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Managing editor refuses to order pizza one last time

Catherine Marfin December 9, 2019

How could I possibly describe how much the Texan means to me in just 360 words?  I’ve spent all 13 semesters of college in the Texan office (still not sure if that’s a brag or not)....


An update on The Daily Texan’s verification process

Catherine Marfin December 6, 2019

Last month, the Texan staff was contacted by a spokesperson from the city of Austin with concerns about an article that quoted two city of Austin officials. Both of the city officials told our staff that...


A message from The Daily Texan’s managing editor

Catherine Marfin November 22, 2019

Each week, Texan staff members spend countless hours working to keep the UT community informed. We strive each day to make sure the stories we publish are accurate and balanced.  We’ve always...


Police find body of a man in Clark Field

Catherine Marfin May 25, 2017

The UT Police Department found the body of a middle-aged man in the area of Clark Field Thursday morning. UTPD said the death appears to be of natural causes. Police have provided little information...


UT stabbing suspect said no one noticed him before the attack

Catherine Marfin May 10, 2017

Biology junior Kendrex White, the student facing murder charges in the on-campus stabbing that left three students injured and another dead on the scene, told Houston news station KPRC2 from Travis County...


Year in Review

Stabbing On May 1 at 1:46 p.m., the UT Police Department responded to a call about an individual attacking a student with a large, Bowie-style hunting knife in the Speedway Plaza. Two minutes later,...


Individual fabricated West Campus stabbing story

Catherine Marfin May 3, 2017

The student in Monday afternoon’s 26th Street stabbing incident fabricated the report, according to the Austin Police Department. A 20-year-old male student was playing with a knife when he accidentally...


White claims no memory of Monday attacks

Catherine Marfin May 3, 2017

Biology junior Kendrex White, the student facing murder charges in the death of undergraduate studies freshman Harrison Brown, told police he did not remember Monday’s attack, according to an affidavit...


May 1, 2017: Timeline of the campus tragedy

Catherine Marfin May 3, 2017

Rumors ran rampant Monday afternoon after a UT student assaulted other students in an attack that left one dead and three injured. The following is a 24-hour breakdown of events from the time the UT Police...


GoFundMe page created for injured victim of stabbing

Catherine Marfin May 3, 2017

A GoFundMe page created Tuesday identifies one of the injured victims of Monday’s on-campus stabbing as Stuart Bayliss. According to the GoFundMe page, Bayliss sustained multiple injuries and...


APD confirms 26th and Nueces stabbing incident

Catherine Marfin May 2, 2017

Austin Police Department Chief Brian Manley clarified details of the Monday afternoon stabbing at Nueces and 26th Streets, at a joint press conference Tuesday morning. The incident was reported to APD...


Body found in West Campus

Catherine Marfin May 2, 2017

A body of a man believed to be in his 20’s was found in a West Campus apartment near the intersection of Nueces and 27th streets Monday evening after officers responded to a check welfare call, according...


UTPD identifies suspect in on-campus stabbing

Kayla Meyertons and Catherine Marfin May 2, 2017

Update (10:12 a.m.):  Contrary to many social media rumors yesterday afternoon, investigating authorities have found no evidence that the suspect in Monday afternoon's on-campus stabbing was...


Victim and suspect in on-campus stabbing identified

Catherine Marfin May 2, 2017

School officials from the North Texas town Graham confirmed the death of UT student Harrison Brown in the on-campus stabbing in a Facebook post Monday evening. The UT Police Department held a press...


One dead in on-campus stabbing, non-credible bomb threat at Belo

Catherine Marfin May 1, 2017

Update (5:00 p.m.): The UT Police Department held a press conference this afternoon to update the community on the stabbing that occurred on campus that resulted in one death and three injured. UTPD...


Shots fired near campus Thursday morning

Catherine Marfin April 27, 2017

Update (2:22 p.m.): Neither the suspect or targets were UT students or employees, according to UTPD. The shooting occurred near a construction site close to campus.  Original post: The...


UTPD increases call boxes on campus, adds video cameras

Catherine Marfin April 27, 2017

Increasing the number of emergency call boxes on campus continues to be a top priority for improving campus safety, said Peter Scheets, assistant chief of the UT Police Department. Currently, UT has...


