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City/state reporter says goodbye to the Texan, but for real this time

Lisa Dreher December 10, 2018

I moved to Austin for my sophomore year from the University of North Texas in Denton. The small town was my humble beginnings and I was sad to leave my old North Texas Daily staff. Upon coming to UT,...

sexualmisconduct copy

‘Afraid to be vulnerable’: A male student opens up about being a sexual assault survivor

Lisa Dreher December 7, 2018

Editor’s note: The name of the source has been changed to protect their privacy. James wasn’t sure what to think walking back to his apartment after a one-night stand with a man he met on...

beto_cruz_debate copy

Excitement around the Ted Cruz, Beto O’Rourke Senate race spikes as young voters mobilize

Lisa Dreher November 6, 2018

Miram Garcia remembers interning for Beto O’Rourke in 2015 when the El Paso congressman was only known within the border city’s limits. Garcia talked to O’Rourke about his possible run...


Companies involved with Trump administration’s family separation policy have business ties to UT

Lisa Dreher October 15, 2018

UT-Austin and other UT System schools have partnered with General Dynamics Information Technology and numerous other entities under contract with the United States government, involved with carrying out...


New to campus? Here’s a handy guide for bike and scooter safety

Lisa Dreher August 29, 2018

Austin is a dense city, so freshmen and other incoming UT students biking or trying the new Lime and Bird dockless scooters need to know how to navigate campus and downtown. Laura Dierenfield, a division...


Woman stabbed near University United Methodist Church

Chase Karacostas and Lisa Dreher November 28, 2017

Update (4:56 p.m.): Earlier this morning, UTPD sent out a tweet saying they had captured a suspect in last night’s stabbing incident. Following the capture, UTPD handed the suspect off to the...

Austin Police arrest two males in physical altercation in West Campus

Lisa Dreher October 31, 2017

On Tuesday, the Austin Police Department arrested two males involved in a physical altercation on 24th Street and Rio Grande Street, according to public information officer Tara Long. Long said a call...


Senate Bill 4 protest sends one student to hospital, one arrested

Chase Karacostas, London Gibson, and Lisa Dreher September 1, 2017

Update (9/4):  University of Texas Police arrested a protester on charges of assault and bodily injury at 11:45 a.m. Friday after a Daily Texan reporter was hit, drawing blood and requiring stitches...


Austin police partner with UNT Health Science Center

Lisa Dreher September 1, 2017

In the aftermath of its lab’s closure, the Austin Police Department will now send a majority of its faulty DNA cases to the University of North Texas Health Science Center to determine if retesting...


Austin may test delivery robots in the future

Lisa Dreher August 30, 2017

Austin may have robots rolling down its sidewalks delivering food in the near future. According to Austin Transportation Department spokeswoman Marissa Monroy, Austin is actively seeking delivery robots...


Year in Review

Stabbing On May 1 at 1:46 p.m., the UT Police Department responded to a call about an individual attacking a student with a large, Bowie-style hunting knife in the Speedway Plaza. Two minutes later,...

Uber says it will return to Austin if ride-hailing bill passes

Lisa Dreher May 5, 2017

Exactly a year after Uber and Lyft left Austin, Uber said it will return if the state passes a bill turning local regulation of ride-hailing services over to the state. “If the statewide ride-sharing...


Protesters participate in sit-in demanding Gov. Greg Abbott to not sign ‘sanctuary cities’ bill

Lisa Dreher May 2, 2017

Norma Herrera was among those protesting Senate Bill 4 on Monday, the same day her mother was getting her annual check-in with immigration enforcement.  This time around, Herrera was afraid her...


Austin Mayor Adler said based on meeting with Attorney General Austin is not a sanctuary city

Lisa Dreher April 28, 2017

Austin Mayor Steve Adler said based on his meeting with the U.S. Attorney General on Tuesday, Austin’s policy protecting undocumented immigrants is not violating federal law. Adler met Attorney...


Smart Trips encourages greener transportation

Lisa Dreher April 26, 2017

The Austin City Council decided Thursday to continue a program that will assist residents with personalized commuting routes by bus, bike or carpool in an effort to eliminate cars and reduce traffic congestion. Capital...


Austinites participate in March for Science

Lisa Dreher April 24, 2017

Austinites in lab coats and NASA t-shirts marched on Earth Day from the State Capitol to support scientific research and education amidst budget cuts to research-based federal agencies.  The march...


