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Former UTLA director Phil Nemy continued sexual misconduct after keeping job in 2013, according to University investigation

Katie Balevic July 30, 2019

Former UT Los Angeles executive director Phil Nemy has been the subject of four sexual misconduct and sexual harassment investigations since December 2018, when The Daily Texan first reported he violated...


UTLA director Phil Nemy fired as result of ‘unacceptable conduct’

Katie Balevic July 23, 2019

UT Los Angeles executive director Phil Nemy was fired on May 13 as a result of “unacceptable conduct,” according to a University spokesperson. Nemy was placed on an “alternative work...


UT concludes Center for Women in Law investigation, finds the executive director’s alleged behavior didn’t violate university policy

Katie Balevic June 18, 2019

The University concluded a seven-month investigation into a student’s claim of race-based discrimination perpetrated by the former executive director of the Center for Women in Law, and found the...


GR sucked, now sucks less

Katie Balevic May 10, 2019

When you start something new, odds are you will suck at it. In some cases, you might not be that bad, but in others, you will look back at your first attempt and think, “Wow … that really...


First-gen student reflects on admissions scandal

Katie Balevic May 7, 2019

After barely graduating from high school, Chris Smith never thought college was something she could achieve. Ten years after completing high school she ended up at UT, and now she will graduate this May.  But...


Bills to watch as the legislative session nears its end

Katie Balevic May 7, 2019

As the 86th Texas legislative session nears its end on May 27, here are a few bills that The Daily Texan has previously reported on to keep up with after the end of the semester. Senate Bill 9 by state...


House passes free speech protections for college campuses

Katie Balevic April 30, 2019

The Texas House passed a bill Monday meant to protect freedom of speech and expressive activities on college campuses, but some Democrats say it could prevent universities from intervening if the activities...

voting1 _2018-10-23_EarlyVotingFAC_Pedro

Early voting for local elections begins

Katie Balevic April 23, 2019

Early voting for Austin-area elections began Monday and will continue until April 30, with Election Day falling on May 4. The ballot has a variety of propositions, as well as mayor and city council positions...


House Rep. challenges tuition deregulation

Katie Balevic April 18, 2019

As students face rising tuition, Texas legislators are trying to undo a previous law that deregulated tuition costs. The 2003 Texas Legislature passed a law deregulating tuition at Texas’ public...


SB 9 could prevent election fraud, but also create voter restrictions

Katie Balevic April 16, 2019

The Texas Senate passed a bill Monday that would require both electronic and paper ballots during elections by the 2024 general election.  State Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola, said he authored Senate...


Proposed bill to require overdose response trainings at Texas universities

Katie Balevic April 11, 2019

The state of Texas may soon require residential advisors and officers of student organizations to complete drug and alcohol overdose response trainings with House Bill 3658.  The bill’s author...


Hundreds rally around bill to outlaw all abortion

Katie Balevic April 9, 2019

Advocates for outlawing abortion gathered at the Capitol on Monday to support a bill that would prohibit abortions in Texas, regardless of federal laws and court decisions that permit them. House Bill...


Multiple free speech bills aim to protect speech on campus

Katie Balevic April 4, 2019

A Texas House representative is putting forth a bill he says would strengthen free speech on college campuses more than other bills with a similar aim.   Rep. Briscoe Cain, R-Deer Park, proposed...


Austin Planned Parenthood center threatened by HB 1929

Katie Balevic April 2, 2019

A bill that would prevent taxpayer dollars from going to abortion providers or their affiliates led to hours of testimony against Planned Parenthood at a committee hearing Monday.   The House State...


Senate to hold special election next Thursday after president-elect, vice president-elect resign

Katie Balevic March 29, 2019

The Senate of College Councils’ vice president-elect and president-elect resigned Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, leading to a new nomination at the Senate meeting Thursday evening. The special...


Legislators try to improve student transfer credit process

Katie Balevic March 28, 2019

State legislators are trying to ensure transfer students get credit for courses they’ve already taken and graduate in four years. At UT, 15 percent of new undergraduate students were transfers...


UT students featured at unofficial SXSW panel on experiences of racism for women of color

Katie Balevic March 13, 2019

An unofficial South by Southwest event featured two students who spoke on a panel about their experiences as women of color at the University of Texas.  The event, called Inclusive Conversations,...


Bill filing ends with a 10-year record high

Katie Balevic March 11, 2019

As of Friday, the deadline for bill filing, 7,067 bills have been introduced for the 2019 Texas legislative session. This is the highest number of bills filed during a regular session since 2009.  We’ve...


