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For departing managing editor, Texan wasn’t always a ‘drag’

Forrest Milburn May 10, 2019

Listen, I get it — I’m a loser. I’ve been a big ole fan of The Daily Texan since I was a senior in high school (don’t ask), and one of my favorite things to do around May was...


We’re hiring: Come join The Daily Texan staff for Spring 2019

Forrest Milburn January 3, 2019

Looking to jumpstart your career in journalism? You're in luck — we're looking for the next best group of reporters, writers, photographers, social media strategists and more to join our...


Semester in review

From President Donald Trump visiting Austin to the Speedway bricks being ripped up, here are some of the top moments during the fall.  Hurricane Harvey Many students’ semesters were stalled...


Special Project: A ‘Toothless’ Ordinance

Forrest Milburn October 31, 2017

Cecilia Melchor and her friend were searching for a good time as they spent a couple hours hopping from bar to bar on Sixth Street a few weeks ago. Eventually, the pair wound up at The Chuggin’ Monkey...


20 hilarious reactions to Speedway brick removal

Ellie Breed and Forrest Milburn October 20, 2017

If you were hoping your walk to Jester would get less crowded anytime soon, don’t hold your breath. All those bricks lining the Speedway Mall project? Almost all of them are getting ripped up, replaced...


Texas Tribune panel reveals stark takes on DACA, health care policies

Maria Mendez and Forrest Milburn September 25, 2017

The state’s two Republican U.S. senators displayed starkly different takes on where Texas is headed going into the 2018 midterm elections, one day after a Democratic candidate for Senate made his...

Tribune Festival Live Blog: The Democratic Playbook

Forrest Milburn September 22, 2017

Former state senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa, Democratic National Committee CEO Jess O’Connell, and state Rep. Chris Turner, D-Grand...


Tribune Festival Live Blog: One on One with Beto O’Rourke

Forrest Milburn September 22, 2017

Congressman Beto O'Rourke, D-El Paso, will discuss his campaign against incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to become the first Democrat to hold the seat in nearly two decades. Texas Tribune CEO Evan...


Tribune Festival Live Blog: Trump and National Security

Forrest Milburn September 22, 2017

Robert Chesney will moderate a panel featuring Congressman Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio, Congressman Will Hurd, R-Helotes, and U.S. foreign policy experts Kathleen Hicks and Malcolm Nance. They will discuss America's...


Tribune Festival Live Blog: One on One with Joe Straus

Forrest Milburn September 22, 2017

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus will discuss this past legislative session and special session, as well as the future of Texas politics and the war amongst Republicans. Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith...


Texas Tribune Festival 2017

Follow this page for all of The Daily Texan’s coverage of Texas Tribune Festival 2017.  We’ll bring you moments from the biggest discussions, covering topics like local control, sexual...


After DACA decision, students look at upcoming year with uncertainty

Forrest Milburn September 12, 2017

For nearly a year, Edilsa Lopez endured human trafficking as her captors sent her from house to house in trips across the Mexican-American border transporting drugs.  Lopez had neared the end of...


Texas Supreme Court dismisses 2015 statue lawsuit against UT

Forrest Milburn September 1, 2017

The Texas Supreme Court decided Friday not to hear a lawsuit against President Gregory Fenves for the removal of two statues in 2015 that depicted a former U.S. and Confederate president. The plaintiffs...


UT law, history experts say Littlefield statue plaintiffs likely lack grounds in lawsuit against Fenves

Forrest Milburn and Chase Karacostas September 1, 2017

On Wednesday, the University filed to dismiss a lawsuit against President Gregory Fenves for his recent decision to remove four statues from campus, claiming the plaintiffs have no grounds to sue. On...


Statue removal ignites path to more campus change

Forrest Milburn August 30, 2017

Laci Baker hasn’t figured out where her classes are just yet. Because of a constant downpour of rain that has only let up the past few days, Baker, a biochemistry freshman, has bunkered down...


Littlefield descendant sues Fenves after remaining Confederate statues removed from campus

Forrest Milburn August 28, 2017

The University’s last remaining Confederate monuments may have been removed from campus last week, but supporters of keeping them in place aren’t letting President Gregory Fenves off the hook...


Confederate statues removed from Main Mall, to be relocated to Briscoe Center

Forrest Milburn August 21, 2017

Update (1:49 a.m.): UT’s student body president and vice president told The Daily Texan on Sunday night that they have been in contact with President Gregory Fenves’ office since Wednesday...


