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Projects editor’s love-hate relationship with student paper ends in pathetic fizzle

Projects editor’s love-hate relationship with student paper ends in pathetic fizzle

Neelam Bohra December 3, 2021

There is an ugly dry-erase board sitting in my apartment. Peeling blue duct tape segments it into sections, where the names of reporters, their stories and editors’ initials are written in marker. When...


Introducing ‘The Deep End’

Neelam Bohra October 19, 2020

COVID-19 has affected everyone, drowning humanity in its radical disruptions and restrictions on normal life. For people in marginalized communities, it can be incredibly hard to stay afloat.  I’m...


Living with a chronic illness during COVID-19

Neelam Bohra October 11, 2020

When her lung ruptured, Heather Norman continued her online summer classes from her hospital bed, but said she struggled to receive online accommodations for her fall classes. One of Norman’s original...


Student organizations co-host online vigil to honor Black Lives lost to bigotry, racism

Areeba Amer and Neelam Bohra June 11, 2020

Students and faculty honored George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other victims of police brutality and racism at a virtual vigil Wednesday evening.  The African American Culture Committee, a subcommittee...


The ‘UT 10’: How students past and present preserve the Asian American identity

Neelam Bohra May 8, 2020

Police used plastic handcuffs when they arrested Shomial Ahmad and nine other UT students in May 1999 after a five-hour sit-in supporting the creation of an Asian American studies program. “It was...


The Kidney Club: From diagnosis to post-transplant

Neelam Bohra March 12, 2020

On March 12, 2019, I forced myself to breathe, barely awake in my hospital bed. Tubes blew oxygen into my nose. Needles dug into my neck and arms. But I was the healthiest I had been in years. My new...


Joe Biden wins Texas Democratic presidential primary

Neelam Bohra and Austin Martinez March 4, 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Texas Democratic presidential primary election with 33.4% of the votes and 94% of the precincts reporting at the time of print, according to The New York Times.   Biden...


Dr. Leonard Moore emphasizes relevance of ‘The Defeat of Black Power’ as election approaches

Neelam Bohra January 29, 2020

As the last day to register to vote in the primary election (Feb. 3) approaches, history professor Leonard Moore has emphasized in his classes the parallels between the 1972 and 2020 elections. Moore,...


Women’s March encourages diversity, civic engagement

Neelam Bohra January 21, 2020

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in America, the Women’s March on Texas Capitol organization rallied on the south steps of the Capitol on Saturday.  “There...


UT Senate introduces one-third of planned initiatives, expects to pass more legislation in spring

Neelam Bohra December 6, 2019

UT Senate of College Councils passed legislation related to two of the six initiatives it planned on introducing this semester, according to its 2019-20 agenda.  They passed one resolution in support...


Student Government proposes adding international student representatives

Neelam Bohra December 4, 2019

Student Government proposed adding assembly representation for international students at its meeting Tuesday.  SG has no positions representing the international population, but at least two members...


Student balances kidney failure with full course load, will have transplant surgery mid-December

Neelam Bohra December 3, 2019

When Mason Bettes was born, doctors told his parents he would die within 48 hours from kidney failure.  “Miraculously, his kidney started functioning,” said Bettes’ father, Robert...

period_1018_EllaWilliams(PeriodRally) copy

Legislative student organizations pass resolution to urge the University to provide free menstrual products

Neelam Bohra November 26, 2019

All three legislative student organizations passed a joint resolution last week in support of the University providing free menstrual products in bathrooms across campus.  Graduate Student Assembly...


Senate unanimously passes resolution in support of renaming RLM to PMA

Neelam Bohra November 22, 2019

UT Senate of College Councils unanimously voted to support renaming Robert Lee Moore Hall to the Physics, Math and Astronomy building at its meeting Thursday.  Robert Lee Moore, a former UT math...


University colleges hire additional administrators to address diversity, inclusion

Neelam Bohra November 21, 2019

Most colleges across campus have established an administrator for diversity. This semester, these officials have started meeting and discussing ways to increase diversity on campus.  The administrative...


Student Government proposes support for center for nontraditional students

Neelam Bohra November 20, 2019

Student Government proposed support for establishing a center for nontraditional students at its meeting Tuesday.  The resolution supports the creation of an on-campus center to help nontraditional...


