Austin’s Valentine’s Day aphrodisiac food options abound

Stephen Acevedo

Valentine’s Day challenges couples to fill an entire day with romance. Luckily, The Daily Texan has listed some foods that’ll keep the steam rolling through breakfast, lunch and dinner this Valentine’s Day.


So it’s breakfast time, and you need to eat, but you’re too busy doing canoodling. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Watermelon is sweet and fresh just like your honey and will satisfy your hunger while also setting the right mood. Austin’s own Yamis Fruteria on North Lamar offers watermelon in several different forms, ranging from basic cubes to their patilla loca, which is essentially an entire hollowed out watermelon filled with a combination of other fruits and sweets. All you have to do is choose which form of watermelon gets you worked up the most and make the purchase. 

Spicy Chilies

Now it’s lunch time, and you’re starting to get hungry again. The thing is, you’re still not ready to say goodbye yet. And that’s okay! After all, it is Valentine’s Day. The secret this time around is to incorporate hot chilies into your next meal to keep the blood flowing hot and heavy. There’s no need to specify the right kind of pepper so long as it makes your tongue burn with the flames of a thousand passionate hearts. The papaya salad at East Side King Thai Kun will be more than spicy enough to keep you and your significant other frisky. For a spicy American classic, the XXX chili at Texas Chili Parlor on Lavaca Street will fill you up with both sustenance and desire (to eat more food).

Red Wine

You and your partner have been doing the Devil’s Dance well into the afternoon and y’all are starting to get a little thirsty. The thing is, there’s nothing sexy about a glass of iced water or a can of cheap beer. I’ll tell you what is sexy, though: A little bit of red wine. As we’re all students and most likely on a budget, breaking the bank on a fancy bottle of wine in the name of lust probably isn’t the wisest thing to do. You also don’t want to completely give up all quality for the sake of saving a buck or two. For this dilemma, Trader Joe’s Coastal Wine selection proves to be both tasty and affordable, and there are few things sexier than that kind
of resourcefulness. 


By now, you and your partner have been busy all day doing the rest of the things on this list, and it’s time to decide what’s on the menu for dinner. You will be hard-pressed to think of anything more tantalizing than a platter of raw oysters on the half shell. Something about the combination of testosterone-boosting zinc and sharing a plate of these little Cupids with your significant other is enough to make sparks fly unlike anything else you can buy from the local fishmonger’s. Now that spring is coming around and oysters are in season, finding a place in Austin that serves these little babies on the half shell won’t be much of a challenge. Clark’s Oyster Bar on West 6th and Perla’s on South Congress are both local
favorites worth checking out.