Two men arrested in West Campus under theft charges

Forrest Milburn

Austin Police Department officers arrested two men for theft at the intersection of 24th and Guadalupe streets on Tuesday afternoon.

The two unidentified men were arrested for an outdated traffic warrant and theft under false pretext, according to APD officials.

“They were pretty much trying to pawn an item … for not what it was,” APD officer William Costell said. “In this case, they were selling a fake stereo.”

The stereo in question was not actually functional, Costello said.

After APD received a call at 3:15 p.m. about the incident, officers arrested the two around 4 p.m. in front of Big Bite and Pipes Plus, where APD officials towed and impounded the truck owned by the two men, according to employees at both businesses.

From the arrest warrants and call, Costello said it seems as if the two men were called in after driving around the West Campus area attempting to sell the nonfunctional stereo set.

“If someone else has bought an item down in that area and it turned out not to work or not functional or not be what they thought it was, they can call the police and file a report,” Costello said.

It was not clear whether the two men are UT students at the time of the arrest, Costello said.