Texas Soccer alum Emily Strouphauer is taking her soccer skills to the medical field

Christina Huang

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared as part of the July 12 flipbook.

The University of Texas prides itself on both a rigorous academic curriculum and a competitive athletic program. Emily Strophauer defined this duality of core values during her time on the Forty Acres.

The 2021 graduate spent her four years at Texas juggling responsibilities as a Division I soccer player and a pre-med biology major. Despite her busy schedule, Strouphauer excelled at both of her long-term pursuits. In December 2020, Strouphauer was named Big 12 Soccer Co-Scholar Athlete of the Year after maintaining a cumulative 3.98 GPA. After missing her junior season due to an injury, Strouphauer finished her career as a Longhorn with seven shots, one assist, and one goal.

“Emily has epitomized the definition of ‘student-athlete’ since the first moment she stepped foot on the Forty Acres,” Texas head coach Angela Kelly said on Dec. 22. “Academics was always a priority, and soccer kept her balanced. Her commitment to both has been tremendous.”

Strouphauer credits her success on the field and in the classroom to knowing her strong suits and learning time management skills over the years.

“You do have to make some sacrifices, but it’s really about balance, which is something that I definitely got better at,” Strouphauer said. “I would know my strengths, which is definitely something important to be real with yourself. (It takes) being disciplined, good time management skills, but also making sure to work (on) things that make you happy.”

Although Strouphauer will not pursue a professional soccer career, she plans on taking all the life lessons she learned from the sport into her next challenge — medical school.

“In soccer, the attention to detail is just so important, and just developing that discipline and focus and doing everything with your best potential and your best ability carries over academically,” Strouphauer said.

After putting herself in multiple pressure-packed environments with strenuous medical school applications and Big 12 Conference soccer games, Strouphauer said the lessons she learned on motivation through her college experience will help her in the next chapter.

“Playing sports is extremely competitive,” Strouphauer said. “I learned in the classroom (that) comparison is the root of all evil. So (I learned) how to compete with (myself) and be better every single day.”

Strouphauer will be attending Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and is in the process of learning more about the different specialties in medicine.

“I’m not entirely sure what kind of medicine I want to do, but I’m leaning towards psychiatry or dermatology, mostly because those two types of doctors played a really big role in my life,” Strouphauer said. “I think it would be really cool to turn around and help other people in the same way that I was helped. That would be really special but I’m open to whatever direction I end up going.”

Although she has already begun her journey to becoming a doctor, Strouphauer remains connected to Texas Soccer and will continue to support her former teammates in their goals for the upcoming season.

“I really want to see them win a Big 12 Championship and I’m going to be at as many games as I can,” Strouphauer said.

Even though her time as a soccer player is over, she continues to utilize the interpersonal skills she learned from the game and from the Texas soccer program.

“It’s all about how precise you can be, because you know if you can give your utmost attention and focus to something as simple as a tiny detail, then that’s just (going to) make you better overall,” Strouphauer said.