Mayoral candidate Alan Pease wants to bring Austinites together

Sami Sparber

After attending nearly every Austin City Council meeting for the last eight years, automotive blogger Alan Pease said the Council does not tackle affordability and transportation effectively. Pease said he can do a better job, which is why he’s running for mayor of Austin.

“Too often, the Council gets hung up on a particular issue,” Pease said. “They pay a lot of attention to these issues, but when it comes time to take action, they have a difficult time getting the job done.”

Pease is one of six candidates attempting to unseat incumbent mayor Steve Adler. His platform focuses on bringing the city together to create affordable housing and reduce traffic.

Pease said he wants to convert city-owned land into affordable housing. To combat traffic, Pease said the city should embrace new modes of transportation.

“The future is going to come to us whether we want the future or not,” Pease said. “If we can get you or me to take any other kind of transportation, including scooters, that’s one less car on the road.”

Pease said the Council struggles to accomplish its goals because Austin residents do not agree on how to address the issues at hand.

“They can’t push policies through because they’re not pulling the community together on these very important issues,” Pease said. “The first step is to bring the community together and ensure they have a voice the decision-making process.”

Pease said holding more frequent City Council meetings with a streamlined process for outside participation will give residents the voice they’re looking for.

“I want everybody, whether you’re a senior citizen, tech worker or UT student, to be able to speak with the Council if you want to,” Pease said. “You shouldn’t have to spend an entire day waiting there to have your voice heard.”