Swimmers gear up for first home meet of the season

Wills Layton

Following a loss to Indiana in the first meet of the season, Texas returns home with hopes of earning a victory against North Carolina State on Friday. 

The Longhorn men are ranked No. 2 in the nation and North Carolina State are ranked No. 3. Texas fell to the No. 4 Hoosiers last week, but head coach Eddie Reese said the Wolfpack present an even bigger challenge.

“Indiana swam really well,”  Reese said. “We’re hoping NC State doesn’t swim as well comparably. NC State is a little bit stronger.”

The level of competition fuels senior Will Glass, who embraces the challenge of going against highly ranked teams.

“It’s always good to race other teams that are right there with us, because we’re training at this level up here and they’re training just right there,” Glass said. “To see where we’re at in the season is always fun.”

With a long season ahead, Glass and fellow senior Jack Conger have taken on new leadership roles. With several Olympians and other veteran swimmers returning to the pool, Glass and Conger are trying to bring along the underclassmen as best as they can.

“We really just try to guide the freshmen more than the sophomores and juniors,” Glass said. “It takes a little bit of adjusting for [freshmen] to adapt to the way we train here. So by the time they become sophomores and juniors, they can step into that role and lead with everyone else.”

The Longhorn men hit the pool Friday at 5 p.m. at the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center.