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Poke Bay serves up authentic Pacific fare

Stephen Acevedo November 27, 2017

With their competitor recently wiped off the map, the new Poke Bay is filling the void of raw seafood salad near campus. Located in a small building on the Drag near Dobie, Poke Bay boasts an extensive...


Crazy Ricky’s opens brick-and-mortar on Guadalupe

Stephen Acevedo November 8, 2017

On a corner of Guadalupe saturated with burger joints, Mark Oliver Williams is confident that he still has the best burger to offer at the new Crazy Ricky’s.  After operating as a food truck...


Tso Chinese Delivery gives Austin a cheaper delivery option

Stephen Acevedo November 2, 2017

Favor, Uber Eats and Postmates have made food delivery easier than ever for lazy or drunk Austinites, but they’ve also been known to ramp up  meal prices through delivery fees. Austin’s...


Former army base food truck Food2Go brings gyros to campus

Stephen Acevedo October 25, 2017

While students argue over whether Halal Guys or Halal Bros is superior, a new food truck called Food2Go has quietly slipped into the West Campus gyro game.  Owner Zafer Layik initially started...


Lebanon native brings crepes to West Campus

Stephen Acevedo October 19, 2017

In “Talladega Nights,” Ricky Bobby may have been too stubborn to admit his love of crepes, but Mohamad Abdulkader, co-owner of West Campus’ new Cedars Crepes food truck, happily declares...

TIFFANYS fills a taco void on Guadalupe

Stephen Acevedo October 12, 2017

For all the Drag has to offer, Frederick Lee and Evan Van Tassel were surprised by a subpar selection of one of Austin’s favorite foods. “We noticed a bit of a taco deficit near campus,...


King’s BBQ and Soul relocates to West Campus

Stephen Acevedo October 4, 2017

In a city where Central Texas-style barbecue is regarded as religion, one brave Mississippi man is serving up ’cue in the style of his home state.  Starting this Tuesday, Malcolm King’s...


Far East Fest features flavor-filled food, fun

Stephen Acevedo October 2, 2017

Sunday marked the inaugural installment of Austin’s Far East Fest, which brought together some of the city’s best Asian cuisine to give hungry attendees all-you-can-eat samples. Despite it...


Where to find good German food in Austin this October

Stephen Acevedo September 29, 2017

For many people, the beginning of October elicits images of pumpkins, foliage and spooky movies. For others, it sparks cravings for sausage, pretzels and cold beer. Though Texas has no shortage of Oktoberfest...


Bon Bon Banh Mi specializes in popular Vietnamese sandwich

Stephen Acevedo September 26, 2017

When Trang Nguyen and Nghiem Hoang moved from Vietnam to Austin less than seven months ago, they decided the best way to stay close to home was through food. The couple quickly found themselves opening...


Best Spots to Eat Inside DKR

Stephen Acevedo September 22, 2017

Cold beer, red sunburns and crippling losses are all just regular aspects of enjoying Texas football in the fall. Stadium food has never been a particularly prideful part of football season, but the impressive...


Espadas De Brazil brings high-quality steak to West Campus

Stephen Acevedo September 20, 2017

Elaborate salad bars, endless meat skewers and green and red coins have all become synonymous with Brazilian steakhouse dining. The folks at the new Espadas De Brazil food trailer have taken that experience...


Far East Fest attempts to spotlight Austin’s Asian food scene

Stephen Acevedo September 15, 2017

Austin’s flourishing food scene is not limited to breakfast tacos and queso — but many don’t know its Asian food scene is taking off as well. The apparently limited Asian food options...

09-11-17_Poke Bowl_Evelyn

Poke Bowl brings Hawaiian trend to West Campus

Stephen Acevedo September 11, 2017

People don’t typically associate raw fish with quick, on-the-go food, but Austin’s Poke Bowl is setting out to change that by providing the campus area with a quick and affordable poke option.  For...


