Horns up, horns down: Nov. 21


Horns up: The break is coming!

Including Monday, we have eight days of class left. We’re undecided on whether we’d rather have one of the class days this Wednesday or on a Monday in a few weeks, but either way, we’re ready for this all to be over. Ready for a nice lunch out on Wednesday, too much Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, and leftover turkey sandwiches all weekend. And given that our pantries and bank accounts are empty, we could use any extra bump to make it to the end of the semester. It doesn’t hurt that we’ll get a few more days to study for the tests we have the week after Thanksgiving that all of our professors scheduled thinking they were the exception to the rule. Will we study? Probably not. But the thought that we could — and a few slices of pumpkin pie — will keep us going.

Horns down: Thanksgiving is an awkward holiday

That said, nothing quite says “home” like a conversation with your weird racist uncle who voted for Trump, feels like he needs to spend all of Thanksgiving dinner regurgitating “facts” from Infowars, and cheers for Texas A&M just because he knows it irritates us. And while we’re happy to be home for a couple of days, we know most of that time will be tainted by the stress of our upcoming finals. A break from college means nothing more than stressing while eating a home-cooked meal rather than reheated Taco Bell. Yes, it’s time to be thankful and stuff your face with delicious food. But the happy-go-lucky, whitewashed myth of a Thanksgiving meal with Native Americans leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

Horns down: Also there was football (again)

We thought we had seen everything this year, but our first loss to Kansas’ football team since 1938 really outdid it all. Charlie was a 3/1 underdog to keep his job before the loss, and a report from the Statesman seems to confirm what we’ve all felt was inevitable for a while now. Whether or not you believe that boosters’ opinions and a team bereft of young talent doomed him to fail from the start, this likely marks the end of a difficult three years for football on the 40 Acres. But we hope this may be a sign that anything is possible in Big 12 athletics. Could this finally be the year Kansas doesn’t win at least a share of the conference basketball title? Could our basketball team finally pull off an upset in the NCAA tournament? We can’t be sure. But in this bizarro alternate reality it feels like we inhabit, we may as well hope.