Recap: ACL Day 2

Tiana Woodard

Unlike Day 1, Day 2 gave smaller acts their time to shine. With headlining artists set to perform later that night, festival-goers meandered across Zilker Park in pursuit of new music.

Saturday’s music kicked off on a less secular note than usual, with non-traditional gospel choir Ty Morris and H.O.W. leading attendees in a musical celebration. Artists ranging from Charley Crockett to VÉRITÉ soon followed, filling the early hours of the festival with melodies of varying genres.

Only a few hours into the day’s schedule, festival attendees gravitated towards more than towards the venue’s multiple stage screens. Right before 2:30 p.m., many gathered at the festival’s beer hall to watch the Longhorns face the Baylor Bears. The crowd huddled at the bar could rival the size of those watching various artists perform. Chants of “Texas Fight!” interrupted the music echoing throughout the park, as festival attendees cheered the Longhorns towards another victory.

Right beside the Beer Hall, rapper Smino gave an equally entertaining show on the Miller Lite stage. He gave crowd participation a whole new meaning; while performing “Wild Irish Roses,” the rapper fittingly rolled a blunt and passed it to the crowd before leading them in the song’s marijuana-related lyrics.

As Bazzi finished the last lines of his meme-ified hit “Smile” on the HomeAway stage, Lil’ Wayne fans forward for their chance to see the star in the flesh. Tensions in the crowd were high, as fans shoved and even fought an hour before the show. Lil Wayne’s performance brought the audience together, including songs ranging from his new hit “Uproar” to classic throwback “A Milli.”

Some fans watching Lil’ Wayne’s performance left early, in anticipation for Metallica’s headlining performance at the American Express stage. The heavy metal band performed with an ease that accompanies decades of musical experience, motivating audience members of all ages to to bang their heads to the music’s fast rhythms.

Day 2’s heavy schedule had its ups and downs. While serving as an opportunity for participants to discover new artists, the day’s indie-heavy lineup left some festival attendees dissatisfied. Throngs of people dragged their weary fatigues through the festival’s exit points, already anticipating what the next day’s performers would bring to Zilker Park.