A Clinton-voting district is still very much Republican

Noah M. Horwitz

Regarding "A boon to democracy in eliminating straight-ticket voting," I appreciated Mr. Price's thesis that the electorate should reward more nuance among politicians. I have, though, a single minor quibble with Mr. Price's reasoning of including Rep. Sarah Davis as the ideal candidate. Davis is my state representative, and while criticisms of her have appeared underneath my byline in this publication, Mr. Price's points about her moderation in comparison to the rest of the Texas GOP are well-taken. However, his point about Hillary Clinton's easy victory in the district misses the mark.

The district is a Republican one. Mitt Romney carried it in 2012, as did Greg Abbott in 2014. Clinton's performance can be more attributed to how toxic Donald Trump was to the district, much in the same way that it rejected Dan Patrick in 2014.

Davis does not represent an otherwise-Republican district. Far from it.

Editor's note: Price's original column about straight-ticket voting can be found here