Fire safety tips for amateur pitmasters

Stephen Acevedo September 7, 2017

With football season in full swing and fall just around the corner, students all around campus will be firing up their grills and barbecue pits for their outdoor shindigs. But, as the recent fire at Franklin...


UT alumni open new craft beer and kolache joint

Stephen Acevedo September 6, 2017

One causes hangovers and one cures them, but UT alumni Josh and Noah Lit still found beer and kolaches to be a perfect combo on which to base their restaurant, Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches. “It...


Where to seek comfort in regional cuisine

Stephen Acevedo August 30, 2017

Leaving home for college is often accompanied by a string of uneasy emotions. As lucky as UT students are to be located in a great city like Austin, newcomers — especially out-of-state students —...


Four ways to make the best of dining cash

Stephen Acevedo August 28, 2017

Freshmen living in dorms for the first time might think $1,600 in Dine In Dollars and $200 in Bevo Bucks sounds like more than enough to get through the year. However, between overpriced turkey burgers...


Austin’s favorite Veggie Heaven reopens

Stephen Acevedo May 4, 2017

Two years after Veggie Heaven’s 2014 closure, owner Stacy Chen was forced to choose between continuing a comfortable retirement and reopening her beloved restaurant. She chose to prioritize the happiness...


Pepperbox Coffee serves up jobs for local deaf community

Stephen Acevedo May 3, 2017

The sounds of grinding coffee beans and espresso steam are part of a day’s work at a coffee shop — unless you’re an employee at Pepperbox Coffee. Co-owner Nicholas Buchanan started...


The Biscuit Hut food trailer brings quick and affordable breakfast to West Campus

Stephen Acevedo April 27, 2017

Dylan Touchstone, founder of the Biscuit Hut, decided to risk it for the biscuit. “I wanted to do breakfast because if I do breakfast, then I get the rest of the day to do whatever I want,”...

Ranch_Hand_ CourtesyQuentin Cantu

Online food service offers healthy campus alternative

Stephen Acevedo April 26, 2017

With a campus dominated by fried chicken sandwiches and cheap Mexican food, UT felt like the perfect place for MBA students Quentin Cantu and Brian Murphy to serve healthy food from their new business,...

WeedVodka_Courtesy of Humboldt Distillery

Humboldt distillery infuses vodka with marijuana

Stephen Acevedo April 20, 2017

As marijuana users and drinkers argue over which is the better vice, micro-distiller Abe Stevens decided to bring the two together with his newest product — marijuana-infused vodka.  The...


Former UT technician secures own Thai food truck

Stephen Acevedo April 19, 2017

It’s no secret that Austin has a lot of love for Thai food, but there’s nothing like the real deal. Songkun Phayungpong, owner of the new Thai-Licious food truck, has taken it upon himself...


Delicious offers unique restaurant, bar, market experience

Stephen Acevedo April 18, 2017

South Lamar is a hot spot for some of Austin’s most high-end restaurant options. Delicious aims to fit in with the classy label of South Lamar — but not necessarily the expensive part.  “We...

The Republic of Sandwich resurrects as Capitol Sandwich

Stephen Acevedo April 13, 2017

Four months after closing his first restaurant, the Republic of Sandwich, Thomas Gardner has resurrected his business in the form of Capitol Sandwich food truck.  “This neighborhood we were...

LEroy and Lewis Coutesy of them

New barbecue food truck rolls into town

Stephen Acevedo April 12, 2017

In a city where barbecue is as omnipresent as water and air, it may seem like smoked meats have already reached their highest level of perfection. The folks at the new LeRoy & Lewis food truck are...

Wings_Courtesy of @coupleinthekitchen

Austin Chicken Wing Festival holds its first installation at the Historic Scoot Inn

Stephen Acevedo April 3, 2017

The Austin food scene is known for tacos and barbecue, but a previously overlooked food is beginning to make a place for itself as another local staple.  On Sunday, the city’s colorful mix...