City to survey West Campus lighting problems, area safety

Forrest Milburn May 19, 2017

It’s no secret that West Campus has issues with lighting. At least, that’s what campus safety groups have spent the last year trying to convince city officials — and it looks like they’re...

Poll: Third of registered Texas voters unsure of re-electing Cruz in 2018

Forrest Milburn April 24, 2017

Over a third of registered Texans haven’t decided whether to send Republican Sen. Ted Cruz back to Washington, D.C. for another term after his second-place finish in the Republican primaries last...


Austin prepares for Inauguration Day

Forrest Milburn January 20, 2017

The Obama administration will come to a close this morning as Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts swears in Donald Trump as the country’s 45th president. Trump, who is entering office...

Congressman Lloyd Doggett joins Texas Democrats in inauguration boycott

Forrest Milburn January 19, 2017

The number of congressional Democrats protesting President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration has swelled to more than 50 after Congressman Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin, announced Tuesday he would be sitting...

2016-11-21_Trans Rememberance_Day_Mary

Community memorializes lost lives at 2016 Austin Transgender Day of Remembrance

Forrest Milburn November 21, 2016

The words of Charles Albert Tindley’s “We Shall Overcome” pierced through the crisp winter air Sunday evening as Reverend Carmarion Anderson sang to remind a crowd of students and Austinites...


Hinojosa wins House District 49 election, will represent UT, West Campus in upcoming legislative session

Forrest Milburn November 9, 2016

Democrat Gina Hinojosa will represent the majority of UT students in the upcoming legislative session after securing 84.39 percent of the vote in House District 49, where she faced Libertarian candidate...


Presidential candidates face off in first debate of 2016

Sarah Philips, Cassandra Pollock, and Forrest Milburn September 27, 2016

Tonight, Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will face off in the first presidential debate of the year. The showdown comes at the apex of one of the most contentious...


State lawmakers debate local control, preview agendas for upcoming session

Forrest Milburn September 26, 2016

The 85th Legislature will finally put to test several theories on what role the state can constitutionally play in policy disputes with localities, which could potentially impact Austin’s ride-hailing...


Texas Tribune Festival: Panelists look ahead to House agenda for 85th legislature

Forrest Milburn September 24, 2016

Panel: The House Agenda At the close of the 84th legislature, the House of Representatives, led by Speaker Joe Strauss, presented themselves as a moderate policy check on the more outspokenly conservative...


Texas Tribune Festival: Months before start of the 85th Legislature, TribFest previews Senate agenda

Forrest Milburn September 24, 2016

Panel: The Senate Agenda The 84th Legislature saw the end of the Senate's "two-thirds" rule requiring at least 21 members out of 31 to bring contentious pieces of legislation to a vote,...


Three arrested in West Campus in connection with fraternity shooting

Forrest Milburn and Van Nguyen September 12, 2016

Three arrests related to the Sigma Chi fraternity shooting early Sunday morning were made at 26 West apartments at around 11:30 p.m., according to an officer on the scene. The shooting at the Sigma...

SOS court Teas Secretary of State office

Texas Secretary of State launches statewide voter turnout initiative with first stop at UT

Forrest Milburn September 1, 2016

Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos had his first stop in the Vote Texas campaign Wednesday morning at the UT campus to encourage voter participation and educate students on changes to the 2011 voter identification...


Iranian officials release imprisoned former UT student

Forrest Milburn August 31, 2016

Iranian government officials released Omid Kokabee from state prison Monday, giving the former UT graduate student “conditional freedom” while he serves out the rest of his 10-year sentence,...


Two men arrested in West Campus under theft charges

Forrest Milburn August 31, 2016

Austin Police Department officers arrested two men for theft at the intersection of 24th and Guadalupe streets on Tuesday afternoon. The two unidentified men were arrested for an outdated traffic warrant...

John Gonzalez court Alberto Gonzalez

Center for Mexican-American studies welcomes new director

Forrest Milburn August 30, 2016

The College of Liberal Arts’ UT Center for Mexican American Studies has selected professor John Morán González as its new director. González previously had a courtesy appointment...


Council’s mobility bond heads to November ballot

Forrest Milburn August 22, 2016

City council members voted last week to put a $720 million mobility bond on the November ballot. “We have two big problems in this city: mobility and affordability. They are tied to each other,”...


