Rumours ATL: A Fleetwood Mac Tribute takes audience on time-traveling journey

Logan Dubel, Senior Life&Arts Reporter

A burst of the bright California soft rock sound echoed as every member of the standing room only, sold out crowd sang “Go Your Own Way” in unison. 

As Rumours ATL: A Fleetwood Mac Tribute took to the stage at 3TEN ACL Live on Sunday, the cover band immediately transported fans to 1977, the year Fleetwood Mac released its most influential album, Rumours. With shimmering shawls and a swirling tambourine, the band’s striking vocal trio proved that even though “time casts a spell on you,” audiences old and young will “never break the chain” with Fleetwood Mac. 

Founded in 2014, the Atlanta-based cover band embarked on its fifth and final Texas performance on their nationwide tour, taking audiences on a time-traveling journey through the discography of Fleetwood Mac. 

Replicating the original magic of the London-born rock sensation might be a tough task to take on, but Rumours cruised through an impressive 26-song set, nailing every note and mannerism. The band’s energy electrified the audience, including the stageside security guard who swayed to the music throughout the performance. 

From every shawl and twirl to her ballerina hand positions, Mekenzie Zimmerman, who was on Stevie Nicks vocals, knew her part well. Zimmerman told the audience she first heard “Gold Dust Woman” at age 6, which showed in her performance, hypnotizing the crowd as if she were the “ancient queen” herself. Zimmerman also emulated Nicks’ talkative stage personality, recounting her personal favorite Austin memories, including attending South by Southwest in 2010.

Portraying Lindsey Buckhingham’s rhythmic guitar and vocals, Rumours’ Denny Hanson showcased intricate pickings and hyper-emotional singing in acoustic performances of “Big Love” and “Never Going Back Again.” Hanson also nailed Buckingham’s stage presence, portraying jerky body movements and emotive facial expressions. Lead guitarist John Spiegel supported Hanson, nailing every solo. 

Adrienne Cottrell brought keyboardist Christine McVie’s triumphant yet shy serenity to the stage. The band leaned heavily on McVie’s catalogue, including “Everywhere” and “Little Lies.” Featuring a tear-jerking performance of “Songbird,” the band paid tribute to the late musician, noting the impact of her passing in November 2022. 

Jim Ramsdell and Daniel Morrison rounded out the group on bass and drums, respectively, bringing the experimental beat of “Tusk” to life. Ending with the iconic baseline in “The Chain,” the band closed with a reminder to fans that their musical connections with Fleetwood Mac continue to “keep us together.”