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Diversity + Inclusion director leaves after lengthy human rights investigation

Tiana Woodard May 8, 2020

There’s no better way to put it — I’m burnt out. I’ve spent five semesters at The Daily Texan, and I never thought writing my 30 column would bring no tears. My decision to try out for Life&Arts...

TIANA_0905_RockyHigine_Tiana copy

Lost not found

Tiana Woodard September 5, 2019

"Where are you from?”  It’s a simple question, but for years, I answered with some variation of, “I was born and raised in Nashville.” It wasn’t until college...


‘The Daily Show’ correspondent Dulcé Sloan discusses panelist experience, comedy routines

Tiana Woodard April 11, 2019

As a correspondent for “The Daily Show,” comedian Dulcé Sloan is known for bringing her witty humor to report on current events. This week, Sloan was invited to bring her comedy to another...


In “What’s So Funny About Race?” panel, George Lopez, Aparna Nancherla, other comedians discuss relationship between race, comedy

Tiana Woodard April 10, 2019

For one of the Summit on Race’s most anticipated panels, hundreds flocked into the LBJ Auditorium on April 9 to hear four comedians share their thoughts on a topic many choose to avoid: race. In...


Former senior advisor Valerie Jarrett discusses autobiography, Obama, America’s uncertain future

Tiana Woodard April 10, 2019

In his two terms as president, there were few people Barack Obama trusted more than Valerie Jarrett.  Since taking Michelle and Barack as young lawyers under her wing in the early 1990s, Jarrett...


Q&A: Japanese indie pop band yahyel break stereotypes of country’s music scene

Tiana Woodard March 16, 2019

America and Japan both have their own views of the common Japanese artist. But through their idiosyncratic, indie pop releases, Japanese band yahyel creates a space for themselves outside both countries’...


Producer, singer-songwriter Wyclef Jean showcases student talent in SXSW session

Tiana Woodard March 15, 2019

In a music industry increasingly influenced by technological advances, young artists are having more difficulty bringing their talent to the forefront. Haitian producer and singer-songwriter Wyclef Jean...


Q&A: Ella Vos talks about motherhood, battle with lymphoma

Tiana Woodard March 15, 2019

For most, having a child sparks uncertainty and new medical bills. For singer-songwriter Ella Vos, having a child sparked an indie-pop singing career. After serving as keyboardist for artists such as...


Q&A: Greyson Chance paints new ‘portrait’ of self in upcoming album

Tiana Woodard March 15, 2019

Dropped from all his record labels within the span of two weeks, singer-songwriter Greyson Chance’s music career came to a halt at age 15. But with a new label, an ongoing tour and upcoming album,...


Q&A: Mattiel discusses visual design, musical journey

Tiana Woodard March 15, 2019

When thinking of Atlanta, most view the Georgia capital as a breeding ground for hip-hop music. Despite this common stereotype, Atlanta-based rock artist Mattiel Brown has risen to the forefront. Two...


Activists discuss ‘beauty, resilience, genius of being black’ in SXSW panel

Tiana Woodard March 13, 2019

Audience members awaiting the start of the panel in the The LINE’s Onyx Ballroom were greeted with the soft, catchy sounds of hip-hop instrumentals. The mood set by the music served as a stark contrast...

Wyclef Jean Q&A - Courtesy of Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Q&A: Wyclef Jean discusses latest project, collaborations with students

Tiana Woodard March 12, 2019

With a discography spanning 25 years, rapper and producer Wyclef Jean has acquired a vast amount of musical experience. But through his latest project, Wyclef Goes Back to School, Jean transformed from...

Jackie Venson Q&A Courtesy of Jackie Venson

Q&A: Jackie Venson talks transition from classical pianist to shredding electric guitarist

Tiana Woodard March 12, 2019

Growing up, classical piano was all local singer-songwriter Jackie Venson knew. Little did anyone know Venson would later make her way into some of Austin’s most popular venues, strumming away at...

ABRAMS_Stacey Abrams Courtesy of John Bazemore

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams discusses voter suppression, disillusionment

Tiana Woodard March 12, 2019

The most memorable moments of the 2018 primaries are embedded in this year’s SXSW Interactive track. Congress rookie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared her opinions on “The New Left” this...


Q&A: Kalu and the Electric Joint talks about ‘shaping sound,’ everlasting bond

Tiana Woodard March 11, 2019

In today’s age, it’s hard to find a band that lasts past its early stages. But after a whole decade, the spark that ignited Austin-based psychedelic funk outfit Kalu and the Electric Joint’s...