UT’s Center for Women in Law executive director resigns from her post following reports of racism

Katie Balevic March 9, 2019

The executive director of the UT Center for Women in Law, Linda Bray Chanow, resigned from her position effective immediately on the same day The Daily Texan reported on accusations of a hostile work environment...


Women of color have quit UT’s Center for Women in Law as a result of what some say is a discriminatory environment

Katie Balevic March 8, 2019

Editor's Note: Since the Texan began reporting on the story, we’ve received letters in support of Chanow.  The University’s Center for Women in Law is facing complaints of racism...


Few bills address maternity leave, but UT women want more

Katie Balevic March 5, 2019

Hardly any bills have been filed in the Texas Legislature concerning parental leave policies, but some UT employees think more could be done to support employees who have children.  “It’s...


Heartbeat bill could outlaw abortion six weeks into pregnancy

Katie Balevic February 27, 2019

The Texas heartbeat bill that would outlaw abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected is gaining traction in the Texas legislature. Within a week of being filed on Feb. 7, House Bill 1500 had 39 co-sponsors....


Two UT students help file legislation to add polling locations to college campuses across Texas

Katie Balevic February 25, 2019

The University of Texas students Maya Patel and Zach Price are taking a hands-on approach this legislative session to increase the number of polling locations on college campuses in Texas. Patel...

title_0222_EmmaOverholt_TitleIXnoheadline-01 copy

University of Texas System officials push back against Trump administration’s proposed Title IX changes

Katie Balevic February 22, 2019

Title IX is only a 37-word law, but its student and employee protections against gender discrimination are expansive and evolving.  In November, the U.S. Department of Education released proposed...


Repairs to Marine Science Institute nearly finished

Katie Balevic February 19, 2019

Hurricane Harvey tore a roof clean off of a building at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. Now, that building, along with several others, is nearly fully functional again.  “It...

voter_0215_SueDinh_VoterRegistration copy

Online voter registration could increase accessibility, cut cost for Texas, Travis County

Katie Balevic February 15, 2019

Seven bills have been filed in the Texas Legislature to implement electronic voter registration, which would allow citizens to register to vote online instead of by mail.  Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin,...


Higher Ed Committee discusses higher education, Title IX

Katie Balevic February 14, 2019

The House Higher Education Committee met for the first time this session on Wednesday, to discuss the state of higher education and Title IX regulations.  Higher Education Commissioner Raymund...

kitty_0213_DianeSun(KittyKnuckle) copy

El Paso lawmaker wants to legalize knuckles, kitty keychains used for self-defense by some women

Katie Balevic February 13, 2019

Self-defense “kitty” keychains may look non-threatening but are illegal in Texas because they are considered knuckles, a hand-held weapon. In a state that allows open carry for guns and knives,...


SB 10 would improve mental health care

Katie Balevic February 11, 2019

Texas legislators are working to create a statewide mental health network to help Texans get better psychiatric care.  Senate Bill 10 by state Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, would create...

PATTERSON_EmmaOverholt_PattersonLabs-01 copy

Preliminary lege budget bills do not fund Patterson labs renovations

Katie Balevic February 7, 2019

The UT Board of Regents requested $100 million from the Texas Legislature last September to renovate the J.T. Patterson Laboratories Building.  The funding request, called a Tuition Revenue...

textbooks_0201_textbooks_EmmaOverholt_textbooks-01 copy

College students spend about $500 a year on textbooks. One Texas lawmaker wants to throw them a bone

Katie Balevic February 6, 2019

The average college student spends more than $485 on textbooks annually, and with Austin’s 8.25 percent sales tax, the total cost for course materials is around $525, said Cheryl Phifer, president...


Freshman legislators took different paths from UT to Capitol

Katie Balevic February 1, 2019

Sheryl Cole and Ben Leman, House Representatives and UT alumni, did not have clear-cut paths to the Texas Capitol.  Cole, D-Austin, served on Austin’s City Council from 2006 to 2014 without...


Texas House freshmen Vikki Goodwin, Julie Johnson look back at their time at the University of Texas

Katie Balevic January 30, 2019

State Rep. Vikki Goodwin, D-Austin, never thought she would be a legislator, but her concern for public education persuaded her otherwise.  “I didn’t think I would run for office because...