Student Government members propose excluding political matters from future legislation

Neelam Bohra November 13, 2019

Members of Student Government proposed excluding political matters from future legislation at a meeting Tuesday. Amendment authors Jordan Cope and Samuel Jian Xuan Ng proposed changing the SG constitution...


Core curriculum will no longer require six hours of science in same field

Neelam Bohra November 12, 2019

Faculty Council relaxed science core curriculum requirements for the 2020-21 catalogue at its meeting Monday.  The council unanimously voted to allow students to take nine hours of science in any...


UT Senate proposes adding to the definition of Title IX’s “no-contact directive”

Neelam Bohra November 8, 2019

Social work junior Sara Jane Ross said she opened a Title IX case believing a no-contact directive would stop her assailant from joining her classes. Approximately a week later, she said she learned it...


Graduate Student Assembly proposes weeklong Thanksgiving break

Neelam Bohra November 7, 2019

The Graduate Student Assembly proposed instituting a weeklong Thanksgiving or fall break at its meeting Wednesday. Students have two holidays during the fall semester — three days for Thanksgiving...

sg 2019-10-09_SG_Support_Of_Putting_Menstrual_Products_in_Academic_Buildings_Lauren

Student Government proposes UT provide free menstrual products in bathrooms across campus

Neelam Bohra November 6, 2019

Anjitha Nair said she felt forced to drop everything when she got her period. “I was like, ‘Oh gosh, I need to use the restroom,’ and then I realized my period had come a few days...


McCombs changes business handbooks every semester to reflect gender-inclusive

Neelam Bohra October 30, 2019

Business undergraduates used to receive a handbook with a section devoted to business attire that split every category into men and women. Now, gender-related language is absent from that section. Velma...


Student Government proposes adding more required modules for emergency situations

Neelam Bohra October 30, 2019

Student Government introduced a resolution Tuesday in support of the Office of Emergency Preparedness implementing campus-wide education modules. The proposed modules would focus on emergency situations...


‘We’re going to keep fighting’: Senate resolution urges removal of professors guilty of Title IX violations

Neelam Bohra October 25, 2019

The Senate of College Councils unanimously passed a resolution supporting the removal of professors found guilty of Title IX violations at its meeting Thursday.  The resolution also supports removing...


SG member proposes bill to stop proposing, voting on legislation within same meeting

Neelam Bohra October 23, 2019

A Student Government member introduced a bill to eliminate fast-tracking from its code of rules during its meeting Tuesday.  Proposed legislation normally goes to a committee where members may...


Riverside rezoning passes, developers to begin construction in 2023

Neelam Bohra October 18, 2019

Austin City Council approved the redevelopment of student apartment complexes in Riverside at its meeting Thursday.  In a 6-3-1 vote, the Council approved the rezoning of 97 acres of housing into...

riverside SG meeting_2019-10-16-Student_Government_Kidus

SG passes resolution asking Austin City Council to vote against Riverside redevelopment

Neelam Bohra October 16, 2019

Student Government passed a resolution Tuesday asking Austin City Council to either vote against redeveloping Riverside or provide more affordable student housing. Prompted by the upcoming council vote...

committee_ 2019-09-06_SG Alliance_Eddie

SG creates continuity committee to advance past ideas, programs

Neelam Bohra October 14, 2019

Student Government established a Continuity Committee this semester to advance and maintain initiatives introduced during past administrations, starting with initiatives from last year.  Student...


Graduate Communications Council added to Senate of College Councils

Neelam Bohra October 11, 2019

Senate of College Councils proposed and passed a bill adding the Graduate Communications Council to Senate at its meeting Thursday. Senate fast-tracked the legislation and passed it unanimously. Now,...


SG proposes resolution to excuse absences on Election Day

Neelam Bohra October 9, 2019

In an effort to increase student voter turnout, Student Government proposed a joint resolution to excuse student absences during election days at its meeting Tuesday. The resolution, made in collaboration...

SC_2019-09-24_Student Government Meeting_Jamie

First-year representative candidate elected after facing 2 SG Supreme Court hearings

Neelam Bohra October 3, 2019

The UT Student Government Supreme Court held two hearings concerning violations of first-year representative Sid Puranik in the week leading up to the first-year representative election. Freshmen...


