Workaholic finally breaks up with the Texan, will only miss the Tea

Chase Karacostas

How do you write about the end? How do you encapsulate four years in a place that gave you every high and low you never expected? I’m not entirely sure, but I know it wasn’t perfect. My time at the Texan was a beautiful disaster, giving me five internships and bringing me to tears. It drew my blood and honored me in ways I never imagined. 

Like all of my relationships, I’m thankful for the Texan. I learned more than I ever expected, and every minute taught me something new. 

But I write this to offer some guidance to the future me. The main thing the Texan, and life, taught me the last four years is that nothing matters more than you. Throw everything away if it means saving your mental and physical health. You are your biggest champion, and comparing yourself to anyone else will never get you anywhere. 

Lisa, you were there for me in ways I never expected and never asked for. I love you dearly. My partner in crime, London, how did we not graduate at the same time? It’s wild we were a year apart, and I’m thankful for our semester together running news. I couldn’t have done it without you. 

Catherine, you challenged me in a million ways, but I would not be as good of a person nor as good of a reporter today without you. Ellie, (even when you didn’t reply) you reinvigorated my love of journalism when I was convinced I was a terrible reporter. Claire, you were the angel who got me through spring 2019. Missing our Sunday daiquiris. 

Stephen, thank you for being my go-to Texas baseball boi. And Marcus, I’m relying on you to help me meet my future pro-baseball-player husband (just text me anytime they bleach their hair, OK). Kirsten, my shoulder surgery buddy. So glad we finally had a class together this semester. :’)

Ben, you’re the best boyfriend-turned-ex-turned-frenemy-turned-best-friend on Earth. 

SAVANA, GIRLIE. I don’t know where to begin. You’re the best friend I don’t deserve but will forever love. Please keep writing about weird shit. Trinady, please create that advice column — Lord knows UT students could use some help. Madame Menchaca, I love our love for sleep.

Anna, Lisa (D), Stephanie, Meara and Brittany, thank you for reading all of those stories before London and I. The world needs more editors like y’all. 

Mom and Dad, thank you for championing me through my endless health problems and career plan changes. 

Dr. McElroy, you are the best advocate journalism students have ever had. I am so thankful I met you all those years ago while studying on the third floor. Gerald, thank you for listening to all of the literal nonsense that crosses my mind.

To the spring 2020 newsletters staff, thank you for giving me a reason to laugh every single day. I miss y’all already.