APD confirms 26th and Nueces stabbing incident

Catherine Marfin

Austin Police Department Chief Brian Manley clarified details of the Monday afternoon stabbing at Nueces and 26th Streets, at a joint press conference Tuesday morning.

The incident was reported to APD at 4:33 p.m., however, officers were told the stabbing took place around 3 p.m. Police say the victim got into a confrontation with an unknown man after he observed him threaten a woman with a knife. The victim told police that he saw the suspect acting aggressively toward the woman and appeared to make her lift her sweatshirt up. The victim then tried to apprehend the suspect, and during the confrontation sustained a non-life threatening stab wound to the leg, Manley said.

After the confrontation, the victim returned home and asked his roommates to take him to St. David’s hospital, where he then reported the incident to APD.

“We see no link between the incident that occurred in West Campus and the incidents that occurred earlier in the day,” Manley said.

APD originally told the public that the 26th and Nueces Street stabbing was unfounded. Manley apologized for the conflicting information at the press conference Tuesday.

“We had officers responding to all incidents occurring in West Campus being reported to us to determine if they were real or if they were the product of what happens sometimes through social media where all the information is going out in a panic,” Manley said. “Where we failed was not putting out the information until 9:38 last night that we did in fact have another incident in West Campus. We had put out that tweet at 5:21 telling people to only pay attention to information they were getting from official sources, and we should have put our information out earlier.”