‘The rock ‘n’ roll moment’: Elisabeth Moss, Brandi Carlile discuss Moss’ role in ‘Her Smell’

Tiana Woodard March 10, 2019

The streets downtown were less lively than usual Sunday afternoon as much of the SXSW crowd filed into the Austin Convention Center for Emmy Award-winning actress Elisabeth Moss and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter...


U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shares opinions on race-class divide, identity politics, social democracy

Tiana Woodard March 10, 2019

While some audience members headed toward the venue exit following Neil Gaiman’s featured session, most stayed glued to their seats or made a beeline for a better view to hear Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,...


‘The Daily Show’ team discusses media’s effects on late night comedy

Tiana Woodard March 9, 2019

In one of Saturday’s largest featured sessions, “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah and correspondents Ronny Chieng, Michael Kosta, Desi Lydic, Dulcé Sloan, Roy Wood Jr. and Jaboukie...


‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ news team breaks the ice for 2019 SXSW comedy track

Tiana Woodard March 9, 2019

During their hour-and-a-half comedy show at Esther’s Follies on Sixth Street, “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” correspondents set the bar high for this year’s eventful SXSW Comedy...


Black Girls CODE discusses ‘cracking the code’ of underrepresentation in STEM

Tiana Woodard March 9, 2019

In 2018, women of color represented only 11.3 percent of STEM degree holders in the U.S. Nonprofit Black Girls CODE is working to raise these numbers.   Since its founding in 2011, Black Girls...


Q&A: Omar Apollo discusses rising success, Mexican-American identity

Tiana Woodard March 8, 2019

Like most young Americans, Indiana native and self-made R&B artist Omar Apollo enrolled in college immediately after high school graduation. Dropping out two weeks in, Apollo traded books for a mic...

WAFIA_wafia q&a Courtesy of Zoe Lawrence

Q&A: Wafia discusses intersectionality, autonomy through music

Tiana Woodard March 8, 2019

Iraqi-Syrian culture. European upbringing. Queer identity. It’s elements such as these that Wafia Al-Rikabi, known professionally as Wafia, channels into her music. The Dutch-born, Australia-based...


Out of The Daily Texan’s margins

Tiana Woodard February 4, 2019

Out of The Daily Texan’s margins We interviewed former Texan staffers who paved the way for minority journalists.


Introducing the Texan’s Raising Voices initiatives: Same paper, new commitment to diversity, inclusion

Tiana Woodard, Lisa Nhan, and Maria Mendez February 4, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is an introduction to The Daily Texan's new Diversity and Inclusion Board and our Raising Voices initiatives, which seek to improve representation in our strories and...


Hook up, Horns: students discuss hookup culture

Tiana Woodard February 1, 2019

Coming into college, marketing sophomore Sarah Fincher, like many freshmen, looked forward to the typical college experience. She couldn’t wait to take part dorm life, late nights at the PCL, rowdy...

Austin_to_ATX_austin to atx q&a courtesy of Wyatt McSpadden

Q&A: Texas historian Joe Nick Patoski discusses latest book, Austin’s history

Tiana Woodard January 22, 2019

For knowing everything about Texas, two options are best: Google, or Joe Nick Patoski. Patoski has written about Texas for over 40 years. With seven published books covering subjects from Texas mountains...

Jesse McCartney, Courtesy of Jesse McCartney Website

Q&A: Jesse McCartney discusses musical career, future projects

Tiana Woodard January 13, 2019

It looks like 2019 may be the year in which fans get a genuine peek at Jesse McCartney’s “beautiful soul.” Four years after his fourth studio album In Technicolor, the former...


Michael Shaw promotes student awareness, optimism while directing traffic

Tiana Woodard November 16, 2018

At the intersection of 24th Street and Whitis Avenue, not even the melodious chimes of the Tower bells, the honks of passing vehicles or the chatter of rushing students can drown out Michael Shaw’s...

Tamara_Fields_2018-11-12_Womens Conference_Samantha

Business alumna Tamara Fields discusses solutions to gender disparities in STEM

Tiana Woodard November 12, 2018

According to management consulting company Accenture, 63 percent of male undergraduates adopt new technology early compared to 45 percent of undergraduate women. It’s disparities like these that...


Q&A: Thunderpussy discusses artistry, Austin City Limits experience

Tiana Woodard October 17, 2018

What do you get when you combine Elvis Presley’s charm, Tina Turner’s flair and Led Zeppelin’s zest? A band called Thunderpussy. Consisting of vocalist Molly Sides, guitarist Whitney...