Austin Tax March demands President Trump release tax returns

Lisa Dreher April 17, 2017

Protesters chanted “traitor” and “show us your taxes” as they demanded President Donald Trump release his tax returns during a protest at the state Capitol on Saturday afternoon. About...


UHS to train medical staffers on health care for transgender students in next academic year

Lisa Dreher April 14, 2017

During an appointment with UT’s Counseling and Mental Health Center, Thatcher Combs said the counselor repeatedly expressed his surprise that Combs was transgender instead of addressing the mental...

Federal judge strikes down voter ID law

Albert Zhao and Lisa Dreher April 12, 2017

A federal judge struck down a Texas voter identification law Monday for the second time, saying it intentionally discriminated against minority voters. U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos repeated...


Austin representatives say Texas lacks proper education funding

Lisa Dreher April 11, 2017

The House and Senate continue to disagree over the proper amount of funding for education and this Legislative session’s priorities, state lawmakers from Austin said Monday. During a panel hosted...

City to vote on potential West Campus apartment building

Lisa Dreher April 7, 2017

A new 20-unit apartment complex may come to the West Campus area next year if the city approves it on Monday. Developer Sudhakar Allada said his four-story apartment complex, AVON @22, would be located...


Federal, state lawmakers continue attempts to defund Planned Parenthood

Lisa Dreher April 6, 2017

While sitting in an examination room for a regular check-up, Courtney Naquin spotted anti-abortion rights stickers covering her hometown doctor’s laptop, making her feel uneasy when she should feel...

2017-04-05_Ken Paxton_Mary

Attorney General Paxton believes travel bans are ‘constitutional’

Lisa Dreher April 5, 2017

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Tuesday the original and revised travel bans under President Donald Trump are within his authority as they are a matter of national security. “I think they...

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 6

CapMetro votes to officially remove 21st Street, Speedway bus stops

Lisa Dreher April 3, 2017

Capital Metro voted Monday to permanently keep the bus detours caused by Speedway construction that UT originally said were temporary. Routes 18 MLK, 412 E-Bus, 640 40 Acres, 642 West Campus and 663...


Democrat congressman announces challenge to Sen. Ted Cruz

Lisa Dreher April 3, 2017

A Democratic congressman from El Paso, Beto O’Rourke, announced Friday he will challenge incumbent U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018 as an underdog opponent to a national conservative leader.  O’Rourke,...

Democratic congressman announces challenge to Sen. Ted Cruz

Lisa Dreher March 31, 2017

U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, announced Friday he will challenge incumbent U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018 to resurge the Texas Democratic Party. O’Rourke, a technology entrepreneur in his...


Adler: ‘Sanctuary city’ lacks clear definition

Lisa Dreher March 31, 2017

Austin Mayor Steve Adler said Thursday it is unclear whether Austin is a sanctuary city since Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told him the federal government cannot define the term. On...


CapMetro votes to officially remove 21st Street, Speedway bus stops

Lisa Dreher March 30, 2017

Capital Metro voted Monday to permanently keep the bus detours caused by Speedway construction that UT originally said were temporary. Routes 18 MLK, 412 E-Bus, 640 Forty Acres, 642 West Campus and...

U.S. Census revises previous data on Austin population growth

Lisa Dreher March 29, 2017

The U.S. Census released a revised report last Thursday saying Austin officially exceeded 2 million residents in 2016, and not 2015. A report released last June by the Census Bureau said Austin surpassed...


Students, teachers, parents rally to support more state funding for public schools

Lisa Dreher March 27, 2017

Hundreds gathered at the Capitol on Saturday morning to protest state legislation and budget cuts that would favor private schools by decreasing funding for public schools.  Students, teachers...

Bill simplifies FAFSA, widens aid eligibility

Lisa Dreher March 24, 2017

On Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Austin, introduced a bill that would simplify the financial aid application process and broaden students’ eligibility. “Many of the questions on the...


Federal judge says Austin ICE raids in response to sanctuary city policy

Lisa Dreher March 22, 2017

A federal judge revealed Monday that federal agents told him last month’s immigration enforcement raids in Austin were in response to a policy protecting undocumented immigrants. U.S. Magistrate...

Texas redistricting ruled discriminatory

Lisa Dreher March 20, 2017

A federal judge panel on March 10 ruled that three Texas congressional districts, including one from Central Texas, were drawn with the intention to discriminate against Latino and black voters. The...