Prop 1 fails with 56 percent voting against

Forrest Milburn May 8, 2016

Update (9:40 pm): A majority of Austin voters rejected Proposition 1, the ballot measure repealing fingerprint-based background checks and other regulations passed by the City Council in December, Saturday...


Rio Grande Street construction project causing headaches for area residents, businesses

Forrest Milburn May 6, 2016

Residents of buildings along Rio Grande Street have experienced months of street repairs and construction projects, resulting in many students complaining about a lack of sleep and blocked roadways as...


Plaintiff files class action lawsuit against Uber

Forrest Milburn May 5, 2016

Ride-hailing corporation Uber is facing a class action lawsuit after a plaintiff filed a suit in federal court late Wednesday evening claiming officials violated federal telecommunications laws for sending...


Prop. 1 opponents call for investigations into legality of Ridesharing Works campaign practices

Forrest Milburn May 5, 2016

The group financially supporting the reversal of recent ride-hailing regulations in Proposition 1 could face a broad investigation into its campaign practices if law enforcement officials decide there...

Law Schools ONLINEweb

UT School of Law sees 80 percent of 2015 graduates earn full-time jobs

Forrest Milburn May 5, 2016

The UT School of Law had more than 80 percent of its 2015 graduating class earn full-time jobs, a higher percentage than every other accredited law school in the state except for Southern Methodist University...


Donald Trump remains sole candidate in Republican primary after Kasich drops out

Forrest Milburn May 4, 2016

Businessman Donald Trump is now the sole Republican candidate for his party’s nomination after Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) ended his bid Wednesday morning, clearing the path for Trump to begin shifting...


City expands pay-to-park app from West Campus to all of Austin

Forrest Milburn May 4, 2016

Austinites wishing to park in public spaces throughout the city can now pay using their smartphones, following a successful pilot program of a pay-to-park app in the West Campus area. Nearly two weeks...

2016-05-04_Alcohol Sales_Mary

Austin bar scene brings in nearly $70 million for March

Forrest Milburn May 4, 2016

Austin’s local bars, clubs and other mixed beverage establishments brought in about 2 percent more in total alcohol sales for the month of March compared to last year, according to recent tax data...


Cruz withdraws candidacy after losing Indiana to Trump

Forrest Milburn May 4, 2016

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) withdrew his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination after a stinging defeat in the Indiana primary, where businessman Donald Trump solidified his stance as the party’s...


Group supporting Proposition 1 raises $8.1 million for Saturday vote

Forrest Milburn May 3, 2016

The political finance campaign backing Uber and Lyft on Proposition 1 has raised an estimated $8.1 million so far from the ride-hailing companies and donations, dwarfing the $88,000 raised by opponents. Ridesharing...


Professor: Bipartisanship instrumental in achieving environmental, climate change victories

Forrest Milburn April 29, 2016

The wide divide between U.S. political parties reached a tipping point for environmentalists in 2010, when then-Majority Leader Harry Reid announced the Senate would not take up a Cap and Trade bill —...


UT, Austin continue to lead on gender-neutral bathrooms

Forrest Milburn April 28, 2016

Since March, a piece of legislation signed by Gov. Pat McCrory (R-NC) banning transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in North Carolina has sparked a national conversation over whether...

2016-04-27_Whole Foods Debaucle_Mary

Whole Foods controversy sparks conversation

Forrest Milburn April 27, 2016

After an openly gay local pastor alleged he unknowingly purchased a cake from Whole Foods with a derogatory slur written on it, the company has been stuck in a crisis management situation that it has handled...


SG votes in support of ballot measure striking down ride-hailing regulations

Forrest Milburn April 27, 2016

Student Government representatives voted almost unanimously Tuesday to show support for Proposition 1, the sole ballot measure for the May 7 election asking voters to decide whether they want to keep recently...


Austin’s early voting turnout for ride-hailing regulations surpasses 2016 primary turnout in first two days

Forrest Milburn April 27, 2016

Nearly three percent of all registered Austin voters turned out to cast their ballots on the first two days of early voting for the May 7 municipal election, when Austinites will have the final say on...


Texas DPS announces expansion of law enforcement officer training related to communication, autism

Forrest Milburn April 26, 2016

Law enforcement officers within the Texas Department of Public Safety will soon learn how to better interact with individuals living with communication impediments during traffic stops, agency officials announced...


