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October 4, 2022

20 hilarious reactions to Speedway brick removal

Alex Dolan

If you were hoping your walk to Jester would get less crowded anytime soon, don’t hold your breath. All those bricks lining the Speedway Mall project? Almost all of them are getting ripped up, replaced and repaved — and no one’s really happy about it. Students took to social media immediately after the news broke, quote tweeting and commenting their frustrations away.

Here’s some of the funniest reactions to the story from Twitter and Facebook.

1. This guy must be going through some tough midterms.


At UT, even the bricks crack under the pressure of academic responsibilities

— plsfeedtheplants (@jeffsendejar) October 18, 2017


2. Ben, who really loves Speedway, just dropped a new single.

3. Which one of y’all is it? Fess up.

4. Everyone loves a good “First of all,” meme.


Students: ”Can’t wait for speedway construction to finally be done”

UT: First of all,

— akshat (@awk_shot) October 19, 2017



5. Nope, you’ll probably still get hit by a bike.


so you're telling me I won't get almost hit by a bike anymore?

— paranormie (@normanokay) October 19, 2017



6. Victor who’s feeling that mid-semester slump.


7. One crackly boi, for sure.


8. We all have commitment issues.


9. Another one?


“Would you be interested in making a donation to UT?”

First of all

— spooky mads (@m_manoush) October 18, 2017



10. Speedway reacts only.


11. Diana’s done.


I’m over it. Avoiding Speedway for the rest of my life.

— Diana (@shadesofdiana) October 19, 2017



12. What starts here…


*Cries in The University of Texas at construction*

— Spoopy Caitlin (@InfiniteCaitlin) October 19, 2017



13. Please just make it 24/7.


14. We don’t have enough resources for that, sorry.


Can yall do the same with my GPA while you're fixing shit for fun

— PHelipe (@felipe_0316) October 19, 2017



15. We’re trash. We always knew it.


UT gotta throw the whole campus away now

— BooChangz(@Ryan2Changz) October 19, 2017



16. Someone put Marco in charge of construction.


17. Speedway just got q-dropped.


that’s IT. im dropping out.

— bailey troy (@funksocks) October 19, 2017



18. You sure about that?


I'd rather relive last year's election

— Ras (@rasgoodwyn) October 19, 2017



19. Sound of Silence? Really? That’s the last thing we’re about to get.


Hello darkness my old friend

— (@leftynick96) October 19, 2017



20. Don’t hold your breath.


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20 hilarious reactions to Speedway brick removal