Future of tech: How to experience AI at SXSW

Celeste Hoover, General Life&Arts Reporter

South by Southwest brings a variety of panels, presentations and interactive events exploring the new frontier of tech: artificial intelligence. 

Audiences can expect a broad slate of events, from speculative to optimistic, delving into the limits of the technology. From immediate concerns over the sentience of developing chatbots to the possibility of solving climate change through AI-generated data, experts will hold proactive and creative discussions on the new technology.

The Daily Texan compiled a list of some of the AI events available to badge holders that promise to explore groundbreaking topics and innovative solutions. 

Quantum Storytelling with Generative AI — March 10

Though generative AI has advanced recently, early stage development for film, TV and video games has yet to experience these latest innovations. This discussion explores how to use AI and generative technologies in interactive content with Diana Williams of Kinetic Energy Entertainment and Zach Johnson of Josephmark — two pioneers leading entertainment studios and working to innovate in the industry with cutting-edge technology. 

AI in Newsrooms: What’s the Impact on Journalism? — March 11

With many newsrooms facing challenges such as limited resources, AI may be a potential solution to “augment reporting and improve the bottom line of news businesses,” according to the SXSW website. Representatives from the Associated Press, the BBC, Twitter and Partnership on AI will discuss various perspectives on the use of AI in newsrooms.

SXSW Pitch: Artificial Intelligence, Voice & Robotics Technologies — March 11

ZenBusiness’ SXSW Pitch gives a platform for “early-stage technology startups to pitch their product and/or services to industry technology experts, high-profiled media personnel, and Venture Capitalists/Angel Investors.” Five startup companies will present their ideas and innovations to a panel of judges and a live audience, with the winner announced the following day.  

How Congress is Building AI Policy from the Ground — March 11

This panel will focus on the Congressional Artificial Intelligence Caucus’ work with various national communities to increase AI participation. The Congressional Artificial Intelligence Caucus is “a group of U.S. Representatives working to inform Congress about advances in AI and the consequences.”

Responsible AI & Human Rights in the Metaverse — March 13

This presentation will raise the question: “If language technology powered by AI can create and perpetuate dark patterns that reflect society’s existing biases, how will we protect human rights and reduce bias in the metaverse?” The following discussion features executives from companies Meta and Unbabel breaking down the development of ethical standards across all organizations in order to create a prosperous and accessible metaverse.

Combatting Climate Change with AI — March 15

From extreme weather, rising and warming oceans, to pollution caused by greenhouse gasses, humans face the task of quickly improving and deploying tools to observe and understand the changing planet. Learn about AI’s role in combating climate change with John Hopkins researchers Jim Bellingham and Elizabeth Reilly, questioning how the technology can contribute to the study of Earth and its climate.