ACL: Five vegetarian options to find at the festival

William Moessinger

Austin’s culinary landscape deserves just as much praise as its music scene. Southern favorites like Franklin Barbecue have inspired people to camp out at the crack of dawn, while vegetarian-friendly venues like Counter Culture have provided an alternative to Austin’s herbivorous segment of the population. With the Austin City Limits Music Festival coming up, vegetarians will be faced with the challenge of finding food trucks that fit their needs. Here are five potential options to make sure a visit to the food truck doesn’t turn into a scavenger hunt.

East Side King’s Veggie Meshi
This food chain has been selling Japanese street food from food trucks and restaurants for seven years. Despite the fact that the restaurant is committed to providing customers with organic and locally-grown menu items, most of its offerings are carnivorous. Luckily for vegetarians, its Veggie Meshi offers a satisfying mix of cooked brussels sprouts sprinkled with cabbage and complemented with liberty rice, cilantro, jalapeno and Kewpie mayo.

Hat Creek Burger’s Grain Burger
In its eight short years, Hat Creek Burgers has already built a solid reputation as a family-friendly burger joint that specializes in burgers, milkshakes and breakfast combos. Among these classic American diner staples is the Grain Burger, made with quinoa, cashews, black beans and other nuts and grains. Vegetarians who are looking to pair their burger with something should order this item with a side of sweet potato fries. Vegans can enjoy it too as long as they remember to ask for it without mayo or cheese.

The Mighty Cone’s Avocado Cone 
Considering The Mighty Cone’s first item was developed with ACL specifically in mind, this should be mandatory dining for any Austinite attending the festival. Hudson on the Bend chefs Courtney Swenson and Jeff Blank were seasoned cooks long before being commissioned by ACL to design an item that would help establish their food court. While the Chicken Cone was what started it all, vegans can find something that meets their dietary needs in the Avocado Cone. Made with the food truck’s signature breading, the Avocado Cone is crusted with almonds, sesame seeds, chili and corn flakes inside a tortilla cone with a mango-jalapeno slaw and ancho sauce.

Mmmpanadas’ Mango Ginger Empanada
Empanadas’ portability, simplicity and size may make them the perfect festival snack food. This locally owned artisan empanada maker offers about a half dozen vegetarian options between its soy chorizo, spicy black bean, samosa, mango ginger, pineapple cinnamon, peach cobbler, blueberry and s’mores. Whether ACL’s attendees are looking for something sweet, spicy or fruity, they can probably find something at this food truck to tide themselves over until the next performance starts.

The Peached Tortilla’s Chinese Barbecue Tofu
What started off as a food truck roaming the streets of Austin, The Peached Tortila’s chain now includes a restaurant that has served North Austin for the past few years. Providing elegant yet casual Tex-Mex and Asian-themed recipes, most items on the menu are incompatible with a vegan diet, except for their Chinese barbecue Tofu. Tofu lovers can either eat this item in a taco, a burrito or a bowl.