Follow these hot tips for smooth summer move out

Carlos Garcia

The most stressful time of the summer is coming. Hopefully, you were able to renew your lease, but if you weren’t able to do so, it’s time to move out.

Moving out of West Campus is a headache. Being in between leases, throwing away unwanted furniture and changing your living situation are moving out traditions like no other. 

For this joyous occasion, it is helpful to keep in mind a few tips before moving out.

Getting Boxes

When moving out, the one thing you almost always need is boxes. Unless you have an abundance of suitcases and duffle bags, you’re probably going to have get cheap cardboard boxes because expensive boxes are not worth a single use. Walmart, Sam’s Club and other retail stores give away free boxes to those who simply ask for them. It’s best to go in the morning or at night after they have finished unloading their merchandise. 

Liquor stores such as Twin Liquors and bookstores like BookPeople will also give out free boxes. Getting your boxes from these places will probably be better because their boxes wouldn’t have been used to store away perishables, which avoids funky smells rubbing off on your favorite cardigan. If you absolutely have to buy boxes, try to stop by Home Depot, where you can find boxes for less than a dollar.

Moving Your Clothes

We all like clothes. You probably have too many clothes. If you have clothes you don’t want, try selling them to thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet. It will help offset the cost of all the cleaning supplies you’ll have to buy before vacating your home. If these stores choose not to buy your clothing, donating is a great option. Marie Kondo your life and say goodbye to those clothes. 

For the clothes that you do want, if they are hanging in your closet, consider throwing a plastic bag over them and using it as a makeshift garment sleeve. Cut a hole at the bottom of your bag so that your hangers can go through. This will help you keep your closet organized while making it easy to transport. For the clothes that aren’t hanging, use them to package and secure any delicates that you may be moving, such as cups and plates.

Donating Furniture

Moving out of West Campus often results in a lot of furniture being dumped out and left in the streets. Although it may seem like a practical way of disposing unwanted material, having a perfectly fine mattress sitting in the landfill doesn’t do any good for the environment. MoveOutATX is an organization that collects and properly disposes of the waste produced during move out in West Campus. 

Donation stations are set up throughout West Campus to help alleviate the waste caused by thousands of students moving out at the same time. These stations accept all sorts of materials, from furniture or appliances to unopened food items. Cain and Abel’s also provides space in its parking lot for students to get rid of some of their bigger pieces of furniture or unwanted materials.