Fire Department, UT engineering school hope to improve fire, water rescue operations with new agreement

Forrest Milburn April 22, 2016

The Austin Fire Department entered into a mutually beneficial agreement with UT’s engineering school in the hopes of learning how to better use robotics, particularly unmanned aerial vehicles, or...


Student starts petition in hopes of changing admissions application process for transgender students

Forrest Milburn April 21, 2016

When English senior Taylor Moore had to develop an online campaign for a final project in her feminist theory class, she knew she wanted to use social media and digital activism to have a real impact on...


APD joins with Equality Texas to fight LGBT discrimination

Forrest Milburn April 19, 2016

Equality Texas and the Austin Police Department announced a joint campaign last week to fight discrimination against LGBT individuals following a rise in targeted hate crimes in major cities in the last...


City Council to consider transit priority, bus lane changes

Forrest Milburn April 18, 2016

City Council members voted 9-1 to approve an ordinance that could potentially improve traffic congestion in Austin with changes to right-of-way rules and the installation of separate signaling for transit...


Contested Democratic, Republican conventions unlikely but possible

Forrest Milburn April 18, 2016

In previous election cycles, a frontrunner had emerged by this point in the primary campaign just before the summer convention. However, when Republicans from around the country gather in Cleveland...


Panelists discuss ways to address homelessness along the Drag, West Campus

Forrest Milburn April 15, 2016

Mac McKaskle spoke through the choking and tears in his eyes as he recalled last summer, when synthetic marijuana, or K2, had swept throughout the Drag and deep into the homeless communities throughout...


City Council to consider transit priority, bus lanes changes

Forrest Milburn April 14, 2016

City Council members will consider an ordinance at their meeting later today that could potentially improve traffic congestion in Austin with changes to right-of-way rules and the installation of separate...

fracking info onlineweb

Texas faces significant threat of earthquake activity resulting from both natural processes, fracking

Forrest Milburn April 13, 2016

Texas is one of six states facing the most significant threat from earthquakes as a result of both natural earth shaking and energy extraction processes, according to a recent report. On March 28, the...


PrEP pill helps prevent HIV transmission

Forrest Milburn April 11, 2016

As a sexually active man who has sex with other men, marketing senior Justin Owens — like many in the LGBT community raised in the aftermath of the thousands of horrific deaths at the hands of the...


Uber, Lyft supporters registering voters on campus for upcoming ride-hailing vote

Forrest Milburn April 8, 2016

Today marks the final opportunity for students to register to vote in the upcoming May 7 municipal election, when Austin voters will get the chance to settle controversial ride-hailing regulations at the...


Rapid increase of poor residents seen in high-poverty neighborhoods

Forrest Milburn April 7, 2016

When advertising senior Christina Ewin bikes around her neighborhood in East Austin, she can go to her favorite coffee shop, grocery store and pub, all on the same street.  This convenience —...


Potential UT, City partnership to research ways to improve transportation issues, community concerns

Forrest Milburn April 5, 2016

Austin will find out in the coming weeks if it was accepted into a group of 20 cities in the MetroLab network, in which cities and local universities are partnering to research opportunities for improvement...


After primary win, Hinojosa looks to future as new state representative

Forrest Milburn April 4, 2016

Gina Hinojosa saw stunning examples of public servants dedicating their lives to their communities almost everyday in the form of her parents, both legal aid lawyers. Despite growing up in that world,...


City to seek community feedback on mobility, transportation issues during month of April

Forrest Milburn March 31, 2016

Austinites can share their thoughts on city traffic, public transit and other transportation issues in April through the city’s Mobility Talks, a new initiative seeking to gauge community concerns. Conversation...


Political journalist, UT alumnus says free speech on college campuses ‘under attack’

Forrest Milburn March 31, 2016

The culture of respectful debate and disagreement is “under attack” on college campuses, so that freedom of speech only applies to certain groups and not others, a UT alumnus and political...


Austin metro surpasses 2 million residents, but issues remain

Forrest Milburn March 30, 2016

The Austin area was ranked the fastest-growing large metropolitan area for the fifth year in a row, leading the area’s population to finally surpass the 2 million mark for 2015, according to recently...

2016-03-25_Free Chance law_Mary

Council ‘bans the box,’ votes to get rid of requirement to list criminal background from job applications

Forrest Milburn March 25, 2016

An opening for a babysitter was the first job Susan Parsons applied for after being released from prison for multiple DWIs.  She was never hired. “I made mistakes when I was younger...


