Austin startup Seekr connects people to unique local experiences

Lauren Rahman

You can tour Austin from the sky with “Stew’s Flight Over Austin,” an experience which can only be enjoyed through a UT startup called Seekr.

Andoni Almeida, UT international relations and global studies 2018 graduate, is connecting people to Austin with his startup Seekr. Inspired by his adventures traveling and backpacking, Almeida said he hopes to connect people to unique, local experiences through this website. 

“Seekr is a website where you can book fun, local and social things to do around ATX,” Almeida said. “Whether it’s flying a plane over the city, learning how to DJ or volunteering at a local sustainable farm, Seekr allows you to go beyond your normal weekend plans, all while meeting other ‘Seekrs’ along the way.”

Trent Navran, product manager at Austin healthcare startup Wellsmith Inc., said Seekr is a way to move beyond campus and discover new people and places. 

“It’s not just another tourist program, it’s a company built on connections and experiencing the city with your friends and with really cool passionate people,” said Navran. 

Seekr also allows locals to make money by sharing their experiences and passions through the website, Almeida said. For example, users can offer up services, like taking people on a nature walk or showing people the local music scene. 

Almeida grew up in Mexico but has been an Austinite for 10 years. He said his travel experiences inspired him to start an Austin social network.

“Some of the best memories I’ve had while traveling have been when I’ve met someone along the way that shared something special with me,” Almeida said. “Seekr’s goal is to make those kinds of experiences accessible to anybody through the tap of your fingers.”

Almeida said he plans to expand Seekr in Austin, create a mobile app and reach locals in other cities.

“Our objective is to reach thousands of Austinites in our first phase and tens of thousands more in other cities in the following phases,” he said. 

Navran heard about the website from the Longhorn Startup Program. 

“As someone who’s lived in Austin for three years, there are endless experiences out there,” Navran said. “One experience (through Seekr) was flying a small plane over the city, and it was something rare to get your hands on. It was a whole new way to connect with the city I was living in.”

Seekr can be reached at