Q&A: Thunderpussy discusses artistry, Austin City Limits experience

Tiana Woodard October 17, 2018

What do you get when you combine Elvis Presley’s charm, Tina Turner’s flair and Led Zeppelin’s zest? A band called Thunderpussy. Consisting of vocalist Molly Sides, guitarist Whitney...


ACL Weekend 2: Noname, Travis Scott take the stage

Tiana Woodard October 15, 2018

The hustle and bustle of the state Capitol was greater than usual this weekend, as people from around the world flocked to Zilker Park for this year’s second round of Austin City Limits. With scheduled...


Recap: Austin City Limits Day 1

Tiana Woodard October 14, 2018

The usual hustle and bustle of the state capital was greater than usual today, as people from around the world flocked to Zilker Park for this year’s second weekend of Austin City Limits (ACL). As...


ACL Tales: Paul McCartney’s performance brings together fans spanning across generations

Tiana Woodard October 14, 2018

Each Friday night of Austin City Limits 2018, people of all ages, backgrounds and music inclinations gathered before the American Express stage for one thing only — to see musical icon Sir Paul McCartney...


Flags, signs, banners at ACL add to overall festival experience

Tiana Woodard October 14, 2018

Each year at ACL, flags join the smoke and shoulder-sitting fans as they rise above the crowd. These visuals serve a variety of purposes, ranging from helping reunite separated groups to adding lighthearted...


Recap: ACL Day 2

Tiana Woodard October 14, 2018

Unlike Day 1, Day 2 gave smaller acts their time to shine. With headlining artists set to perform later that night, festival-goers meandered across Zilker Park in pursuit of new music. Saturday’s...


UT-Austin alumnus James Lamon applies liberal arts education to advertising world at BuzzFeed UK

Tiana Woodard September 12, 2018

A degree, a résumé and unwavering resolve. This is all English, philosophy and government alumnus James Lamon had to his name when he stepped into his BuzzFeed interview in 2012. After...

Make the most of your degree plan with these four UT courses

Tiana Woodard August 29, 2018

Editor’s Note: Much of the information from this article pulls from the syllabi of the respective courses. College is what you make of it and, to a certain degree, what you make of your class...

dorm_0826_andrewchoi_DormEssentials copy

Top 10 dorm items every college student needs

Tiana Woodard August 27, 2018

As if making the grades to get into the University weren’t enough, living in a UT dorm tests our ingenuity by forcing us to find innovative ways to live comfortably in a cramped space. Thankfully,...

discounts_0809_NikolePena_discounts copy

Save money with these 5 student discounts

Tiana Woodard August 9, 2018

Although college students are among the most debt-ridden individuals in America, they’re also some businesses’ most sought-out targets. Many businesses offer student discounts, but with so...

myth_0808_MelWestfall_myths copy

5 common college misconceptions debunked

Tiana Woodard August 9, 2018

Incoming Longhorns are usually swamped with opportunities to learn about college, but even a lengthy orientation, advice from peers and online resources can still leave you feeling unprepared for this...

movies__0807_NathanDinh_beev060 copy

Hooked on Movies aims to change face of film criticism

Tiana Woodard August 8, 2018

Many creators’ greatest ideas come from everyday mishaps or friendly conversations. For radio-television-film junior Ben Lively, one of his greatest ideas came from an online article about film criticism’s unvaried...


Students discuss journeys toward accepting their natural, curly hair

Tiana Woodard August 1, 2018

When Selome Hailu’s elementary school peers spritzed water in their post-recess frizz, it relaxed into straight tresses. When a young, unknowing Hailu did the same at home, her frizzy hair winded...

straw_0731_MelWestfall_straws copy

Students with disabilities push against local and national straw ban efforts

Tiana Woodard July 31, 2018

For most, plastic straws are a convenience, a decoration or even an environmental hazard. For people such as government junior Caroline Graves, who was born missing part of her spine, straws are more than...


The Internet tests new musical waters with ‘Hive Mind’

Tiana Woodard July 26, 2018

Our parents always worried about us getting addicted to the internet, but with the band of the same name’s summer release of Hive Mind, their greatest fears might come true. Three years after...


‘Other Black Boys’ film crew launch crowdfunding campaign to bring their story to wider audience

Tiana Woodard July 19, 2018

Most people’s phones buzz from message notifications, but recently, UT alumnus Nyles Washington’s phone has been buzzing for a different reason. Many of these buzzes are updates on a fundraising...