New York-based pizza chain opens new Austin locations

Stephen Acevedo March 29, 2017

Between Home Slice and Austin’s Pizza, the 512 already has plenty of picks for on-the-go Italian favorites. However, New York-based chain Neapolitan Express thinks there could still be room for...


Curcuma Serves Ayurveda-Based Food on the East Side

Stephen Acevedo March 23, 2017

When Rachel Musquiz took up an interest in yoga, she never expected it to lead to a food truck.  Curcuma is a vegan, paleo and gluten-free food truck that takes a lot of its inspiration from Ayurveda,...


Lima Criolla offers authentic Peruvian food to North Austin

Stephen Acevedo March 22, 2017

When Peru native Susana Vivanco took up residence in Austin 10 years ago, she decided the best way to keep her country’s culture alive in her new home was through cooking. Her latest restaurant,...


Food trucks to check out at SXSW

Stephen Acevedo March 10, 2017

South By Southwest is an opportunity for Austin chefs to showcase their talents to a crowd of locals and tourists alike. This year, SXSW will be hosting the SouthBites Trailer Park on Driskill and Rainey...

SXSW Beginner’s Guide

Stephen Acevedo March 10, 2017

It’s finally that time of the year when the annual South by Southwest Festival takes over Austin for a week with an infinite number of concerts, film premieres, panels and of course, advertisements....


Papi’s Kitchen delivers Cuban food to the Austin community

Stephen Acevedo March 6, 2017

Born in Cuba and raised in New York, Fernando Saralegui found the best way to stay in touch with his roots was through food. Now, Saralegui is injecting his Cuban roots to the Austin community with his...


Brooklyn’s Carnal comes to Austin for the winter

Stephen Acevedo March 3, 2017

At Brooklyn-based Carnal, chefs Aaron Saurer and James Zamaroy have fused the New York City and Kentucky cuisines of their hometowns. In a bold business move, the duo has brought their menu of slow cooked...


UT alumnus runs food truck like a lab

Stephen Acevedo February 23, 2017

When Yuzhuo Liu graduated from UT with a math degree, he decided the best lab to go work in would be his own. With Pinch Urban Food Lab, Liu can bring perfectly proportioned foods to life in a controlled...


Old Thousand brings American-Chinese fusion to East 11th

Stephen Acevedo February 21, 2017

Chef James Dumapit’s fascination with Chinese food came to him in small steam baskets during weekly dim sum meals with his parents growing up. At his new restaurant, Old Thousand, he can finally...


The Beer Plant brings vegan food and craft beer to West Austin

Stephen Acevedo February 17, 2017

Though he’s enjoyed careers in higher education, psychotherapy and construction, Ray McMackin’s true passions have always been beer and vegan food. At his new gastropub, The Beer Plant, McMackin...


Austin’s Valentine’s Day aphrodisiac food options abound

Stephen Acevedo February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day challenges couples to fill an entire day with romance. Luckily, The Daily Texan has listed some foods that’ll keep the steam rolling through breakfast, lunch and dinner this Valentine’s...


Two Austin chefs discuss the state of traditonal black cuisine in Austin

Stephen Acevedo February 10, 2017

Though Adrian Lipscombe and Joi Chevalier may approach food from totally different angles, they share the same dream of bringing black food to the forefront of Austin’s culinary scene.  Lipscombe,...


COLLiDE ATX offers Austinites a comfortable place to create with a rotating menu

Stephen Acevedo February 8, 2017

After making a career of covering art, food and music for his online publication COLLiDE, Alan Miller decided he wanted to give other people the opportunity to pursue those passions for themselves. COLLiDE...


Rancho Rio food truck park hosts live music and comedy nights

Stephen Acevedo February 2, 2017

When a trio of Rancho Rio food truck proprietors noticed that some students were unable to get into West Campus parties, they decided to create a place they could kick it to free live music and comedy...


Pastor opens new brewery in East Austin

Stephen Acevedo February 1, 2017

Beginning his career as a pastor in Missoula, Montana, the last place Christian Cryder expected to find himself was in Austin with a brewing company.  “We had planted a church for people...