SG proposes adding Suicide Prevention Lifeline number to student IDs

Neelam Bohra October 2, 2019

UT student government proposed adding the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to student IDs at its meeting Tuesday. The current student ID design includes the UT Police Department phone number, information...


UT Senate introduces legislation to encourage student feedback on online learning platform Quest

Neelam Bohra September 27, 2019

UT Senate of College Councils introduced legislation to create a form for student feedback on Quest, an online learning platform, at its Thursday meeting.  Professors use Quest, a program...


UT-Austin’s automatic admissions threshold will remain at 6%

Neelam Bohra September 23, 2019

UT’s automatic admission threshold will remain at 6% for the 2021-22 application cycle, according to a letter sent by President Gregory Fenves to the Texas Education Agency. Senate Bill 175 requires...


Student Government holds rally emphasizing a “UT Led by You”

Neelam Bohra September 23, 2019

Student body president Camron Goodman and vice president Amie Jean hosted a Student Government celebration rally Sunday night named after their campaign slogan, “UT Led By You.”  SG’s...


Austin City Council delays final Riverside redevelopment vote

Neelam Bohra September 20, 2019

Austin City Council postponed its third and final vote on redeveloping Riverside student apartment complexes at its meeting Thursday.  The council unanimously rescheduled the vote for...


SG passes legislation in support of Austin’s homeless population

Neelam Bohra September 18, 2019

Student Government proposed and passed legislation voicing support for Austin’s homeless population at its meeting Tuesday in response to Austin City Council reconsidering homelessness ordinances...


SG to release weekly, opt-in newsletter

Neelam Bohra September 12, 2019

When first joining Student Government, members such as university-wide representative Kerry Mackenzie struggle to find current information about SG. Starting next week, SG will release an opt-in newsletter...


For second consecutive year, SG does not introduce legislation at second meeting

Neelam Bohra September 11, 2019

For the second consecutive year, Student Government has not introduced new legislation at its second assembly meeting. SG introduced seven pieces of legislation in their first two meetings in 2016 and...


SG introduces budget legislation at semester’s first meeting

Neelam Bohra September 4, 2019

At this semester's first meeting of the 113th Student Government Assembly, members introduced 2019-2020 budget legislation while also reviewing general rules, the legislative process and introductions. SG...


Construction will narrow Red River St., close parking spaces and roads

Neelam Bohra September 4, 2019

Construction near the Steve Hicks School of Social Work began Tuesday and will close multiple parking spots and roads in the area. Between Clyde Littlefield Drive and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard,...


UT Senate introduces first diversity coordinator to better represent UT population

Neelam Bohra August 30, 2019

The UT Senate of College Councils has introduced a diversity coordinator position to their board.  After conducting a demographic survey at the end of the previous academic year, UT Senate...


UT Senate hopes for accessibility, WIO payments

Neelam Bohra August 28, 2019

In an effort to extend outreach this year, the UT Senate of College Councils leadership plans to hold town halls and use representatives to connect with organizations, among other initiatives. Senate...


The importance of students’ voices: Student Government’s plans for the year

Neelam Bohra August 28, 2019

Student Government’s platform for the upcoming school year has seven points to fulfill the idea of “UT Led By You,” the campaign slogan for student body president and vice president Camron Goodman...


University Health Services offers treatments for sick students

Neelam Bohra August 26, 2019

From flu shots to allergies, University Health Services can treat a wide range of illnesses students might experience.  Located in the Student Services Building in the northern section of campus,...


Austin City Council advances Riverside redevelopment plan to third vote

Neelam Bohra August 23, 2019

The Austin City Council voted Thursday to advance an ordinance allowing for redevelopment of student apartment complexes in Riverside to a third vote.  In a 6-5 vote, the council gave a second...


International students choose between going home, staying at UT over break

Neelam Bohra December 7, 2018

Ryuichi Yanagi, an international student from Shanghai, will not return to his home country over winter break. Instead, he will remain in h is private dormitory building, Dobie Twenty21 Student Spaces. “It’s...