APD searching for suspects in frat house vandalism

Catherine Marfin April 24, 2017

The Austin Police Department released a “Be on the Lookout” notice in an effort to identify the suspects in multiple vandalisms that occurred at several West Campus fraternity houses last week. The...

BodyArmor_Courtesy of FBC New York

Satirical ad campaign highlights potential violence of campus carry laws

Catherine Marfin April 20, 2017

The students behind the “Cocks Not Glocks” protest on campus last fall released a satirical ad campaign Tuesday to coincide with potential changes to the state’s existing campus carry...

UTPD teaches self-defense strategies to community

Catherine Marfin April 18, 2017

Enrollment in the UT Police Department’s Rape Aggression Defense class has remained consistent with past semester averages despite recent conversations surrounding campus safety, said UTPD Lt. Laura...


UT police to begin using body cameras

Catherine Marfin April 14, 2017

The UT Police Department implemented portable body cameras late last month in an effort to build trust between UT police officers and the campus community, the University announced Thursday. In a five-year,...


UTPD officers bring big-city experience to campus policing

Catherine Marfin April 13, 2017

Michael Murphy was one block away from Cole Hall during his sophomore year at Northern Illinois University when a former student entered the classroom, fatally shot five people and wounded 16 others in...

YouTuber banned from campus for trespassing

Catherine Marfin April 12, 2017

The UT Police Department issued a criminal trespass warning on YouTuber Connor Murphy last week after he repeatedly entered Gregory Gymnasium illegally to film videos for his channel. Murphy is best...


Be Safe campaign introduces new logo in honor of Haruka Weiser

Catherine Marfin April 11, 2017

The UT Police Department introduced a new logo for its Be Safe campaign last week in honor of dance freshman Haruka Weiser one year after her death.  “Some cultures change the name of their...

megan mcfarren k2 warrants infographic

City agencies team up to combat spike in K2 incidents

Catherine Marfin April 10, 2017

Austin city leaders teamed up to crack down on the spread of K2 following an uptick in overdoses and hospitalizations in recent weeks. K2, also known as synthetic marijuana, is a blend of industrial...

Officer seeks to balance humor, safety in Campus Watch report

Catherine Marfin April 7, 2017

UT Police Department Officer Michael Murphy got his first crack at writing the Campus Watch late last semester after an injury restricted him to light duty within the office.  “It was the...


National Weather Service trains UT community in severe weather spotting

Catherine Marfin April 6, 2017

As part of its larger weather safety initiatives, the University is hosting a Basic SkyWarn Severe Weather Recognition and Safety training session on campus next Thursday for members of the UT community....


UTPD steps up bike enforcement program

Catherine Marfin April 5, 2017

The UT Police Department began heavier cycling education and enforcement techniques this semester following construction on Speedway that resulted in several crashes between cyclists and pedestrians. The...

Racist posters target Chinese community in campus buildings

Catherine Marfin and Kayla Meyertons April 4, 2017

Update (2:48 p.m.): UT President Gregory Fenves announced via Twitter Tuesday morning that the University has identified the student who may be responsible for racist and derogatory flyers that appeared...


UT Police Department officers reflect on year since on-campus murder

Catherine Marfin April 4, 2017

For the UT Police Department officers on duty the day dance freshman Haruka Weiser’s body was found in Waller Creek, the one-year anniversary of her death brings up strong memories of responding...


Homeless man threatens to kill UT student

Catherine Marfin April 4, 2017

A homeless man in East Campus threatened to kill a UT student early Friday morning after she refused to give him money, according to the UT and Austin Police Departments. The student, government senior...


Students reflect on campus safety during one-year anniversary of Haruka Weiser’s murder

Catherine Marfin April 3, 2017

The death of dance freshman Haruka Weiser last spring prompted the University to make campus-wide safety improvements. Exactly one year after her death, students say some safety improvements are more noticeable...


UTPD K-9 unit puts bark to their bite

Catherine Marfin March 31, 2017

For Jarno, Doerack and Spike, three young Belgian Malinois in the UT Police Department’s K-9 unit, the phrase “dogs take after their owners” holds especially true.  “Jarno...

DWI rates likely not affected by ride-hailing companies, APD records show

Catherine Marfin March 30, 2017

DWI rates have remained consistent in Austin despite the off-and-on presence of various ride-hailing options in the last year, according to Austin Police Department records.  Since Uber and Lyft’s...