Kemuri Tatsu-Ya serves up unique culinary rarities

Stephen Acevedo January 26, 2017

As a Japanese immigrant growing up in Austin, Tatsu Aikawa found that the best way to pay respect to both of his cultural identities was through the culinary arts.  Unlike his other restaurant,...


Austin restaurateurs successfully resurrect historic New York bar

Stephen Acevedo January 25, 2017

When Tom Maitland, managing director of Austin restaurant Eberly, heard that one of his favorite New York bars was closing, he felt compelled to keep its spirit alive. What he didn’t anticipate was...


Local Food Truck Owner Brings Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks to West Campus

Stephen Acevedo January 18, 2017

Despite the diverse amount of food truck options thriving in West Campus, a lack of classic American sandwiches prompted restaurateur Mohammed Ismail to fill the void by serving up authentic Philly...


EastSide Tavern brings barbecue to East Austin

Stephen Acevedo December 5, 2016

After exploring the best barbecue joints in and around Austin for the past two years, business partners Matt Carter, John Korioth and Clarissa Alcantara decided to try their hand at the popular Texas cuisine...


Husband and wife serve vegetarian menu at Citizen Eatery

Stephen Acevedo November 30, 2016

It only took one hungry kid for husband and wife Michael Moyer and Aimee Waldon to realize there weren’t enough quick and healthy options in the Austin area. Seven years later, they’ve taken...


Third national Taco Bell Cantina fails to foster an ideal hangout spot

Stephen Acevedo November 10, 2016

After a brief absence from the UT community, Taco Bell is back with a fresh spin on its business model. In addition to the pseudo-Mexican food it’s famous for, it will now be serving alcoholic beverages...


UT alumnus serves Jewish and Latino-inspired burgers

Stephen Acevedo November 9, 2016

The last time UT alumnus Mo Pittle was in Austin, he was working as a bouncer at Cain and Abel’s. This time around, he’s serving classic food inspired by his upbringing.  “I...

2016-10-28_Holy Macaroni_Ravin

Holy Macaroni replaces Mac Daddy’s in West Campus

Stephen Acevedo October 28, 2016

Brothers Joe and Matt Doherty’s love for food stems from their first love: music. The two initially came to Austin as blues musicians, but quickly became involved in the food scene — most recently,...


Wafel Guys offers authentic Belgian waffles to West Campus residents

Stephen Acevedo October 20, 2016

Although neither Eric Muyldermans nor Jeff “The Chef” Howard had any professional culinary experience, they recently found themselves starting their own food truck. Specializing in authentic...

Drugs Illo

Prescription drugs, hard drugs commonplace in West Campus

Stephen Acevedo October 19, 2016

Editor’s note: Student names have been changed for the sake of privacy. When he came to college, business junior Wes Mantooth was nothing more than a casual marijuana smoker. But when he saw how...


Best, worst of local food trucks meet at Trucklandia Festival

Stephen Acevedo October 17, 2016

The Austin American-Statesman parking lot was transformed into a food court this weekend, showcasing Austin’s mobile eateries for the fourth annual Texas Trucklandia Fest. While 35 food trucks brought...


Paleo favorite Picnik opens first brick and mortar establishment

Stephen Acevedo October 6, 2016

After years of struggling to find meal options within her dietary restrictions, Naomi Seifter decided to open her own restaurant Picnik, which upgraded to its first brick and mortar eight weeks ago.  “As...


UT students discuss their ticket-scalping methods

Stephen Acevedo September 30, 2016

Editor’s Note: Some of the names in this story have been changed to protect these students’ identities. As Austin’s biggest music event of the year kicks off this weekend, students...


UT alumni start Austin’s first beer museum

Stephen Acevedo September 29, 2016

College students all over the country proudly mount their empty beer and liquor bottles atop shelves and cabinets in their apartments. UT alumni Virginia and Matt Benavidez and their friend Cameron Paxton...

