UT alum Alexi 8bit discusses breakthrough as solo artist, passion for songwriting

Darren Puccala, Life&Arts Reporter

Austin’s signature weird and unique city culture fosters a welcoming atmosphere for musicians to create and perform. For UT alumna Alexi 8bit, the renowned music scene provided the perfect setting for the playful instrumentals and emotionally potent storytelling that the self-taught multi-instrumental composer has garnered attention with. 

The 24-year-old musician has performed in various groups around Austin, most recently including jazz-rock band Beach Blossom. She paved her way in the Austin music scene as a solo musician and video game soundtrack composer for multiple titles such as “No Bones, Inc.” and “Delivery!” Poised for a big September, Alexi 8bit plans to perform multiple live shows around Austin and release more singles as well as her first EP, Dressed In Blue, set to release on Sept. 30. 

The Daily Texan sat down with Alexi 8bit to talk about her newest releases, her growth as a musician and the best ways to listen to her music.

Daily Texan: What was the process of creating your newest EP release Dancin’ Bean

Alexi 8bit: I just released my mini video game EP. That was a surprise drop for September leading up to the larger EP. It’s two games that I did some soundtrack work for — they’re polygraphic indie games, and they were made within a week each. “Morning Affirmations” andDancin’ Bean” were part of the game “No Bones, Inc.,” and “Ocean Theme” was for a game called “Delivery!” In video games, there are ambient sounds of the environment, and that is one thing to consider when making (music). 

DT: Did you have a soundtrack that really got you into video game music?

A8: I would say any of the Animal Crossing soundtracks are really cute. I like how when you progress in the game, the tracks get more complex. They’re just really cute and start off really simple. For example, just the acoustic guitar and a kick drum. I really think that the way that Nintendo creates any of its stuff is really cute, like they use synths that provide a lot of texture as well.

DT: Can you discuss the inspiration behind your upcoming EP release? 

A8: On Sept. 30, I’m releasing an EP called Dressed in Blue. It’s my first EP with my voice on it. It’s got five tracks (about) the progression of quitting my job, getting more into the artistic zone and everything that comes with that. 

DT: How does performing solo compare to other performances you’ve done in your previous bands?

A8: That’s definitely a different experience from performing solo. When I was in those bands, I had people around me to be there if I (messed) up. It’s really fun performing with multiple people because you feel this flow within all of you. When you’re solo, it can be daunting (because) it’s only you. Everyone’s looking at you. If you mess up, then you mess up and continue performing, but at first, it’s nerve-racking. But, it helps me connect with people, and I feel like I command the energy of a room when I’m up there. 

DT: What is something special to keep an eye out for this month? 

A8: (I have another release) on September 16. It’s called “Midnight Ramen.” It’s with sounds that I made from actually making ramen. It’s got sounds of pots clanking, water boiling, the noodles simmering, the package opening. I spent a whole day sampling, I made three packets of ramen.