30: Social media editor finds home in the basement

I began my freshman year as an undeclared student in the College of Liberal Arts.  Being undeclared is freeing to some, but at UT it can be stressful, especially when it has become more difficult to internally transfer.  I applied multiple times to different colleges and majors but was denied every time, despite meeting the requirements. I considered transferring schools and even took a semester off of college.  Despite everything, I came back to UT.  

At the end of my sophomore year, and after many failed attempts to leave COLA, I ended up choosing a major off of a list of ones that did not require an application and told myself I would find other ways to do what I loved.  

I started applying to internships and jobs that sounded interesting but wasn’t having any luck; like no response, no interview kind of luck.  Fast forward to spring semester my junior year when I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a post about jobs at The Daily Texan.  I had never read an issue of the Texan and did not know the first thing about being a journalist, but I did have a background in photography and knew the basics of social media, so I decided to apply to
those departments.

BLESS UP because they hired me. *insert praying hands emoji*  

In my first semester at The Daily Texan I learned so much about photojournalism and about the difference between social media for personal use and for professional use.  I was finally doing something I loved, unlike my experiences in the classroom.  I felt like my work at the Texan was making an impact on campus and I finally felt connected to the University.

As the spring semester neared summer, it came time to apply for internships again but this time, I was getting interviews, and not just that, I actually GOT an internship; I would be lying if I said my experience at The Daily Texan didn’t play a part in that.  Now in the spring semester of my senior year, I still take photos for the photo department and I oversee the social media department.  I am positive my work at the Texan will continue to open doors for me and for that I am truly grateful.  

I encourage anyone still searching for their home on campus to consider applying to the Texan because it just might be where you belong.