UTPD working with prosecutors on charges for women who left pistols unattended

Anna Lassmann

The UT Police Department is working with prosecutors to determine charges for the two women who left unattended holstered pistols in bathrooms this week, UTPD spokeswoman Cindy Posey said.

“UTPD continues to investigate both incidents of unattended firearms left in restroom stalls this week,” Chief David Carter said in a statement. “We are working closely with the Prosecutor’s Office to determine the most appropriate charges. I would like to reassure our community that UTPD considers unattended firearms a grave threat to our community. We continue to work hard to keep this campus safe and will not tolerate this reckless behavior.”

The two women are from two separate incidents. The first incident took place Tuesday afternoon when an unattended holstered pistol was found in a McCombs women’s bathroom. UTPD responded to this incident and retrieved the pistol.

On Wednesday afternoon, a student with a concealed carry license claimed the pistol found in McCombs.

Shortly after, another unattended pistol was reported to UTPD in the women’s bathroom at the Common Learning Center at the Pickle Research Center, nine miles from UT’s main campus.

UTPD retrieved this pistol and the owner was found not long after the report. They were not affiliated with the University and were attending a conference at the Pickle Research Center.

UTPD reminded students and faculty of the campus carry rules following these incidents.

“License holders who carry a handgun on campus must carry it concealed and on or about their person at all times or secure their handgun in a locked, privately-owned, or leased motor vehicle,” the rules state.