State lawmaker files bill repealing Texas penal code clause that outlaws same-sex conduct

Katie Balevic January 24, 2019

In 2009, an El Paso police officer threatened to arrest two men who kissed in a public restaurant, citing the Texas penal code, which lists “homosexual conduct” as a misdemeanor. This year,...


The Legislature’s new LGBTQ caucus hopes to ‘plant a flag permanently in Texas’ halls of power’

Katie Balevic January 23, 2019

Five women in the Texas House of Representatives formed the first LGBTQ caucus the state Legislature has ever seen. State Rep. Jessica González, co-chair of the caucus, said their goal as a group...


From teacher pay raises to abortion: Here are 9 bills to watch during the 86th Legislature

Katie Balevic January 22, 2019

Since bill-filing began in November for the Texas Legislature’s 86th session, 1,471 bills have been filed to date, with more expected. In the 85th legislative session, 6,631 bills were filed and...


As the semester comes to a close, here’s a look back at some of the top stories from this fall

Katie Balevic, Raga Justin, Meghan Nguyen, and Savana Dunning December 10, 2018

YCT Kavanaugh protest Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed after testifying against sexual assault allegations from former high school classmate Christine Blasey Ford, among others. UT’s...


Few UT-Austin officials knew of UTLA director Phil Nemy investigation before he was placed on leave

Katie Balevic December 10, 2018

UT Los Angeles Director Phil Nemy was placed on official leave Friday morning pending an investigation by the UT Office of Institutional Equity into new allegations of misconduct.  The announcement...


UTLA director Phil Nemy placed on leave, UT investigating new allegations into sexual misconduct

Katie Balevic December 6, 2018

Update (Friday 11:50 a.m.):  UTLA director Phil Nemy has been placed on administrative leave, according to an email provided to The Daily Texan by a University source. “As of this...


‘The perfect job’: UT’s new chancellor, James Milliken, settles in, gears up for legislature

Katie Balevic December 4, 2018

After nearly a semester on the job, UT System Chancellor James Milliken has settled into his new position advocating for Texas’ future. As chancellor, Milliken oversees all 14 academic and health...

System considers doubling STARs funding

Katie Balevic December 3, 2018

Chancellor James Milliken asked the UT Board of Regents last month to increase funds for the Science and Technology Acquisition and Retention (STARs) program. Established in 2004, the STARs program...

virtual_health_1129_JebMilling(Virtual Health)

System’s Virtual Health Network increases Texan’s access to medical care

Katie Balevic November 29, 2018

The UT System’s Virtual Health Network is expanding into more UT institutions, the System reported at the Board of Regents meeting on Nov. 15.  Originally launched in 2016, the network uses...


FAFSA deadline made two months earlier on Jan. 15

Katie Balevic November 26, 2018

The priority deadline for the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA, will be Jan. 15, two months earlier than last year’s deadline. Education freshman Monica Melo said she did not...


UT study abroad participation increases despite rigid degree plans

Katie Balevic November 20, 2018

Study abroad participation has increased over the last three years, which the International Office attributes to the University’s increased focus on career readiness.  Participation in Maymesters...


Chancellor Milliken supports task force report on UT administration job cuts

Katie Balevic November 16, 2018

UT System Chancellor James Milliken said he has embraced the results of a task force that suggested the System should cut 70 to 110 full-time administration positions.  At a Board of Regents...

Registration_1113_andrewchoi(registration) copy

Last-minute charges to ‘What I Owe’ cause UT-Austin registration stress

Katie Balevic November 13, 2018

After registration for spring courses opened two weeks ago, students complained that last-minute charges to their What I Owe accounts might prevent them from registering on time. Government sophomore...


New vice chancellor begins work at UT System

Katie Balevic November 9, 2018

UT System Chancellor James Milliken named Stacy Napier as the new vice chancellor for governmental relations, a role that serves as the intermediate between the UT System, the Board of Regents and the...


Mayor Steve Adler secures second term

Katie Balevic and Raga Justin November 7, 2018

Steve Adler clinched his second term as mayor Tuesday night, defeating former city council member Laura Morrison and five other candidates with more than 60 percent of the vote. Adler spoke about his...


9 of 11 Austin propositions pass, including entirety of billion dollar bond

Katie Balevic November 7, 2018

Early voters approved nine of the 11 City of Austin bonds on the ballot in the midterm elections. Seven of the bonds, put together by City Council, totaled $925 million. The bonds will be paid for by a...

