UT System report: UT-Austin should consider eliminating 70 to 110 jobs

Katie Balevic

UT-Austin should consider cutting 70 to 110 full time administration jobs, according to a report released Thursday by the UT System.

The annual savings for cutting 70 positions would be $9.6 million, and the savings for cutting 110 jobs would be $15 million, according to the report.

The system report said the departments with the largest “reduction or elimination potential” are the Office of Facilities Planning & Construction, the office of Employee Benefits and the Office of General Counsel.

However, the report advised against cutting jobs without a more in-depth plan on how to make the System more cost-efficient.

“These gains in isolation will not address a larger need for System Administration, which is to have a sustainable, cost-efficient service model that supports the mission and objectives of the 14-member institutions across the UT System,” the report said. “In addition, these changes taken without a specific plan to address impact on the culture will also not yield the desired results.”

The report identified possible changes such as activity analysis within all departments, changes in management and communications strategies and updating job descriptions, responsibilities and wages for each job.