SURE Walk sees increased requests, seeks to expand

Catherine Marfin March 29, 2017

Two years ago, government junior Isaiah Carter spent an entire semester volunteering with SURE Walk and only received one call to walk a student home over the course of four months. Students United...


UT President Fenves provides updates on campus safety before year anniversary of UT murder

Catherine Marfin March 29, 2017

In preparation for the one-year anniversary of the death of dance freshman Haruka Weiser, UT President Gregory Fenves emailed the campus community to announce a vigil in her honor as well as provide a...


Fenves provides campus safety updates before year anniversary of on-campus murder

Catherine Marfin March 28, 2017

In preparation for the one-year anniversary of the death of dance freshman Haruka Weiser, UT President Gregory Fenves emailed the campus community to announce a vigil in her honor as well as provide a...

UT Austin has highest percentage of rape among female undergraduates, study finds

UT Austin has the highest percentage of rape among female undergraduates across eight UT System academic institutions, according to a survey released Friday.   The Cultivating Learning and Safe...


UTPD warns community of aggressive panhandlers near campus

Catherine Marfin March 27, 2017

The UT Police Department began warning students last week of aggressive panhandlers operating around the campus area. The “scam artists,” UTPD said, will approach individuals and claim to...

Department of Public Safety to take over Austin DNA lab

Catherine Marfin March 24, 2017

The Austin Police Department has officially forfeited control of its DNA lab to the state after the Austin City Council approved multiple agreements Thursday aimed at addressing its backlog.  Nearly...

Texas Senate passed bill creating grant program for bullet-proof vests

Catherine Marfin March 23, 2017

Thousands of law enforcement officers across the state could soon receive bullet-resistant vests, thanks to a bill passed by the Texas Senate last week. Prompted by the ambush-style attacks on five...

Texting-while-driving ban passes through House, works it way through Senate

Catherine Marfin March 22, 2017

While some students hit the road for spring break vacation, the Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate worked to pass bills cracking down on texting while driving. House Bill 62, which passed...

Final phase of UTPD’s Be Safe campaign asks for original artwork from students, faculty

Catherine Marfin March 20, 2017

The UT Police Department is asking students to submit artistic representations of what it means to be safe on campus as part of the fourth and final phase of its Be Safe campaign. All UT students, faculty...


Trial date pushed back to August in UT murder case

Catherine Marfin March 20, 2017

Following a DNA backlog and other delays, the trial date for Meechaiel Khalil Criner has been pushed back to August at the earliest by Travis County Judge David Wahlberg. Criner was indicted on a charge...


Travis County DA will not offer plea deal to Criner

Catherine Marfin March 17, 2017

Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore will not offer a plea deal to the man accused of murdering dance freshman Haruka Weiser last April, according to the Austin American-Statesman. “We...

Liquor law and drug violations on campus in decline

Catherine Marfin March 3, 2017

The majority of liquor law and drug violations on campus have been in steady decline since 2013, according to the University’s most recent reports. Drug abuse violations on campus resulting in...


APD begins initiative to combat distracted driving

Catherine Marfin March 2, 2017

The Austin Police Department began amping up their approach to combating distracted driving in the Austin area last month.  As part of a new initiative, APD Sgt. Michael Barger with the department’s...


Community leaders discuss relations between African Americans, police

Catherine Marfin March 1, 2017

For black families across the nation, conversations about how to survive interactions with law enforcement happen on a regular basis. As part of its larger project, “The Talk,” the Austin...

Jewish community center in West campus vandalized

Catherine Marfin March 1, 2017

A window of Texas Hillel was broken last Saturday in an act of vandalism currently being investigated by the UT and Austin Police Departments. Texas Hillel, a Jewish student center located on San...

Messaging group provides Muslim students with means to coordinate safety

Catherine Marfin February 28, 2017

Biology sophomore Samah Khalid avoided riding her bike for nearly a month after a car swerved into her lane as she was pedaling to her West Campus apartment one night, just days after Donald Trump was elected...

UTPD, APD investigating vandalism at Texas Hillel

Catherine Marfin February 28, 2017

A window of Texas Hillel was broken Saturday in an act of vandalism currently being investigated by the UT and Austin Police Departments.  Texas Hillel, a Jewish student center located on San Antonio...