Ocean_Courtesy_of_Kristin Phillips

Swimmer crosses the Pacific, helps UT researchers

Katie Balevic November 1, 2018

Long-distance swimmer Ben Lecomte is a little over one third of the way done with his swim across the Pacific Ocean, and he is helping UT researchers along the way.  Lecomte will be the first person...


Boil notice could last a couple days or 10 to 14

Meghan Nguyen and Katie Balevic October 24, 2018

Austin Mayor Steve Adler said Tuesday the water boil notice would only last a “handful of days,” in contradiction with earlier reports that the notice could last 10 to 14 days. In response,...


City of Austin boil water notice continues, UT responds

Meghan Nguyen and Katie Balevic October 23, 2018

The City of Austin issued a boil water notice Monday following recent flooding, telling residents to boil water before using it for drinking, cooking or making ice.  “The notice is being...


Austin makes boil notice mandatory after contamination exceeds state standards

Megan Menchaca, Meghan Nguyen, and Katie Balevic October 22, 2018

Update (Thursday 1:56 p.m.):  Mayor Steve Adler has issued a disaster declaration for the City of Austin for the next seven days. This follows similar recent declarations by the City’s...


UT System report: UT-Austin should consider eliminating 70 to 110 jobs

Katie Balevic October 19, 2018

UT-Austin should consider cutting 70 to 110 full time administration jobs, according to a report released Thursday by the UT System. The annual savings for cutting 70 positions would be $9.6 million,...


New FAFSA mobile app opens for students

Katie Balevic October 19, 2018

Students are now able to fill out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, from their phones using a new mobile app called My Student Aid. The free app, released by the Department of...

Regents_sara_martinez_tucker_court_UT_Board_of_regents copy

UT System Board of Regents Chair Sara Martinez Tucker to resign

Katie Balevic October 15, 2018

Sara Martinez Tucker, the head of the UT System’s governing board, told two UT officials she plans to step down, according to The Texas Tribune. Tucker, whose term as a regent is set to expire...


Grad rates increase for first-gen, Pell-eligible students

Katie Balevic October 12, 2018

Six years ago, only 40.3 percent of students who received Pell Grants and 40.9 percent of first-generation students were graduating from UT in four years. Now, those numbers have each increased by approximately...


Legislative funding does not match enrollment increases, system hopes for more

Katie Balevic October 3, 2018

University funding from the Texas legislature has not kept up with enrollment growth, and the UT System is trying to change that going into the 2019 legislative session.  Chancellor James...


UT-Austin Counseling and Mental Health Center offers help for academic recovery

Katie Balevic October 2, 2018

The Counseling and Mental Health Center is encouraging students to go through academic recovery when they face setbacks in their studies by starting a six-week counseling group last Thursday. Academic...

Auto_Admit0924_JebMilling_autoadmit-01 (1) copy

Auto-admit threshold to stay at 6 percent

Katie Balevic September 24, 2018

The University’s automatic admission threshold will remain at 6 percent for the 2020-2021 application cycle, according to a Twitter announcement last week.  Exercise science freshman Sanja...


Former University President Bill Powers taken to Dell Seton after fall

Katie Balevic September 20, 2018

Former University President Bill Powers fell outside of the School of Law on Wednesday and was taken to Dell Seton Medical Center for “treatment and tests,” according to the Austin American-Statesman. “Our...


Engineering, business expo didn’t present equal opportunities to all majors, some students say

Katie Balevic September 19, 2018

After walking around campus in business attire for Expo last week, some students said the career fair did not offer equal opportunities for people across various majors.  Engineering and business...

Careers_0917_EllaWilliams(UT Careers)

Don’t just rely on classes for career readiness, students say

Katie Balevic September 17, 2018

As students prepare for career fairs and internships, some say experiences outside of the classroom are better preparing them for their careers than classes themselves.  While 60 percent of...


Longhorns should engage in herd immunity, prevent flu outbreak

Katie Balevic September 13, 2018

With flu season around the corner, the Dell Medical School advises everyone to get their flu shot as soon as possible to prevent last year’s influenza outbreak from reoccurring. “If...


Board asks legislature for $100 million for Patterson lab renovations

Katie Balevic September 10, 2018

The UT Board of Regents is requesting $100 million from the Texas legislature to renovate the J.T. Patterson Laboratories Building. Built in 1967, the Patterson Labs building needs updated lab spaces...


‘Take care of yourself’: When life gets in the way of school, tell your professor

Katie Balevic September 7, 2018

During syllabus week, professors unveiled their various policies on attendance, late assignments and exams. Some professors made a point that they can accommodate their students when life happens, and...


