Q&A: Dayglow talks time as UT student, new album, tour

Fiza Kuzhiyil, Managing Editor

Sloan Struble, better known by the stage name Dayglow, wrote his bedroom pop debut album, Fuzzybrain, at UT. Now, he celebrates the release of his third album, People In Motion, with a tour that ends with two nights at Stubb’s in December.

Sitting in his tour bus with his dog, the UT alum told The Daily Texan all about his new record, his ongoing tour and his time at the University.

The Daily Texan: How are you preparing for the release of the album?

Sloan Struble: This album release has been so different than the past two. Fuzzybrain, I released from my dorm — I wasn’t even an artist. Harmony House, I released during the pandemic, so this is my first proper album release. It’s been really fun (and) really busy.

DT: You’re on the road! What are you looking forward to about this tour compared to previous ones?

SS: I’m really proud of this record. It was made with live music in mind … I’ve been programming and planning ever since I started the album, so it feels like a really big show — production’s really boosted, my band (is) great (and) my crew is awesome. I’m excited to be on the road. It almost feels like my first album to be touring. I understand what’s going on, and that is a theme on this record where I got a new sense of confidence.

DT: People In Motion: What does that title mean?

SS: I always try, with all my ideas, to feel like the listener can interpret it in their own way. I try to keep things abstract. People In Motion can be taken in thousands of different ways. Generally, it’s about overconsumption and trying to be a musician in our day and age, just figuring out how to live in this culture.

DT: I know artists have this pressure to blow up on TikTok. Do you also feel the pressure to be on TikTok, and why do you not want to do that?

I clicked upload in my dorm and then my life changed.

— Sloan Struble

SS: TikTok is very young. I don’t know if I should put (in) all this energy. As long as I’m selling tickets and doing good, then I don’t see the need of making a TikTok. Also, “Can I Call You Tonight?” had TikTok success, and I didn’t even have the app. You can’t really control it. TikTok has a mind of its own, for better (or) for worse.

DT: I would love to know if anything in particular about your time at UT influences what you do now.

SS: I’ve lived in Austin for a handful of years now. I showed up as a freshman, I went to Moody and I did one advertising class. I love Austin. I love Texas and the University of Texas. I (have) really fond memories and always will have fond memories. I clicked upload in my dorm and then my life changed. I spent my whole life looking toward this. I grew up near Fort Worth, so I already knew all the areas before I showed up. I just love being there, and I can’t wait for the end of this tour to have the grand finale. It’s gonna be fun.

DT: You clicked upload in your dorm. The Daily Texan’s audience wants to know which one.

SS: It was Callaway, believe it or not. It has an interesting reputation, and I’ll say it now on the record. I did not partake in any typical Callaway stuff as you can imagine. I stayed in my room, and that was about it. Good food though. Good food. Nice staff.