UTPD warns of phone scam that continues to target students

Catherine Marfin February 27, 2017

The UT Police Department warned the community last week of an uptick in reports of a phone scam that continually targets UT students.  A caller clones the number of a law enforcement agency, Internal...

Investigators find 430 animals at home of two UT employees

Catherine Marfin February 24, 2017

Two UT employees are the subject of an animal cruelty investigation that resulted in the seizure of hundreds of animals from their home in Caldwell County Monday afternoon. Joseph Flores and Sarah...

Interpersonal Violence Peer Support Program launching next fall

Catherine Marfin February 22, 2017

After spending a year working with Voices Against Violence, radio-television-film sophomore Mia Goldstein began paving a new way for student survivors of interpersonal violence to navigate support resources...

UTPD warns campus community of suspect with multiple arrest warrants for burglary

Catherine Marfin February 22, 2017

The UT Police Department arrested a burglary suspect on campus Monday afternoon, just four days after warning the community of his repeated property crimes. At 2 p.m. Monday, a UT staff member called...


APD Crime Viewer reports 34 burglaries in West Campus residences last year

Catherine Marfin February 16, 2017

Thirty-four burglaries occurred in West Campus residences in 2016, according to the Austin Police Department Crime Viewer database.  APD’s Crime Viewer database presents crime reports based...


UT removes anti-Muslim posters from campus

Catherine Marfin February 13, 2017

This article has been updated since its original publication. Dozens of anti-Muslim posters appeared on campus Monday morning, suggesting people should “imagine a Muslim-free America.” While...

Austin Police Department begins handing out ballistic vests to front line officers

Catherine Marfin February 13, 2017

The Austin Police Department began rolling out more than 900 new ballistic vests last Monday in an effort to enhance safety measures for its front-line officers. Interim Chief Brian Manley said at an...

K2 arrest leads to trial, discussion

Catherine Marfin February 10, 2017

A Travis County jury sentenced a man to five years in prison last week in the county’s first drug-trafficking trial involving K2, a type of synthetic marijuana.  Tajay Stephens, 26,...

UT assistant professor arrested by APD

Catherine Marfin February 10, 2017

The Austin Police Department on Tuesday arrested and charged a UT assistant professor with public intoxication, evading detention and resisting arrest. Nedialko Dimitrov, 35, is an assistant professor...

University removes flyers from campus kiosks for violating university policy

Catherine Marfin February 9, 2017

Roughly one week after the Inauguration Day walkout and protest at UT, numerous flyers appeared on kiosks and news boxes around campus targeting an individual’s presumed political affiliations.  According...


Hundreds rally at the Capitol for Mental Health Day

Catherine Marfin February 9, 2017

Nearly 100 people rallied Wednesday afternoon on the south steps of the Texas Capitol as part of Mental Health Day, a day for advocates to push for mental health policy changes.  Hosted by...


Phone scam targets individual consumers

Catherine Marfin February 6, 2017

The UT Police Department warned the community last week about a growing phone scam that makes someone a victim by saying one word — “yes.” Individuals will get a call from someone...


Austin Police Department holds town hall to discuss police and community relations

Catherine Marfin February 6, 2017

In an effort to create an open dialogue between law enforcement officials and the Austin community, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office and the Austin Police Department held a “Building Bridges”...


Pretrial court date for UT murder suspect pushed back to March

Catherine Marfin February 3, 2017

A February pretrial court date for the suspect in the murder of theater and dance freshman Haruka Weiser has been pushed back to March, just four days before he is scheduled to stand trial. Meechaiel...

Burglaries, thefts in steady decline in Austin since 2007

Catherine Marfin February 3, 2017

Burglaries and thefts in the Austin area have been steadily declining since 2007, according to Austin Police Department’s Annual Crime and Traffic Reports. In 2007, APD reported 8,031 burglaries...

UTPD initiates Safe Chats to promote safety dialogues on campus

Catherine Marfin February 1, 2017

These days, it would be hard to walk across UT’s campus without seeing the black-and-blue posters and banners bearing the hashtag “#SafeChats” set up in and around UT buildings —...

