This year’s best fall perfumes, body mists

Kiernan McCormick, Life and Arts Reporter

Apple, cinnamon, pecan, flannel, sandalwood, nutmeg — oh and pumpkin, lots and lots of pumpkin. These fall scents, among others, evoke feelings of comfort and warmth, reminding people of their love for the season.

This fall boasts a variety of available perfumes and body mists, capturing the essence of autumn in a bottle. The Daily Texan compiled a list of some of the best affordable fall fragrances.


Maison Margiela REPLICA Autumn Vibes

REPLICA Autumn Vibes gives one the fresh and comforting feeling of walking through the forest on a perfect fall day. According to Maison Margiela’s website, the perfume contains notes of carrot seeds, nutmeg, cedarwood and moss, among others. Spray on some Autumn Vibes, throw on a cozy oversized sweater and take a stroll on a leaf-ridden walkway. Invest in this fragrance and smell like the embodiment of “autumn vibes.”

Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense

Marc Jacobs’ new fragrance contains notes of sandalwood and roasted almonds, eliciting a undeniably fall feel. Notes of daffodil and jasmine add a fun floral element to the scent. This perfume is perfect for someone who wants an aroma that arouses a subtle fall feeling but does not want to be overpowered by fall scents. With just one spritz of Perfect Intense, one will both feel and smell luxuriously autumnal in the most refined way.

Skylar Fall Cashmere

This perfume captures the cozy luxury of a cashmere sweater. According to Skylar’s website, the fragrance includes hints of vanilla, cinnamon bark, sandalwood, ginger, matcha tea, white musk and golden amber. Skylar’s website fittingly compares the scent to a chai latte — warm, sweet and rich. Test out Fall Cashmere and experience the perfect combination of an autumn blend.

Body Mists

Bath and Body Works Champagne Apple & Honey

A combination of apple, champagne and jasmine honey, this body mist possesses a sweet yet sophisticated smell. The apple scent conjures a quintessential fall vibe, perfectly complemented by hints of bubbly champagne and smooth honey. Those who prefer a more subtle autumn scent will love this choice. Try out Champagne Apple & Honey and expect to “fall” for this body mist.

Bath and Body Works Bonfire Bash

Bonfire Bash captures the smoky aroma of a fire accompanied by vanilla bourbon and sandalwood. This body mist elicits more of a musky and less sweet scent overall — great for someone who likes fragrances with natural tones. Doused in this balm, anyone would want to cuddle up by the firepit in a flannel and roast some marshmallows.

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

Smell like a delicious plate of pumpkin pecan waffles with this sweet body mist. Perfect for foodies, this fragrance contains scents of maple syrup, waffles and pumpkin spice, according to Bath and Body Works’ website. A spritz of this mist transports users to a log cabin kitchen on a fall morning. Prepare for many compliments when wearing this fragrance.