ESPN’s Outside the Lines to air Malik Jefferson interview

Tyler Horka

Sophomore linebacker Malik Jefferson doesn’t have the loudest voice. Oftentimes, he chooses not to speak up at all but rather lead by example on the field. 

Though he’s had a rough time in his sophomore campaign, he’s still third on the team in tackles, behind sophomore running back Anthony Wheeler and sophomore defensive end Breckyn Hager. 

There are instances in which Jefferson chooses to speak out, and those situations don’t always involve football. Jefferson stays involved and engaged with the latest social issues, especially those pertaining to his very own college campus, such as the campus carry issue. 

On July 31, Jefferson tweeted, “I. Don’t. Care. If. It’s. Concealed. It’s. Still. A. Gun.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

He later qualified his own statement, saying he’s not an expert on the issue of campus carry but he still wants what’s best for himself and everyone else at the University of Texas.  

“A lot of guys had something to say about it,” Jefferson says. “But of course I’m the one who had to speak out on that … I didn’t have my facts together, obviously, but I tried to let people understand my point. Being a part of this University, I want everybody safe. … I don’t want it to be an issue.”

Jefferson’s comments on the issue have drawn national attention. ESPN’s Outside the Lines, a show that examines critical issues in the sports world, is set to air an interview with Jefferson this Sunday on national television.