Former UT student, FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive turns himself in after three decades on the run

Catherine Marfin January 31, 2017

A former UT student added to the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list last December turned himself in last Thursday afternoon after more than three decades on the run.  Robert Van...


Art lecturer starts informal reading group on President Trump’s election

Catherine Marfin January 31, 2017

For the duration of this semester, art and art history lecturer William Schweigert will be dedicating his Monday nights to teaching UT students and faculty about today’s political climate as it relates...


UT students from lower-income families have among the highest chances of becoming rich adults, study shows

Catherine Marfin January 26, 2017

UT students from lower-income families have among the highest chances of becoming rich adults compared to other colleges, according to a study published this month by The Equality of Opportunity Project. The...

Noel Busch-Armendariz Nov 2012 photo pink jacket (914x1280)

Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault publishes study addressing prevalence of human trafficking in Texas

Catherine Marfin January 25, 2017

Coinciding with National Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month, a new study released by the Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault at UT’s School of Social Work revealed that...


Pro-choice rally celebrates Roe v. Wade anniversary

Catherine Marfin January 23, 2017

Cheers of “Whose choice, my choice,” “Women united will never be divided” and “Not the church, not the state, women must decide their fate,” rang out across the South...

Professors respond to inauguration protests

Catherine Marfin January 20, 2017

In response to the J20 UT Walkout planned for this afternoon, some professors on campus are making attendance exceptions for students, while the vast majority will conduct classes as usual.  As...

UTPD reports crime occurring almost every day during winter break

Catherine Marfin January 17, 2017

Although most students were away during the recent four-week holiday, crimes still occurred almost every day, according to the UT Police Department. The UTPD Daily Crime Log lists the past 60 days of...


Travis County judge dismisses 2014 SXSW crash lawsuit

Catherine Marfin January 14, 2017

Nearly two years after a 2014 crash that killed four people and injured 20 others during the international music festival South By Southwest, a Travis County judge has dismissed cases against the festival,...


Security guard injured in Sigma Chi shooting suing fraternity for $5 million

Catherine Marfin January 5, 2017

The security guard injured in a shooting at a UT Sigma Chi party last September is now suing the fraternity and the accused shooter for $5 million in damages for the assault and infliction of emotional...

Target announces plans to open campus store

Catherine Marfin December 2, 2016

Target announced Thursday it will open a store adjacent to UT’s campus next year. The store will be located at West 21st and Guadalupe streets in the Dobie Twenty1 student apartments and retail...

Other new tower Rachel Zein

University recommends preventative measures following first local Zika transmission

Catherine Marfin November 30, 2016

The University sent an email to students yesterday afternoon following the first local transmission of the Zika virus in Texas, recommending preventative measures for students traveling over winter break. The...


Website names four ‘leftist’ professors to watchlist

Catherine Marfin November 29, 2016

Four UT professors have been named on Professor Watchlist, a website that lists professors from universities across the country “who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist...

Courtesy_NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

UT researchers discover Lake Superior-sized ice deposit on Mars

Catherine Marfin November 28, 2016

UT researchers have discovered that Mars’ ice deposits hold nearly as much water as Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes. Using data from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, researchers...


Anti-Trump graffiti spotted around UT campus

Catherine Marfin November 11, 2016

Anti-Trump graffiti appeared in several areas around campus in the wake of the Republican president-elect’s rise to the White House on Tuesday night. Electrical boxes on the outside of the...


Anti-Trump graffiti spotted around UT campus

Catherine Marfin November 10, 2016

Anti-Trump graffiti has appeared in several areas around UT campus in the wake of the Republican president-elect’s rise to the White House on Tuesday night. Electrical boxes on the outside of...

2016-10-09_Sure Walk_Mary

SURE Walk introduced new carts and vehicle services

Catherine Marfin and Michelle Zhang October 10, 2016

The Students United for Rape Elimination, or SURE Walk, has begun implementing golf carts and vehicles to assist students on their walk home. An agency of Student Government and Parking and Transportation...


Texas officially withdraws from Refugee Resettlement Program

Catherine Marfin October 3, 2016

Gov. Greg Abbott’s office announced Friday that Texas will no longer participate in the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program, which assists in the relocation of thousands of refugees from around the...