35 ICE detainers declined in February under Travis County Sheriff’s Office policy

Lisa Dreher March 10, 2017

In February, Travis County Sheriff’s Office declined 35 requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain suspected undocumented inmates, according to public records from the office. ICE...

CapMetro approves new transit system

Lisa Dreher March 8, 2017

CapMetro approved a new transit system which includes more UT shuttles and high-frequency bus routes last Monday. The 10-year plan, called Connections 2025, will cost an additional $9 million per year...

Protesters disrupt march for Donald Trump

Lisa Dreher March 6, 2017

Supporters of President Donald Trump and anti-Trump protesters yelled and pushed each other in the cold rain Saturday during a pro-Trump march to the Capitol. “I was trying to get all these people...

Democrat announces 2018 campaign against Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

Lisa Dreher March 6, 2017

Businessman Mike Collier, who ran as a Democrat in 2014 for Texas comptroller, announced Thursday he will challenge Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in next year’s race. Collier, a Houstonian and retired...

U.S. Senate confirms former Texas governor Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy

Lisa Dreher March 3, 2017

The U.S. Senate confirmed former Texas governor Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy on Thursday. The Senate voted 62 to 37, making Perry the secretary of a department he promised to abolish...


U.S. Department of Justice won’t pursue Texas voter ID law case

Lisa Dreher March 2, 2017

A U.S. district court judge heard arguments Tuesday over whether a Texas law requiring government-issued identification to vote is discriminatory, but without the U.S. Department of Justice’s backing.  U.S....


Hundreds protest state legislation outlawing sanctuary cities

Lisa Dreher March 1, 2017

On Tuesday, high school senior Rocio Ramirez tearfully told a large crowd at the Capitol her father was deported two weeks ago. “I’m just here to show people to not give up and to keep...


No Ban, No Wall rally at Capitol supports immigrants, refugees under Trump administration

Lisa Dreher February 27, 2017

On Saturday, U.S. Rep. Joaquín Castro, D-San Antonio, said divisive rhetoric in America is nothing new, saying his grandmother remembered derogatory signs about Mexicans like herself in the...


Austin has most ICE arrests of immigrants not convicted of crimes

Lisa Dreher February 24, 2017

Austin has the highest percentage of undocumented immigrants without criminal convictions in the U.S., according to reports by the Austin American-Statesman and KVUE Wednesday. “Most of the...


Friends, professor remember what Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was like at UT

Lisa Dreher February 23, 2017

In the 1970s, then UT undergraduate Jack Randall befriended a freshman percussionist in the Longhorn Band who frequented barbecue joints as a drummer in a country western band.  Decades later Rex...

Trump rolls out new deportation rules

Lisa Dreher February 23, 2017

President Donald Trump expanded immigration enforcement’s abilities to deport undocumented immigrants under a new policy released Tuesday. The Department of Homeland Security released two memorandums...

Judge says Planned Parenthood cannot be defunded by state until full trial

Lisa Dreher February 22, 2017

On Tuesday a federal judge delayed the removal of Planned Parenthood from the state’s Medicaid program for the second time this year, again citing a lack of evidence from state attorneys. Tuesday’s...

Ken Paxton court ken paxton

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to be tried twice for securities fraud

Lisa Dreher February 20, 2017

State Attorney General Ken Paxton will be tried twice over charges of securities fraud and violation of federal securities regulations on Thursday, according to special prosecutors.  “There’s...

Ken Paxton court ken paxton

Attorney General Ken Paxton makes Texas first to legally support travel ban

Lisa Dreher February 17, 2017

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton made Texas the first state to legally support President Donald Trump’s travel ban Wednesday.              Paxton said...


Hundreds protest downtown for national “Day Without Immigrants” strike

Lisa Dreher February 17, 2017

More than 400 protesters marched downtown Thursday as part of the national “Day Without Immigrants” in response to the federal government’s recent crackdown on undocumented immigrants. At...


Austinites partake in movement to end violence against women

Lisa Dreher February 15, 2017

On Tuesday, Sophia Strother spoke to a crowd of people at the Capitol about how she overcame domestic violence and sex trafficking as part of a global movement to end violence against women. “I...


Austin ranked best city to live in by U.S. News and World Report

Lisa Dreher February 14, 2017

Last week, Austin was ranked the best city to live in by U.S. News & World Report, but Mayor Steve Adler said the city faces hiked-up housing and affordability from its growth. “It’s...

