Former Jack in the Box undergoes demolition for new boutique hotel

Bonny Chu

The rapidly changing stretch of Guadalupe Street bordering UT lost another building yesterday: the former Jack in the Box on 26th Street.

The ongoing demolition of this fast-food chain restaurant, which closed in 2015, will set up grounds for a new Moxy Hotel, a boutique hotel targeting millennials. 

“Moxy hotels fully embrace modern fun-hunting travelers with its spirit and style,” said Mike Banas, director of communications and corporate affairs of hotel operator White Lodging, in an email. “Moxy’s creative brand identity aims to engage student, business and leisure travelers with a warm, thoughtful and playful guest experience.”

The hotel, part of the Marriott brand, will occupy only .39 acres but will include 162 rooms, Banas said. It will also feature selfie stations complete with props in the elevators, games in the lobby and an around-the-clock bar, according to the hotel’s website.

“The hotels offer a new way of traveling, which is smaller in concentration, yet not a reduction in experience,” Banas said in email. “The hotel will cater to today’s free-spirited traveler who is looking for a hotel with friendly service and premium comforts in an environment that allows them to connect with relevant and authentic local experiences.” 


Once the former Jack in the Box is completely demolished, construction of the four-story hotel and its two-story underground garage will last 12 to 18 months, Banas said. 

However, some students who live near the site, such as chemistry senior Rachel Aaronson, said they are not looking forward to the construction. 

“At all times of the day, there’s already a lot of construction, but this could make it even louder,” Centennial Condominiums resident Aaronson said. “It’s already annoying enough during rush hour when you can hear cars honking at each other near my building because it gets backed up here on the roads.” 

Business freshman Azreena Tejani said this could be a good lodging option for visitors to UT. 

“It could be nice for city visitors, business people and guest speakers who come talk on campus,” Tejani said. “They can stay closer to campus this way and don’t need to worry too much about commuting.”

Moxy is not the only Marriott brand hotel undergoing construction in West Campus. An 11-story, 347-room hotel will open in fall 2019 in the place of a former McDonald’s in a lot on San Antonio Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.