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October 4, 2022

A creeptastic guide to ensuring your 2020 Halloween is ‘un-boo-lievable’

Emma George

The scariest day of the year isn’t far off, and The Daily Texan is here to help you celebrate. Move your eyes to the rest of this guide to figure out how to send chills down your spine. 

The Texan has compiled a guide of several festive ideas to enhance your 2020 Halloween weekend experience. 

Watch “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” while eating barbecue 

There is no better food to accompany Tobe Hooper’s grimy slasher film “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” than signature Texas barbecue. Sit back on the couch and dive into some baby back ribs while Leatherface revs his chain saw on the screen. As a bonus idea, only take a chomp out of your food when meat is featured in the film. You’ll truly feel like a part of the infamous Sawyer family by the end of the night. 

Have a baby doll picnic 

If you’re looking for some company on this year’s Allhallows Eve, gather some of your closest friends and antique dolls for a fun evening meal. With food and dolls in hand, find a nice spot outside to set up shop. Once there, socially distance with your friends and seat your antique little children all around you. Bring along a speaker to blast your favorite nursery rhymes to really upgrade the experience. 

Howl at the moon 

This Oct. 31 is not only on a Saturday, but there will also be a blue moon that night. This means that for the first time since 1944, Halloween will be accompanied by a fully illuminated moon. Obviously, the only logical thing to do with this information is to go into full werewolf mode this weekend. Gather a pack of like-minded buddies, head out to one of the various overlooks around Austin and let the howling commence. 

Bloody Mary bathroom party

With social distancing protocols in effect, it may be difficult to celebrate the most frightening day of the year with others. However, there are no rules against being in close contact with the spirit world. Luckily for you, Bloody Mary is available to summon with ANY household mirror. That’s right. Gather some snacks, candles, candy and whatever other festive objects you want and head into your bathroom. Call out Mary’s name three times and watch as her wretched spirit leaps from the mirror to join your Hallow’s Eve fun.

Listen to the “Psycho” soundtrack while showering

Since you will already be in your bathroom for the Bloody Mary party, why not rinse off with a nice shower? Plug in a speaker and pull up Bernard Herrmann’s chilling “Psycho” score on any music streaming platform. Click play on the track entitled “The Murder,” and you’ll be feeling like Marion Crane in no time. Additionally, bring some chocolate syrup with you to truly simulate the blood effect featured in the movie. 

Put in vampire fangs and eat ketchup 

Yep. There’s not much to explain here. Just trust me. 

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Emma George, Comics Editor
Emma is currently a Spring 2023 Comics Editor. She is a junior civil engineering major whoe loves to draw, read, and visiting art museums. She has previously been a Comics sStaffer and Comics Senior Illustrator.
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A creeptastic guide to ensuring your 2020 Halloween is ‘un-boo-lievable’