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October 4, 2022

How to survive ACL Weekend Two

Angel Ulloa

Whether you’re an Austin City Limits newbie or a festival veteran, a few extra tips and tricks can make sure you stay safe, comfortable and prepared. Luckily, The Daily Texan has compiled the following list to make sure you have a rockin’ time all weekend long. 

Bring a water bottle 

The number one rule for all outdoor events: Stay hydrated. The weather may currently be great compared to this past weekend’s scorching heat, but the cold front is set to wear off soon. Next weekend’s forecast has highs in the 80s. The festival does not allow any outside food or beverages, but you can bring two factory-sealed, 1-liter water bottles, or an empty reusable water bottle. The festival grounds are littered with water stations, so take advantage.

Wear sunscreen 

Nothing ruins a weekend of fun more than the painful sting of a sunburn. With little to no shade available on the festival grounds, you’ll want to make sure you lather on your sunscreen — especially if you got a little pink during Weekend One. Don’t forget to bring your ’screen with you into the festival as well to reapply throughout the day, but keep in mind that aerosol cans are not allowed.

Bring a buddy 

In addition to keeping you company, a buddy or two can be useful while attending the festival. Bringing a friend along with you will help prevent you from getting completely lost in the big crowds, and also gives you an extra set of eyes to watch your stuff. 

Get ready to get sweaty 

The crowds at ACL are no joke, especially for some of the bigger acts. Be prepared to sweat, shove and stand cheek-to-cheek with other eager (overheated) festival goers. Take initiative and pack a hat or sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun’s intense UV rays. The sweltering heat and crowd clusters of ACL can put you at further risk for dehydration, so make sure you keep to survival tip No. 1 and stay hydrated.

Plan a way home ahead of time 

With hoards of festival goers attending ACL each weekend, parking spots will be few and far between, and last weekend’s ride-hailing prices are proof of this weekend’s inevitable surge. In order to avoid the chaos and traffic, make sure to plan your ride ahead of time — or ride your bike, have a friend pick you up or take the bus. Being proactive will give you more time to enjoy the festival, and you’ll spend less time stressing
over logistics. 

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How to survive ACL Weekend Two