Dining halls start serving romaine lettuce after ban

Neelam Bohra December 4, 2018

When Claire Eckardt entered Littlefield Patio Cafe last week, she noticed there weren’t many salads available.  “I was looking around, and I get salads pretty often, so I wondered what...

Regents votes to extend decision time on Muny Golf Course

Neelam Bohra November 29, 2018

The UT System Board of Regents recently voted to extend the deadline for deciding whether they will continue to lease the Lions Municipal Golf Course, or Muny, to the city of Austin, following almost one...


CapMetro to add route changes in 2019

Neelam Bohra November 27, 2018

Daniel Porter rides the CapMetro buses to and from work every week, and he often runs late when a bus does not show up on time. “It’s very hit and miss,” government junior Porter said....


“I’ve definitely jumped out of a lot more planes than I’ve ever landed in”: Student will deploy next semester

Neelam Bohra November 15, 2018

After high school, Nathan McCracken was deployed with the Marine Corps, training and traveling for five years before returning to the reserves and applying to UT. Now, as a 24-year-old philosophy sophomore,...


‘I never really liked having my age be a factor of what I could and couldn’t do’: Freshman started business at age 11

Neelam Bohra November 12, 2018

At age 11, Jeffrey Wang asked his dad for a loan of $150. A few months later, he launched his own company. Wang, now a computer science and business honors freshman, started the company MyWikis, which...


Employees of UT System, institutions contribute more than $300,000 to Beto O’Rourke’s campaign

Neelam Bohra November 5, 2018

Individuals associated with the UT System and its 14 institutions have donated more to Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke’s campaign than any other organization-affiliated individuals,...


University enforces guest speaker policy for student orgs

Neelam Bohra November 2, 2018

The University has recently started enforcing regulations for approving guest speakers for student organization events. Registered student organizations and sponsored student organizations need advance...


UT-Austin dining halls do not discount gluten-free alternatives

Neelam Bohra October 31, 2018

Students like sociology sophomore Kaelyn Armstrong, who has a gluten sensitivity, have found it hard to find and afford gluten-free options in University dining halls. “It makes it hard (to manage)...


Different factors decide UT-Austin dining hall hours

Neelam Bohra October 30, 2018

Students living on the north side of campus, such as in Kinsolving and Whitis Court, have complained about limited dining hall hours, but these hours have not been changed. Director of dining Rene Rodriguez...


‘It’s the marginalization of people’: Students protest NAIS program move

Neelam Bohra October 17, 2018

Colorful tapestries, photographs and event posters adorn the walls of the Native American and Indigenous Studies program. Soon, they will be taken down and moved, as the College of Liberal Arts plans to...


NAIC to celebrate their second annual Indigenous Peoples’ Week

Neelam Bohra October 8, 2018

The Native American and Indigenous Collective, a student organization that focuses on native empowerment and research, will host their second annual Indigenous Peoples’ Week through Friday. In...


Palestine Solidarity Committee hosts guest speaker at Nueces Mosque

Neelam Bohra October 8, 2018

UT’s Palestine Solidarity Committee hosted guest speaker Taher Herzallah on Oct. 5 at the Nueces Mosque. Herzallah, the associate director of outreach and grassroots organizing for American Muslims...


‘I’ve skipped quite a few meals’: Students are passing on dinner over restricted dining hall hours

Neelam Bohra October 2, 2018

Shorter dining hall hours in the northern portion of campus have caused some students to skip dinner. Littlefield Patio Cafe and Kinsolving Dining provide dinner for students in the northern part...


‘I can do anything’: Study Abroad works to include more students of color

Neelam Bohra September 28, 2018

Out of the 4,421 students who studied abroad last year, almost half were white.  Of the other students, 19 percent were Hispanic, 17 percent were Asian and 5 percent were African-American. For...


‘Something we want to fix’: Just 7 women enrolled as freshmen in the computer science honors program

Neelam Bohra September 19, 2018

Out of the 58 freshmen who joined this year’s Turing Scholars Program, seven are women. Created in 2002, Turing, the computer science honors program, allows students to take more challenging classes...

UT Law School alumni provide free Starbucks to law students

Neelam Bohra September 11, 2018

As of yesterday, law students have access to free coffee every Monday morning thanks to UT alumni. Since 2015, the Texas Law Alumni and Relations Development Association has provided free coffee for...

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