Protesters rally over weekend against immigration enforcement detainments

Lisa Dreher February 13, 2017

Activists chanted against supposed detainments of undocumented immigrants in Austin in front of the J.J. Pickle Federal Building on Friday afternoon. About 40 protesters gathered on the building’s...

Five undocumented immigrants detained in Austin according to advocacy group

Lisa Dreher February 11, 2017

 An immigration rights organization said five undocumented immigrants in Austin were detained by federal immigration enforcement Thursday, according to the Texas Observer. “I’ve never...

Ken Paxton court ken paxton

Prosecutors may move Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s trial location

Lisa Dreher February 10, 2017

State prosecutors said Thursday they want to move Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s trial out of Collin County because they cannot find an impartial jury there, according to the Dallas Morning...


Gov. Greg Abbott’s hiring freeze may affect UT

Lisa Dreher February 8, 2017

Gov. Greg Abbott imposed a hiring freeze on state agencies during his State of the State address last Tuesday, and UT officials said university hiring may be affected. Abbott said the freeze, which...


Immigration experts say Mexican immigrant flow has decreased

Lisa Dreher February 7, 2017

On Jan. 25, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to build a Mexico-U.S. border wall, but UT immigration experts said the difficulty of going through customs and border control causes immigrants...


37 suspected undocumented immigrants released under Travis County Sheriff’s immigration policy

Lisa Dreher February 6, 2017

When Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez’s new immigration policy went into effect Wednesday, 37 suspected undocumented immigrants were released, according to the Austin American-Statesman. The...


Austin City Council supports solar ready buildings

Lisa Dreher February 3, 2017

After much deliberation and amending during its meeting Thursday, the Austin City Council moved to require new buildings to function using energy from solar panels. In its mission to make Austin environmentally-friendly,...


UT experts say President Donald Trump’s travel ban lacks legal standing

Lisa Dreher February 2, 2017

President Donald Trump issued an executive order Friday barring refugees and immigrants from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the U.S., and experts at UT say the travel ban will be legally...


Gov. Greg Abbott cuts $1.5 million in funds for Travis County for sheriff’s immigration policy

Lisa Dreher February 2, 2017

Gov. Greg Abbott is cutting $1.5 million in Travis County criminal justice grants after Sheriff Sally Hernandez enacted a new jail policy Wednesday related to federal immigration enforcement.  Hernandez’s...


State legislators talk about ethics reform bill at Texas Tribune panel

Lisa Dreher February 1, 2017

Former Austin mayor and State Rep. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, said he is confident that a bipartisan ethics reform bill will pass this session during a Texas Tribune panel at the Austin Club on Tuesday...


Gov. Greg Abbott delivers State of the State address

Lisa Dreher February 1, 2017

Gov. Greg Abbott prioritized reforming the Child Protective Services, banning sanctuary cities, reforming legislative ethics and amending the U.S. Constitution during his State of the State address on...


Lutheran Church holds vigil for refugees in response to federal ‘travel ban’

Lisa Dreher January 31, 2017

Despite only living in the U.S. for the past eight months, Basima Hawasli, a senior at Harmony Science Academy, said she is thankful for Americans who support her after she fled from her war-stricken homeland...


Texas Rally for Life promotes anti-abortion advocacy at the Capitol

Lisa Dreher January 30, 2017

Religious banners and pink “Defund Planned Parenthood” signs flapped in the breeze as anti-abortion rights marchers descended upon the Capitol on Saturday afternoon. The annual Texas Rally...


Austin Mayor Steve Adler delivers State of the City address

Lisa Dreher January 30, 2017

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban refugees from predominantly Muslim countries, Mayor Steve Adler reassured immigrants and refugees they are safe in Austin during his...


Protesters challenge Trump’s refugee ban at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Lisa Dreher January 30, 2017

Ashley Fosshath’s grandmother may pass away before Fosshath can visit her in Iran because of President Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants of certain countries. “It’s heartbreaking,”...

Abbott condemns Travis County sheriff who does not comply with immigration federal agents

Lisa Dreher January 27, 2017

Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez said Thursday she will not reverse her policy to refuse to comply with federal immigration agents, despite Gov. Greg Abbott’s threat to remove her from office. “I...


Council discusses live music hours, abortion

Lisa Dreher January 27, 2017

The Austin City Council convened for its first meeting since the Nov. 8 elections and mainly discussed letting music venues on Red River Street perform for two hours longer at night.  Council members...