Report: Travis County among the top ten overall healthiest counties throughout the state

Forrest Milburn March 24, 2016

Travis County residents are among some of the healthiest in Texas, with considerable access to gyms and medical care, far outpacing the state’s larger counties, according to a recently released report. Last...

ONLINEtree infographic

Report shows environmental, economic impact of Austin’s 34 million trees

Forrest Milburn March 23, 2016

Aesthetic benefits, comfort and relief from the sweltering sun aren’t the only ways trees are beneficial to Austinites. Researchers at the Texas A&M Forest Service released a first-of-its-kind...


Fight over ride-hailing regulations continues at City Hall

Forrest Milburn March 23, 2016

Many believed the dispute at City Hall over ride-hailing regulations was settled last month when City Council members voted to call for an election, offering Austinites the chance to settle the issue once...


State sees sharp decline in number of abortion procedures in light of Supreme Court challenge against restrictions

Forrest Milburn March 22, 2016

State abortion providers saw a sharp decline of more than 9,000 procedures in 2014 compared to the previous year, when the state legislature approved restrictions on clinic facilities and procedures. Preliminary...


Ken’s to reopen today if it can pass latest health inspection

Forrest Milburn March 11, 2016

Ken’s Donuts will reopen Friday if it passes the latest round of inspections from city and county health inspectors, after it failed to receive a score above 70 for three years in a row. The...


City partnering with real estate firm to look at possible economic impacts of transportation improvements

Forrest Milburn March 11, 2016

An Austin real estate research firm will look at the economic impact of improving certain transportation areas of the city, including the road and sidewalks along Guadalupe Street, that require services...

2014-09-24_Street Performer_Chris

Council takes action after report shows city’s local music industry has seen economic downturn

Forrest Milburn March 10, 2016

City Council members voted last week in favor of finding ways to help reverse a troubling trend after a recently report showed the city’s local music venues and industry have suffered an economic...


Voters in precincts surrounding campus favor Rubio, Sanders

Forrest Milburn March 3, 2016

The majority of the five precincts surrounding campus agreed with Travis County as a whole by voting in favor of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) in his race for the Republican presidential nomination on Tuesday. Precinct...


With Super Tuesday wins, Cruz hangs on to second-place status

Forrest Milburn March 2, 2016

STAFFORD — Major media outlets called the Texas Republican primary for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) less than an hour after voting sites had closed throughout the state, a contest Cruz was expected to perform...


Cruz campaign, supporters prepared for tough Super Tuesday contests

Forrest Milburn March 1, 2016

A standing ovation of more than 2,000 supporters greeted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his wife Heidi in San Antonio on Monday afternoon, as his campaign prepares for a daunting set of contests today, when...


Super Tuesday: What you should look out for

Forrest Milburn March 1, 2016

Lines are expected to be excruciatingly long at the Flawn Academic Center, the only polling site on campus, as voters in Texas head to the polls to cast votes for not only the presidential election but...

More than 10,000 Sanders supporters rally ahead of Super Tuesday

Forrest Milburn February 29, 2016

Campaign finance reform. Taking on Wall Street. Income inequality. It didn’t really matter which issue Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) addressed at his rally Saturday afternoon; the crowd of more...


Hinojosa supports no-kill rule in Austin animal shelters

Forrest Milburn February 26, 2016

Two puppies named Bernie and Hillary scurried around supporters of Texas house candidate Gina Hinojosa Thursday during a rally on the West Mall in support of the no-kill status at Austin animal shelters. As...


Five GOP presidential candidates spar in final debate before Texans cast ballots

Forrest Milburn February 26, 2016

HOUSTON — The remaining five Republican candidates for president wrestled to set themselves apart on immigration reform Thursday in the final debate as Texans, and voters from 10 other states prepare...


FAC sees highest number of early voters throughout Travis County

Forrest Milburn February 25, 2016

The Flawn Academic Center, UT’s sole polling site, attracted the highest number of voters in the county during the first week of early voting, a vast improvement in turnout compared to previous presidential...

2016-02-24_Trillary Clinton_Mary

UT student adds voice to 2016 campaign with “Trillary Clinton” website

Forrest Milburn February 24, 2016

Anyone looking for stances on immigration or college debt reforms from Hillary Clinton, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, won’t find any piece of substantial information at Instead,...