UT marine institute only halfway to full recovery a year after Harvey

Katie Balevic September 6, 2018

A roof was torn from a laboratory. A drilling rig smashed into the pier. All 74 buildings were damaged, and six weretotally destroyed.  One year after Hurricane Harvey tore through Port Aransas,...


DeVos regulations could change how sexual assault is handled on campus

Katie Balevic September 4, 2018

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is proposing new regulations that would reduce liability on universities for occurrences of sexual assault and strengthen the rights of students accused of assault, harassment...


UT System study finds dual credit courses generally benefit students

Katie Balevic August 31, 2018

The UT System released a comprehensive study revealing students who take dual credit courses in high school have higher college retention rates and perform better overall. Dual credit programs allow...


UT-Austin awarded $60 million National Science Foundation grant for new supercomputer

Katie Balevic August 30, 2018

The Texas Advanced Computing Center announced Wednesday afternoon they received $60 million from the National Science Foundation for a new supercomputer, known as Frontera. The new system, which will...


SG’s last meeting of the semester focuses on the work yet to be done

Katie Balevic May 2, 2018

At its last meeting of the semester, Student Government prepared itself for the initiatives it hopes to tackle next year.  The representatives of the 112th assembly, who have had five meetings...

Hormones_0426_DianeSun_hormones copy

UHS moves to provide hormone replacement therapy, LGBTQ students keep up the pressure

Katie Balevic April 27, 2018

Editor’s Note: Some last names have been omitted out of respect for the privacy and safety of our sources.  This fall, University Health Services will begin providing hormone replacement...

registration_0419_DanielleHenderson_xregistration copy

Students call for non-binary gender code to increase representation of LGBTQ students

Katie Balevic April 19, 2018

Student leaders are calling for the establishment of a non-binary gender code to better represent all students in University records.   This initiative — which would affect student records,...


The Eyes of Texas: Racist tradition or cornerstone of school sprit?

Katie Balevic April 18, 2018

Student Government debated on Tuesday about whether to continue singing the University’s fight song “The Eyes of Texas” at its weekly meetings, amidst student and faculty criticisms that...


Dean Lilly promises to fund SG text service project

Katie Balevic April 11, 2018

In its second meeting of the new administration, Student Government approved executive board appointments and passed its first resolutions, including one thanking the dean of students for funding a texting...


Sticker resources for sexual violence victims posted on bathroom mirrors

Katie Balevic April 10, 2018

Stickers with resources for victims of sexual violence are popping up in University bathrooms in an attempt to give students and faculty a private place to access resources they may need. The green...


Colton, Mehraz sworn in, 112th SG assembly begins

Katie Balevic April 4, 2018

Student Government president Colton Becker and vice president Mehraz Rahman were sworn in Tuesday, initiating the 112th Student Government Assembly. All members of the assembly took the oath of office,...


Colton Becker, Mehraz Rahman to be sworn in

Katie Balevic April 3, 2018

Colton Becker and Mehraz Rahman will be sworn in Tuesday as the student body president and vice president. After an extended campaign period consisting of three elections, the team is working through...


A look back for Alejandrina, Micky as the 111th Student Government Assembly draws to a close

Katie Balevic March 29, 2018

As the administration of the 111th Student Government Assembly draws to a close, Student Body President Alejandrina Guzman and Vice President Micky Wolf reflected on what they accomplished and what they...


SG supports renaming building currently named after racist mathematician

Katie Balevic March 28, 2018

In its last meeting of this administration, Student Government unanimously passed legislation in support of renaming Robert Lee Moore Hall, a building named after former UT mathematician and outspoken...


Divisive election period comes to a close as Colton Becker, Mehraz Rahman elected student body president, vice president

Katie Balevic March 23, 2018

After a turbulent campaign period — which had not one, not two, but three elections — Colton Becker and Mehraz Rahman won the executive alliance runoff and will be the next student body president...


COCACOLA proposal fizzes out after SG debate

Katie Balevic March 21, 2018

After heated debate, Student Government was unable to pass legislation to promote political inclusivity in a humorous manner by renaming the College of Liberal Arts. Assembly Resolution 26 was...


Election Supervisory Board prohibits Guneez-Hannah executive alliance from campaigning for rest of election period

Katie Balevic March 1, 2018

The Election Supervisory Board has issued sanctions against the Ibrahim-McMorris campaign for “deceptive campaigning,” according to the resolution released earlier today. The Board issued...


