UT Parking and Transportation Services announces slight change to Inner Campus Drive and Guadalupe Street


Guad changes: UT Parking and Transportation Services announced a slight change to Inner Campus Drive and Guadalupe Street.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Parking and Transportation Services

The exit from Inner Campus Drive and onto Guadalupe Street will continue to allow bicycles but not cars to turn left onto Guadalupe starting today, according to an email from Parking and Transportation Services.

“The intersection of Inner Campus Drive (ICD) and Guadalupe Street will be changed as part of our effort to improve campus safety for pedestrians and bicycles,” the email said.

Inner Campus Drive is a one-way road for bicycles and cars that splits into two exit-only lanes divided by a median at Guadalupe Street in between Sutton Hall and Goldsmith Hall. Bicycles and cars can continue exiting from the lane right of the median to turn right onto Guadalupe or continue straight down West 22nd Street, but the left turn-only lane now has obstacles only bicycles can pass through.

Engineering sophomore Alliza Castillo said cars wanting to turn left exiting Inner Campus Drive would have to find alternate ways to go southbound on Guadalupe.

“I feel like it would be inconvenient for cars [that] have to go all the way around,” Castillo said. “I know I hate it when I’m driving on Guadalupe and there are no left turns.”

The 2012 Campus Master Plan, which prioritizes pedestrian and bicycle-friendly areas, includes major renovations of Speedway into a pedestrian mall. The mall is scheduled to be completed January 2018.

UT alumnus Michael Rahmatoulin, who graduated this summer and lives in Austin, said he recently started biking and feels the change to the Inner Campus Drive and Guadalupe intersection is minor but appreciates more bike-accessible areas. 

“There’s not enough traffic in that area to seem substantial enough of a change,” Rahmatoulin said. “I think the whole Speedway area changing is a real positive thing. I was just biking on it today and making it seem more friendly is nice.”