Former Photo Editor Shoots His Last Shot, Learns How to Say Goodbye

Eddie Gaspar

Welp, it’s now my time to write my 30. 

I initially wanted to join the Texan to take pretty photos as a hobby, thinking photography could never amount to a career. I tried out and found that it wasn’t for me. As college progressed, I never found a home in orgs, or a group of friends with classmates. I’d flip through the Texan, amazed at some of the photography. By then I had a different attitude toward photojournalism and thought I might find a home there.

Though it may not seem like it, the photo department houses some of the most caring, loyal, friendly, funny and loving people I could wish to have in my life. It’s those people and more who I’d like to thank and recognize in this column.

Josh Guerra, thank you for not hiring me that first year. I definitely was not ready for it, and your rejection was for the best. Also, I’ll see you back in the pit soon — don’t worry.

Carlos, thank you for hiring me after Josh was so mean. Thank you for your trust; it really meant more to me than you think. Your energy is truly unmatched.

Josh Guenther, a true right-hand man. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without you as an associate. You’ve had to take on more responsibility that you had hoped for, and I can’t appreciate you enough for your dedication to the department. Seriously, thank you.

Anthony, Angela, Pedro and Katie, thank you for always making me laugh in that dirty basement. Some of my favorite college memories will be in that basement because of you all. Hours felt like minutes when we were hanging out. 

To Amna, Presley, Jack, Jamie, Jacob and the rest of my editor cohort, you all inspire me to think differently both as a photographer and a leader. Persist, and keep moving forward. I’m here if you need anything.

And Peter, thank you for keeping us in check. Your tough love is, well, tough, but candidly, you make us all better journalists with it. I’m sure being the villain in the newsroom isn’t easy, but thank you for your sacrifice.

To all of my management people and the rest of the newsroom, it’s been an incredible honor to work with such amazingly talented and hardworking individuals. Even if I didn’t interact with you directly, I’m, again, inspired by the work we’ve all accomplished as a ragtag, underpaid crew.

Lastly, thank you Elena for your constant support throughout my collegiate photography journey. Your everlasting encouragement (Google’s synonym for “support”) keeps me motivated to be my best. From long editing nights that often went past midnight to spur-of-the-moment assignment calls, I’ve always been so thankful and appreciative for how you’ve always believed in me and my place at the Texan.

… Wow, I really finished this before that overdue essay, huh?