SG Candidates will raise transcript fees, add bar on campus

Katie Balevic February 27, 2018

Of all the campaign promises Student Government candidates have made in the last two weeks, only one president and vice president team has promised to raise transcript prices. Candidates Aakash Saraiya...

Quick guide to Student Government election

Katie Balevic February 27, 2018

Voting for Student Government elections will begin at 8 a.m. on Wednesday and close at 5 p.m. on Thursday. Students can use their EID and password to vote on the Campus-Wide Elections page of the Office...


Student Government: Goss-Lee alliance offers critiques of SG, say they’ll be better

Katie Balevic February 23, 2018

Sophomores Austin Goss and Denny Lee are running for Student Government president and vice-president, respectively, in an attempt to make the organization more fiscally responsible and transparent. While...


SG candidates combat polarization with civil discourse

Katie Balevic February 21, 2018

Student Government executive alliance candidates Bryce Fuller and Vikram Sundaram are running on the platform of increasing respectful civil discourse on campus. Fuller and Sundaram, both electrical...


SG fails to pass changes to campus-wide election voting system

Katie Balevic February 14, 2018

After tense debate, Student Government failed to pass a bill that would have changed the way votes are counted in campus-wide elections from checked boxes to a ranking system. The meeting saw extensive...


SG passes legislation addressing University domestic abuse, sexual assault policies

Katie Balevic February 14, 2018

Student Government passed two key pieces of legislation addressing the University’s domestic abuse and sexual assault policies and actions against pharmacy professor Richard Morrisett, who remains...


UT Student Government passes resolution to increase visibility of auto-graduation policies

Katie Balevic February 8, 2018

Student Government passed a joint resolution Tuesday to increase the visibility of auto-graduation, a process that has caused confusion among students pursuing multiple degrees and other non-traditional...


SG proposes amendment to voting system for elections

Katie Balevic February 7, 2018

Student Government proposed an amendment to its constitution that would establish a new voting system for elections. The change would eliminate runoffs during elections by implementing a ranked-choice...


SG discusses domestic, sexual abuse legislation, in light of pharmacy professor’s continued employment

Katie Balevic February 7, 2018

Student Government is working on two pieces of legislation concerning domestic and sexual abuse — one addressing the University’s policies on the issues and another regarding pharmacy...


Graduate students rally for higher wages

Katie Balevic February 2, 2018

Two dozen graduate student employees gathered on the West Mall Thursday to rally in favor of pay raises, improved pay schedules and tuition waivers that match tuition increases. “We need fair...

SG_Meeting_2018-01-31_ Student_Government_Angela

Student government fails to pass resolution on faculty standards

Katie Balevic January 31, 2018

In the aftermath of the discovery that a UT professor pleaded guilty to one count of domestic violence and was accused of another, Student Government attempted to fast-track a bill that would hold professors...


Faculty Council expresses concerns about professor productivity database

Katie Balevic January 31, 2018

UT System contracts with the company Academic Analytics have sparked concerns among faculty members over how the University administration evaluates professors’ work. Academic Analytics runs a...


SG seeks student input on senior class gift

Katie Balevic January 25, 2018

Seniors received an email from Student Government yesterday with a survey gauging class interest in donating to a senior gift — something SG hopes will become a new Longhorn tradition. “Our...


Student Government works to increase civic engagement, voter turnout

Katie Balevic January 24, 2018

The Student Government Assembly had its first meeting of the semester on Tuesday, when it passed a resolution establishing the UT at Austin Civic Advisory Board to increase civic engagement on campus. “There...


UT-Austin alumna explores African heritage with clothing line

Katie Balevic January 19, 2018

Instead of working in oil and gas, chemical engineering graduate Toyosi Shusi is debuting her own fashion line exclusively using fabrics imported from Africa. “I’m striving to make it more...

UT alumni thriving with respect to competitors

Katie Balevic January 18, 2018

UT graduates are thriving in comparison to graduates from national competitors, according to a study released in December by Gallup, Inc. The report, which surveyed over 70,000 graduates from 14 schools,...


Track twins join ranks of the few black student athletes to graduate from UT electrical engineering

Katie Balevic and Maria Mendez December 6, 2017

With graduation around the corner, Charles Anumnu tweeted that he and his twin brother, Carlton Anumnu, would be the first black student athletes to graduate from UT’s electrical engineering department. Within...

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