Media experts share experiences

Vik Shirvaikar and Janhavi Nemawarkar

Our campus regularly hosts distinguished guests and speakers, and we at the Texan are particularly drawn to anyone who understands the love and labor behind news production. So while we may have a bias in valuing the words of media professionals, we believe their perspectives on civic engagement, evaluating arguments and framing the world are lessons that are relevant to any and all students looking to grow in college. 

To that end, we reached out to three recent UT visitors and experienced media professionals, each of whom has displayed an outstanding commitment to informing and engaging their audiences.

Josh Earnest, the former press secretary under President Barack Obama, speaks about the changing media environment during his tenure in the White House. He highlights the day-to-day realities of working on the national stage, and the challenges of disseminating policy decisions to the United States and the world. His concerns also align with the more humble aims of students — namely, in developing a Twitter following.

As CEO and co-founder of The Texas Tribune, Evan Smith understands the intersection of the news profession with civic participation. His nonpartisan, non-profit news organization is a go-to for any and all Texans trying to understand Texas politics. Smith speaks to us about journalism’s future and the importance of engagement in Texas. 

And finally, Dan Rather, native Houstonian and celebrated long-running former CBS News anchor, draws on more than 50 years of experience to give advice to aspiring journalists. Rather emphasizes the importance of persistence and believing in the significance of your work.

In the spirit of public information and engagement, we want to hear from you too. Don’t hesitate to bring your expertise, perspectives and personal experiences to our page by emailing us at [email protected]

Nemawarkar is a Plan II and government junior from Austin. Shirvaikar is a math and economics junior from Frisco.