Graduate Student Assembly president resigns, vice president fills role

Mackenzie Sullivan, News Reporter

Alex Sexton, former Graduate Student Assembly vice president, became GSA president after Trip Davis resigned from the position Jan. 23.

Graduate student Sexton sent an email to GSA members Jan. 25 officially announcing Davis’ resignation, Sexton’s new role and the vacancy of the vice president position.

In the letter of resignation written by graduate student Davis to Sexton, the former president said he thinks the organization has done great advocacy work, but that he must step down to focus on his physical and mental health throughout the spring semester.

“I am frustrated with the infighting between and within legislative student organizations and hope that moving forward, we can figure out a way to put differences aside and return to our shared purpose — being a voice for our peers,” Davis said in the letter.

Last semester, Davis received backlash due to his role as vice president of the Tejas Club, a spirit organization at the University. In November, students gathered outside of the Tejas Club house to protest the organization protecting multiple members with sexual assault allegations.

Sexton said the resignation did not surprise him.

“I am not used to being number one. I’ve always been number two, and I liked being number two, and that’s no longer the case,” Sexton said. “A lot of things that are presidential level that can’t be delegated elsewhere are now my thing, so there’s been an avalanche of things that just fell starting … (Jan. 24).”

Sexton said another executive board member resigned this semester for similar reasons as Davis. Until a new executive board takes over GSA in April, Sexton said he plans to delegate tasks to other members to continue the assembly’s work this semester.

“Given that there’s drama within S(tudent) G(overnment) and the conversation between our relationship with SG, and also our relationship with Senate and all three of us together, it’s going to be interesting,” Sexton said. “Hopefully, it turns out well. I’m expecting it to, but I’m hoping that everyone just stays engaged.”