s music, which ranges from songs about growing up to heartbreaks and life in general, will be featured in the musical production “Red Hot Collegiate Summer: A Musical Revue!”...


Study shows accepting low skill-level jobs negatively affects future employment

Anusha Lalani March 8, 2016

Individuals who accept a job below their skill level could potentially be penalized when applying for future employment, according to a recent study conducted by a professor in the College of Liberal Arts. Assistant...


Vigil held for three black, Muslim Indiana men

Anusha Lalani March 3, 2016

Candles illuminated the steps of the UT tower as approximately 50 people gathered to mourn the loss of three black and Muslim men, Adam Mekki, Mohamedtaha Omar and Muhannad Tairab, who were shot, execution-style,...


Campus and city organizations offer resources for eating disorders

Anusha Lalani March 1, 2016

For National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, several campus and city organizations highlighted their resources to help students cope with eating disorders. Last week was National Eating Disorder Awareness...

lizards court chris_kirk

Researchers discover new species in West Texas

Anusha Lalani February 25, 2016

Researchers have discovered a new species of an extinct worm lizard in West Texas, which they named “Lone Star” lizard.  The worm lizard’s official name is Solastella cookei....


Local nonprofits merge to provide affordable pet care

Anusha Lalani February 23, 2016

Low-income pet owners in Austin will now be able to receive affordable care and a variety of services for their animals from a centralized nonprofit.   Emancipet and Animal Trustees of Austin,...


Researcher explores taco history in ‘Tacopedia’ book

Anusha Lalani February 18, 2016

From Torchy’s Tacos to Taco Bell, many Texans share a love of tacos, but not many know the history behind the Mexican dish. One researcher, Alejandro Escalante, decided to research the taco’s...

pig bellmont_court_UT_Austin_tumblr

Before Bevo, Pig Bellmont trotted the streets as UT mascot

Anusha Lalani February 16, 2016

While Bevo XV will be revealed at the first football game of the season next fall, the University’s first mascot was not the iconic longhorn but a tan and white pitbull mix named Pig. Pig Bellmont...


UT Tobacco Research team develops initiative to provide smoking cessation resources to Texas residents

Anusha Lalani February 9, 2016

Technological innovations are allowing HIV-positive residents of Austin to receive faster, more efficient care to battle nicotine addiction. The UT Tobacco Research and Evaluation Team is partnering...


Photographer discusses beauty of tombstones

Anusha Lalani February 4, 2016

Although artists often choose to portray more common subjects in their work, such as flowers or people, one artist who showcased his work at UT on Wednesday night had a slightly different subject —...


Study abroad office advises students to renew passports as soon as possible

Anusha Lalani February 4, 2016

U.S. citizens are advised to renew their passports as soon as possible because the State Department is expecting an influx of people seeking to renew expired passports. Students at UT who are partaking...

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