Republican groups gathered to discuss state Legislature, executive orders

Lisa Dreher January 26, 2017

Travis County Young Republicans discussed the state Legislature and the new presidential administration’s plans Wednesday evening at the group’s first meeting of the year. Jared Staples,...


Trump gives executive order to build border wall

Lisa Dreher January 25, 2017

This story has been updated. On Wednesday, President Donald Trump gave executive orders to build a wall between the United States and Mexico and to defund sanctuary cities that protect undocumented...


Travis County Sheriff announces policy to not comply with federal immigration law enforcement

Lisa Dreher January 24, 2017

On Monday, Gov. Greg Abbott denounced Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez’s promise to not detain undocumented immigrants for deportations by federal agents without warrants, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Abbott’s...


Austin partakes in global Women’s March following inauguration protests

Lisa Dreher January 22, 2017

Update: The final estimated attendance is over 50,000, according to the Austin Women's March Facebook page. Original story: Austin’s streets were crowded again Saturday as tens of...


Thousands march in city-wide protest of President Donald Trump’s inauguration

Lisa Dreher January 21, 2017

On Friday morning President Donald Trump was sworn in, and that evening Austin community members and others across the nation marched to protest the incoming administration. One Resistance, a coalition...


Elected officials plan formation of LGBTQ Commission

Lisa Dreher January 19, 2017

City Council member Jimmy Flannigan of District 6, who is the first openly gay man elected to the Council, led Wednesday’s meeting to create an LGBTQ Quality of Life Commission to improve the community’s...


Rep. Dawnna Dukes indicted on 15 criminal charges

Lisa Dreher January 18, 2017

A grand jury indicted state Rep. Dawnna Dukes, D-Austin, over misuse of legislative money and staff Tuesday, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Dukes is indicted on 13 felony charges of tampering...


Hearing begins over move to oust Planned Parenthood funding in Medicaid

Lisa Dreher January 18, 2017

Update (Jan. 19, 7:31 p.m.): On Thursday a federal judge allowed Planned Parenthood to stay in Texas’ Medicaid program till Feb. 21, according to the Texas Tribune. Planned Parenthood was set...


Austin Young Democrats call students to action to push progressive agendas

Lisa Dreher January 18, 2017

Faced with a Republican-majority state Legislature, Texas Young Democrats and Austin Young Democrats hosted an event Tuesday night at Wright Bros. Brew and Brew to promote progressive policies on the municipal...


Austin celebrates 23rd annual MLK march

Lisa Dreher January 17, 2017

Thousands of UT students, Austinites and activists marched to remember civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., marking his birthday and the holiday’s 50th anniversary on Monday. “This...


What to expect from Austin City Council

Lisa Dreher January 17, 2017

With the addition of two new faces, Jimmy Flannigan and Alison Alter, the Austin City Council will tackle old and new objectives such as land development, homelessness and anti-immigration sentiment from...


Democrat kicks off campaign for already filled HD46 seat

Lisa Dreher January 13, 2017

Austin immigration attorney Jose “Chito” Vela III kicked off his campaign for House District 46 on Thursday evening, even though Rep. Dawnna Dukes was present when the legislative session was...

2016-11-17_Mayor_Alders_Task Force_Thomas

Austin receives grants to resolve homelessness

Lisa Dreher January 13, 2017

Within the past week, Austin has received grants from a philanthropy and a federal government agency to resolve its homeless problem. Bloomberg Philanthropies, a charity by former New York City Mayor...

Ken Paxton court ken paxton

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton fraud trial set for May

Lisa Dreher January 12, 2017

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will face trial for criminal fraud charges beginning May 1, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Paxton has been charged with three felonies for securities fraud,...


Austin mayor pro tem continues to campaign despite Rep. Dawnna Dukes’ return

Lisa Dreher January 11, 2017

Former Austin mayor pro tem and Democrat Sheryl Cole said she will continue campaigning for House District 46 Tuesday afternoon despite Rep. Dawnna Dukes returning to her seat. “I’m telling...


Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announces 2018 campaign for held position, dismisses running against Gov. Abbott

Lisa Dreher January 10, 2017

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced his 2018 campaign for lieutenant governor and dismissed any notions he would challenge Gov. Greg Abbott Monday morning. “Put it in cement: I’m not running...