2016-02-24_SG DT Maly and Chase_Mary

ESB hears complaint from SG candidate against Daily Texan associate editor

Forrest Milburn February 24, 2016

The Election Supervisory Board heard a complaint Tuesday from a candidate for Student Government communication representative, who claims an associate editor for The Daily Texan had malicious intentions...


With early primaries behind them, candidates look ahead to Super Tuesday

Forrest Milburn February 22, 2016

Republican Donald Trump swept all 50 of South Carolina’s primary delegates Saturday night, while nearly 3,000 miles across the country, Nevada Democrats gave former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...


HD 49: Where They Stand

Forrest Milburn and Junyuan Tan February 19, 2016

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City plans new parking meters to combat Zilker Park parking congestion

Forrest Milburn February 19, 2016

With her two friends lying and swaying in adjacent hammocks hung from a leafless tree, architecture freshman Stephanie Wiesehuegel spent Wednesday afternoon at Zilker Park, a much-needed sunny escape from midterm...


Congressman Lamar Smith talks Supreme Court nomination with College Republicans

Forrest Milburn February 18, 2016

The recent death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia rested heavily on everyone’s minds Wednesday as members of College Republicans asked Congressman Lamar Smith (R-San Antonio) whether the Senate...


State Affairs Committee hears cases on religious freedom

Forrest Milburn February 18, 2016

After multiple religious freedom bills failed to see Gov. Greg Abbott’s signature last session, supporters and opponents of the bills spoke to members of the Senate State Affairs Committee on Wednesday...

2016-02-17_State of the City_Mary

Mayor Adler says Austin faces affordability, mobility issues in State of the City address

Forrest Milburn February 17, 2016

It was standing room only in the ZACH Theatre Tuesday night as Austinites crammed into every seat and space possible to hear Mayor Steve Adler give his second State of the City address. Since he was...


Former senior adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry discusses Israel-Palestine relations

Forrest Milburn February 17, 2016

David Makovsky, a former senior adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry’s peace team, has spent his entire career working to reach an agreement between Israel and Palestine to try and solve issues...


Politically active campus groups prepare for start of early voting

Forrest Milburn February 16, 2016

Students can avoid the long, time-consuming lines associated with election day voting starting Tuesday by casting their ballots at the Flawn Academic Center during the early voting period, which runs until...


Travis County Sheriff candidates spar on immigrant detention program

Forrest Milburn February 15, 2016

The audience at a Travis County Sheriff’s race forum remained measurably quiet Saturday evening, but when each of the six candidates were asked to describe their stances on the detention and deportation...


Voters to have final say on ride-hailing regulations in May

Forrest Milburn February 12, 2016

Austin voters could have the final say on ride-hailing regulations as early as May 7 after City Council members decided Thursday to call for an election with a specific date yet to be decided. After...


As voters look to the future, Naishtat reflects on 25 years in legislature

Forrest Milburn February 11, 2016

No one expected the Jewish Democrat from New York City to win the 1990 race for Texas state House District 49, especially with the incumbent Republican running attack ads that asked Austin voters if they...


Sanders, Trump decisively win New Hampshire primary

Forrest Milburn February 10, 2016

Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) placed first in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night, winning the highest number of delegates and re-establishing the two as fierce competitors for their...


College Republicans have yet to receive outreach from HD 49 candidates

Forrest Milburn February 10, 2016

While most of the Democrats running for House District 49 have reached out to several campus organizations in an effort to gain student support, there are still some groups — such as College Republicans...


Fischer, Hinojosa get thumbs up from University Democrats, Central Austin Democrats in House seat race

Caleb Wong and Forrest Milburn February 8, 2016

University Democrats and Central Austin Democrats endorsed different candidates for House District 49 on Sunday, establishing a divide in widely coveted support from two of Austin’s top Democratic...


Council one step closer to deciding on ride-hailing petition

Forrest Milburn February 5, 2016

City Council members heard the first set of public testimony Thursday both in favor of and against putting recently approved ride-hailing regulations, including fingerprint background checks, on the ballot...


Conservative students look to Reagan in light of 2016 presidential election

Forrest Milburn February 4, 2016

Although many students initially came for the free birthday cake, some left the Young Conservatives of Texas booth on the West Mall on Wednesday with a new appreciation of former President Ronald Reagan,...

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