Horns up, horns down: Nov. 7


Horns Up: It's almost over!

After an election period that has lasted longer than the gestation period of most whales — almost 19 months, if you’re curious — we’re less than 48 hours away from knowing who our next president will be. It’s been an unprecedented, mentally debilitating and utterly nonsensical slog that we’re lucky to have witnessed, drained to have participated in and ready to be over with. In the time we’ve lost obsessively watching campaign coverage, most of us could probably have learned a new language, worked enough to buy a car or trained to run a marathon. While we’ll have to find new excuses not to be productive, we’ll take our guilt over this long, national nightmare continuing. Hell, the Canadians elected Trudeau in 78 days. We deserve a lot better from our country. Hopefully, we’ll have it by the time we have to see our relatives at Thanksgiving.

Horns Down: Our nation is dangling over a cliff

On the other hand, our nation could be about 48 hours from falling off a cliff, and thanks to the Electoral College and the dilution of our democratic power to 330 million people, students in Texas are almost entirely powerless to affect that decision. We’re not sure if we’d rather be in the position of voters in Tallahassee, Raleigh or Cincinnati, who bear more responsibility for the results, but no matter what, this is terrifying. Both covering this election and reading about it has been frustrating — remember when we thought Jeb! was going to be the Republican nominee? — but just ending it isn’t what we need. We need it to conclusively tell us that when we wake up on Nov. 9, we’re okay with the result we have. Please help us make sure that’s the case. Please.