Trial date set for suspect in murder of UT freshman

Catherine Marfin September 23, 2016

A Travis County judge set a trial date Thursday for 18-year-old Meechaiel Khalil Criner, who was charged with the murder of dance freshman Haruka Weiser last April. Criner’s trial date is scheduled...

DWI JPG resized

DWI rates increase in months following departure of Uber and Lyft

Catherine Marfin August 26, 2016

Driving while intoxicated incidents have steadily increased since the ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft left Austin in May.  On May 9, just days after a ballot measure in support of the ride-hailing...


APD, partners work to address needs of homeless

Catherine Marfin August 22, 2016

The Austin Police Department and its partners have been working since June 1 to assess the needs of the homeless community through their pilot program, the Homelessness Outreach Team. Scheduled to end...


Austin History Center opens exhibit on UT Tower Shooting

Catherine Marfin July 29, 2016

In honor of the opening of the exhibit “Looking Back: 50 Years After the UT Tower Shooting” on Tuesday evening, the Austin History Center hosted the launch of a new book, “Texas Tower...

teen car crashes

Teen driving safety conditions in Texas average compared to other states

Catherine Marfin July 25, 2016

While Texas is the top state in the nation for the prevalence and effectiveness of impaired driving laws, it ranks almost last in the category of distracted driving laws.  WalletHub — a personal...


UT takes part in Pokemon Go phenomenon

Catherine Marfin July 18, 2016

During a typical walk across campus, a dozen or more students can be seen with their heads buried in their smartphones, caught up in the nation’s latest technology craze.  Pokemon Go, an...

Other new tower Rachel Zein

APD warns against increased motor vehicle thefts

Catherine Marfin July 18, 2016

Vehicle thefts increased in areas surrounding campus following University commencement ceremonies, Austin Police reported. The Austin Police Department issued an advisory to Austin residents and UT...

Other new tower Rachel Zein

UT System Board of Regents vote on campus carry policies

Catherine Marfin July 13, 2016

Nineteen days before the law goes into effect, the UT System Board of Regents met to finalize campus carry regulations. The board approved a motion that would allow faculty members to ban guns from their...


Cap Metro to begin implementing improvements to its transit system

Catherine Marfin July 11, 2016

Eight months after Capital Metro began the first phases of its Connections 2025 study, the transit company will begin analyzing input from Austin residents in order to begin proposing and implementing...


Update: no plea entered in Criner case

Catherine Marfin and Estefania Espinosa July 8, 2016

Updated at 10:38 a.m. Friday: Judge David Wahlberg of the 167th Criminal District Court chose not to arraign Criner on Friday, despite he and his defense being prepared to plead not guilty. Criner’s...


Mental health could play a role in conviction of UT murder suspect

Catherine Marfin July 6, 2016

As the July 8 pretrial motions hearing for Meechaiel Khalil Criner — the suspect in the death of UT dance freshman Haruka Weiser — approaches, experts are debating what role his mental health...


APD extends ‘no refusal’ DWI policy through month of July

Catherine Marfin July 3, 2016

Three months after implementing a “no refusal” policy to coincide with Spring Break and South by Southwest, the Austin Police Department announced that the policy for drivers suspected to be...

drinking infographic

UTPD responds to freshman alcohol consumption during orientation sessions

Catherine Marfin June 27, 2016

Despite conduct expectations set by the Dean of Students, it is not uncommon for freshmen attending New Student Orientation to attend fraternity parties or consume alcohol when the day’s activities...


Transit signals ease traffic congestion at city intersections

Catherine Marfin June 24, 2016

The Austin Transportation Department (ATD) began installing special transit signals on a case-by-case basis around the city, allowing buses to “jump ahead” at stoplights around town.   The...

Supreme Court ruling in Fisher v. UT a victory for advocates of affirmative action

Catherine Marfin June 23, 2016

For many, the Supreme Court’s 4-3 decision on Thursday in favor of UT-Austin in the Fisher v. University of Texas case is considered a victory. The Supreme Court’s decision essentially affirms...


Supreme Court rules in favor of UT, upholding affirmative action

Catherine Marfin June 23, 2016

Six months after hearing oral arguments in the case Fisher v. University of Texas for the second time, in a 4-3 decision, the United States Supreme Court has upheld the findings of the Fifth Circuit Court...

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