Veteran Comedian Alonzo Bodden discusses racism, comedy heroes and e-cigs

Stephen Acevedo September 22, 2016

On the heels of his latest Showtime special “Historically Incorrect,” comedian Alonzo Bodden will headline at Austin’s Velv Comedy Lounge on Sept. 23 and 24. He spoke with The Daily Texan...


Longhorn Chicken owner opens new ice cream and cookie food truck

Stephen Acevedo September 14, 2016

Less than a year after launching Longhorn Chicken, chef Eddie Windwillow is already expanding into the West Campus dessert game. This past August, he and business partner William Marsden, owner of the...


UT students produce, perform original plays in one week

Stephen Acevedo September 8, 2016

Most theatre productions take months of writing, directing and casting. But this Thursday, some UT students will take on the challenge of creating a play in seven days. On Sept. 8, Creative Arts + Theatre...

The Texan recommends ridehailing apps for the fall semester

Stephen Acevedo September 2, 2016

When Uber and Lyft left Austin in May, many students didn’t have to deal with the change as they went home for the summer shortly after. Now that everyone’s back to school and the fall parties...


Tat-Tuesday: People on campus share stories behind their ink

Stephen Acevedo August 30, 2016

Brooke Conway  Brooke Conway, a communication sciences and disorders junior, got the “whimsical butterfly” tattoo on her forearm 12 years ago while waiting for one of her favorite rappers...


Popular Northern Chinese restaurant comes to West Campus

Stephen Acevedo April 21, 2016

Austin’s West Campus community is no stranger to Asian Cuisine with restaurants and food trucks serving Thai, Japanese and Korean food. Last week, West Campus gained its newest addition to the collection...


UT alumnus feels the “Raisin Bern” with latest project

Stephen Acevedo April 13, 2016

The young entrepreneur behind Snorkel ATX and the Netflix and Chill condoms is back — this time with a political agenda. UT alumnus Yousef Okasheh began selling humorous presidential campaign...


Austin restaurants offer distinct takes on crawfish this season

Stephen Acevedo April 13, 2016

With crawfish season in full swing, Cajun and seafood restaurants all over Austin are adding the Southern delicacy to their menus. The Daily Texan has compiled a list of five stops to find boiled crawfish...


West Campus food truck offers fresh take on fried chicken

Stephen Acevedo April 6, 2016

With all the foreign and specialty food truck options offered in West Campus, sometimes simplicity is key. Longhorn Chicken brings a professional take on a classic college meal.  Opened at the...

UTFarmStand_courtesyofHunter Mangrum

UT Farm Stand brings fresh Austin produce to UT’s East Mall

Stephen Acevedo March 29, 2016

With an abundance of restaurants and a shortage of grocery stores around UT’s campus, it is difficult for students to find convenient healthy food options. UT Farm Stand is working to change that. UT...


Sourced Craft Cocktails makes home entertaining easier for Austinites

Stephen Acevedo March 11, 2016

Austinites of all backgrounds can be found on Sixth Street any given weekend enjoying cheap mixed drinks. Sourced Craft Cocktails is offering people the chance to opt out of a regrettable night on Sixth...


Students speak on the influence of ’90s comedy

Stephen Acevedo March 4, 2016

The ‘90s brought about a new era of comedy, especially in television. Although the majority of current UT students were born in the latter half of the ‘90s, the influence of the decade on comedy...


Texas Union Film Festival gives student filmmakers platform to show work

Stephen Acevedo March 2, 2016

Students eagerly filed into the Texas Union theater Thursday for an evening of captivating films made by passionate directors. Unlike the movies highlighted during Oscar season, these short films were...


Popular tea shop opens its first Austin location

Stephen Acevedo February 22, 2016

With a vibrant interior and niche menu items, Kung Fu Tea’s new West Campus location is grabbing the attention of UT students.   UT alumna Jinyun Tang opened Kung Fu Tea’s Austin location...