Immigration rights groups organize day before state legislature convenes

Lisa Dreher January 9, 2017

Activist groups and supporters crowded in the Grassroots Leadership headquarters in east Austin, vowing to protect undocumented immigrants amidst an incoming state legislative session and president-elect...

Other new tower Rachel Zein

Rep. Dawnna Dukes won’t retire House seat, Statesman reports

Lisa Dreher January 8, 2017

State Rep. Dawnna Dukes said she will return to the Legislature next week despite previously announced plans to retire, the Austin American-Statesman reported Saturday. A special election to fill the...


Austin City Council inauguration welcomes two new members

Lisa Dreher January 7, 2017

The Austin City Council ushered in a new year with two fresh faces, Jimmy Flannigan and Alison Alter, who were sworn in at its inauguration Friday evening. “We are all looking forward to working...


Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick unveils transgender “bathroom bill” at news conference

Lisa Dreher January 6, 2017

Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced Thursday legislation requiring transgender individuals to use public restrooms and changing facilities based on the sex reflected on their birth certificate. Senate...

Guad Changes court Parking and Transportation Services

UT Parking and Transportation Services announces slight change to Inner Campus Drive and Guadalupe Street

Lisa Dreher December 5, 2016

The exit from Inner Campus Drive and onto Guadalupe Street will continue to allow bicycles but not cars to turn left onto Guadalupe starting today, according to an email from Parking and Transportation...


Legislative student organization representatives discuss upcoming legislation plans

Lisa Dreher December 2, 2016

Representatives from each of the three UT legislative student organizations discussed the need for public and higher education funding, rising tuition rates and action concerning undocumented students...


Organization for theatre and dance students of color holds first meeting

Lisa Dreher December 1, 2016

Students and faculty celebrated the beginning of a long-awaited organization for students of color in theatre and dance at a launch party Wednesday afternoon in the F. Loren Winship Drama Building. After...


Meechaiel Criner’s defense attorney awaits DNA reports

Lisa Dreher November 18, 2016

The defense attorney for Meechaiel Criner, the 18-year-old charged with the murder of UT dance freshman Haruka Weiser in April, said he is waiting for DNA results that have been delayed by the Austin Police Department’s...


Austin officials address community fears following election

Lisa Dreher November 18, 2016

Austin-elected officials addressed community members’ fears of deportation and hate crimes following last week’s presidential election at a City Hall press conference Thursday afternoon. City...


AISD board member, lawyer to represent UT in Texas Legislature

Lisa Dreher November 17, 2016

As an outgoing member of the AISD Board of Trustees and mother of two children, Democrat and newly elected state House Rep. Gina Hinojosa calls upon the UT students she now represents to demand that state...


State lawmakers call on reforming Texas Child Protective Service

Lisa Dreher November 11, 2016

Members of the Texas Senate Finance Committee proposed emergency funding Monday for the state’s Child Protective Services to hire more caseworkers and raise current caseworkers’ salaries to...


Texas voters view Black Lives Matter unfavorably, support proposed trans ‘bathroom bill’

Lisa Dreher November 10, 2016

A poll recently released by The University of Texas and The Texas Tribune shows a majority of Texas voters unfavorably view the Black Lives Matter movement and believe transgender individuals must use...


UT senate supports interviewing FIG mentor applicants

Lisa Dreher November 4, 2016

The UT Senate of College Councils passed resolutions Thursday to encourage colleges to interview their respective first-year interest group mentors and considered a proposal of a financial aid student...


City Council enlists Dallas forensic lab to help process APD’s backlogged rape kits

Lisa Dreher November 4, 2016

Austin City Council unanimously approved a contract at its general meeting Thursday for Austin Police Department to have its backlogged sexual assault forensic tests processed at a lab in Dallas to address...


Some Austin small businesses oppose anti-Transgender bathroom bill

Lisa Dreher November 3, 2016

Two popular Austin small businesses were among 200 others across Texas to sign a letter last Tuesday opposing any upcoming state legislation prohibiting transgender individuals from using public bathrooms...


Voter profile: Venezuelan international student compares motherland’s politics to U.S. presidential election

Lisa Dreher October 31, 2016

Editor’s note: This is part of a series The Daily Texan is publishing during the 2016 election season. The series will run up until Election Day, Nov. 8. Many UT students idly shuffled along...


University approves public safety certificate

Lisa Dreher October 28, 2016

The University recently approved a Public Safety Certificate for social work undergraduates entering fields such as law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medical services and emergency management. Students...

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