Current, former Longhorn Band members explore marching through Drum Corps International

Tiana Woodard July 10, 2018

As the Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps’ drumline turned from backfield, they fell behind the tempo of the entire corps. If something wasn’t done fast, their show performance would fall...

vaccines_0625_JohnathanDaniels copy

Students add their two cents to endless debate on childhood vaccinations

Tiana Woodard June 26, 2018

Science has debunked many of life’s most important questions, but the question of whether or not to vaccinate America’s youth is one many people, including medical professionals, still struggle to...


Not Your Average Check: Student transforms risque passion into lucrative business

Tiana Woodard June 21, 2018

Editor's note: Not Your Average Check is part of a weekly column highlighting unorthodox ways students make money. The source in this feature requested to be identified under the name “Sinnie”...

body_0619_NikolePeña_positivity_color copy

Students work to displace negative connotations surrounding word ‘fat’

Tiana Woodard June 19, 2018

For rhetoric and writing senior Dauphine Sizer, the nicest words can hurt the most. Although typically heavier than her childhood peers, Sizer never saw an issue with her weight until the third grade....


4 for $4 no more at Union

Tiana Woodard June 12, 2018

Just two weeks ago, students made it past the aromas of Panda Express’ Beijing beef, the allure of Chick-fil-A’s spicy chicken sandwiches and the salads of Field of Greens to find a place as...


Students discuss the meaning of words ‘weeaboo’ and ‘koreaboo’

Tiana Woodard May 2, 2018

“Oh my God, we were such weebs!” Journalism sophomore Maya Vela used phrases like this one with her friends to joke about their anime-filled childhoods, when she and many others across the...


Students ‘peel back layers’ to redefine racial beauty at UT

Tiana Woodard April 30, 2018

Journalism sophomore Alecsandra Franco faced many bewildering situations in her childhood but having a boy deem her “too fat” to sit beside at lunch sticks with her most. “I remember...


UT students challenge gender fashion norms

Tiana Woodard April 24, 2018

Government sophomore Nick Sheppard maintained a masculine aesthetic for most of his life, wearing houndstooth vests and J. Crew shirts. Now wearing striking platform shoes, palazzo pants, metallic nail...


‘Starting the next sentence’: Non-binary students reflect on their campus experiences

Tiana Woodard April 13, 2018

Though radio-television-film freshman Paris Vincent was assigned female at birth, being called a girl never felt completely right.  Vincent was labeled a tomboy by their peers and struggled with...

0306_VictoriaSmith_KPoP (1)

K-pop Beat makes world of Korean pop choreography more accessible to students

Tiana Woodard April 3, 2018

In the world of Korean pop, distance keeps many international fans from getting firsthand experience with their favorite artists’ dance routines. A new club on the Forty Acres is bringing K-pop dance...


Fine arts students recall memories made at Fine Arts Library

Tiana Woodard March 26, 2018

At the far end of the Forty Acres, the Fine Arts Library, FAL, is, to most students, an unvisited no-man’s land. To others, the FAL is crucial to their everyday college experience. In this community...


J-Hope gives listeners a taste of his world with debut mixtape

Tiana Woodard March 8, 2018

For the last few years, any tweet including #Hixtape coupled with fans’ cries of frustration and nerves of anticipation — until last Friday. After years of songwriting, editing and sound...


SXSW’s MU:CON Reflects K-Music’s Growing Popularity in America

Tiana Woodard March 6, 2018

For American Korean music (K-music) fans, seeing their favorite artists live is already uncommon and the idea of meeting their favorite artists in a private setting is a far-fetched fantasy. But thanks...


Students consider the psychological aspects of ghosting

Tiana Woodard March 5, 2018

In a world where dating now equates to swiping left or right on Bumble or Tinder, “ghosting” has become an obstacle to the formation of new romantic relationships. “Ghosting”...


‘Propagandic’ perspectives: Students reflect and critique Eurocentrism in UT coursework

Tiana Woodard February 22, 2018

John Locke. Virginia Woolf. Aristotle. Isaac Newton. Sigmund Freud. When put side-by-side, what do these people have in common? UT students frequently come across these Western thinkers in class. But...

colorism_0208_RachelTyler_colorism copy

Students reflect on colorism at UT-Austin

Tiana Woodard February 8, 2018

Sparks flew on social media after Dominican-American star Amara La Negra made a guest appearance on “The Breakfast Club” to discuss colorism in Latin American and American entertainment industries. Defending...

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