Tat-Tuesday: Students share stories behind ink

Stephen Acevedo February 16, 2016

Editor’s note: Tat-Tuesday is a weekly series that features students around campus and their tattoos. Photos by Mike McGraw | Daily Texan Staff Stephanie Kent Stephanie Kent, a first-year...


Isalia’s offers authentic Tex-Mex to the Drag

Stephen Acevedo February 9, 2016

Last December, father-son duo Ezequiel and Gubiel Aviles brought Tex-Mex to the Drag. For students looking to satisfy their enchilada cravings between classes, Isalia’s offers authentic Tex-Mex to...


Philanthropic club donates hats to cancer patients

Stephen Acevedo February 4, 2016

Education sophomore Maddie Friedman recalls scrolling through pages of a friend’s blog that chronicled the journey of her 8-year-old son, who was dying of cancer. Inspired after hearing the daily...


Classic ’90s TV shows live on through reboots

Stephen Acevedo February 3, 2016

More than twenty years after Jerry Seinfeld’s puffy shirt and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” the ’90s live on. With reboots of TV classics from networks and streaming...


TBT: World War II leaves female students without housing

Stephen Acevedo January 28, 2016

In 1944, as thousands of male students went overseas to fight in World War II, hundreds of newly enrolled female students were left behind without a place to live at a University full of male-only dorms. The...


Harry Ransom Center takes García Márquez archives global

Stephen Acevedo January 20, 2016

Drafts, photos and quirky fan mail correspondences can all be found in the depths of Gabriel García Márquez’s archives. The University of Texas’ Harry Ransom Center is increasing...


TBT: 1944 Longhorns prepared for Thanksgiving victory against Texas A&M

Stephen Acevedo November 25, 2015

Today, UT students have much to be thankful for, including Kerbey Queso, music festivals and Matthew McConaughey. But on Thanksgiving Day in 1944,the  Longhorns were thankful for one thing —...


The Daily Texan gives alternate donut options in Austin

Stephen Acevedo November 23, 2015

With the recent opening of Voodoo Doughnuts, Austinites can add another bizarre location to their list of go-to sweet shops. But with the shop closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, many may be looking for...


Portland’s Voodoo Doughnuts opens Austin location

Stephen Acevedo November 20, 2015

Between the bars on Sixth Street, one of Austin’s newest eateries allows patrons to purchase voodoo dolls, fake penises and “fat blunts” all at once ­— but at this shop, they’re...


UT student runs business selling feminist fashion, boy band tees

Stephen Acevedo November 11, 2015

Instead of letting ridicule for their boy band T-shirts, posters and accessories alter their style choices, two One Direction fans decided to turn their interests into a business platform. History and...

Retro-review: Revisiting Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album in anticipation of Fun Fun Fun Fest

Stephen Acevedo November 6, 2015

Wu-Tang Clan released their debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) in 1993. This album presented the world with perhaps the most absurdly brilliant hip-hop group of all time. With Wu-Tang Clan bringing...


UT alumna works to publish first original comic book

Stephen Acevedo October 12, 2015

UT alumna Yasmine Pirouz has been crafting the lives of her comic book characters since she was 12 years old. From a manic musician to a temperamental princess,  “[The comic] is very...

Q&A: Political Comedian W. Kamau Bell discusses race, comedy

Stephen Acevedo September 30, 2015

Comedian and CNN correspondent W. Kamau Bell will perform his live show, “The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an Hour,” Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the SAC Ballroom. Since 2007,...


TBT: Student recounts football game following raised drinking age

Stephen Acevedo September 24, 2015

“Win or lose, we still booze” can be heard throughout campus on game day. Having a few drinks before games has always been common practice around the UT campus, so when UT’s under-21...


Student, alumnus trio offer snorkeling tours of Barton Creek

Stephen Acevedo September 21, 2015

While kayaks and paddleboards float down Barton Creek on a sunny afternoon, members of Snorkel ATX dive into the water’s depths alongside schools of bass and sunfish. Established by biochemistry...

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