CapMetro to add route changes in 2019

Neelam Bohra

Daniel Porter rides the CapMetro buses to and from work every week, and he often runs late when a bus does not show up on time.

“It’s very hit and miss,” government junior Porter said. “Most of the time the bus is there when it’s supposed to be, but there are enough times when it’s not. That’s definitely an issue.”

As of 2019, CapMetro will make changes to solve these inefficiencies and build on the CapRemap program, according to the CapMetro website. CapMetro communications specialist Peter Partheymuller said around 25 routes will be affected. Most of the routes will stay the same, but their running times will change. 

“There are a lot of routes affected, but the changes are fairly minor,” Partheymuller said. “We’ll just be changing schedules and running times for each route. These adjustments are to improve the reliability and on-time performance.”

Partheymuller said UT students will have to prepare for the change.

“Students will have to use our trip planner to use the routes they take every day,” Partheymuller said. “They need to make sure if they take a bus every day, they’ll need to check the trip planner to see when they need to show up. But most of the actual routing isn’t changing in any way.”

Bus route 315 used to stop at a closed part of the Austin Community College campus but will change routes and no longer stop there starting next year. Zenobia Joseph, Austin citizen and Title VI transit advocate, said the new changes will cover up this mistake.

“You had empty buses going to an empty college,” Joseph said. “That resource could’ve been used where it was needed the most, like the routes in the northeast area where there was a reduction of service.” 

Students like psychology freshman Stephanie Guo, who uses the bus often, said the changes will help.

“I trust CapMetro to come up with schedules that are efficient for the general populace,” Guo said.