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October 4, 2022

Check out 5 Austin-based sustainable clothing brands

Ana Campos

As the impending doom of environmental decline becomes more apparent every day, finding solutions to the effects of climate change on both micro and macro scales can be essential. The fast fashion industry contributes to global emissions and waste by mass producing low quality garments for cheap. Around 85% of all textiles, estimated at 11.3 million tons, ends up in landfills every single year. 

Shopping for sustainable clothing can be one of many ways consumers make an impact on the environment, fashion industry and their own closet, and where better to start than in Austin? The Daily Texan compiled a list of local clothing brands that produce clothing sustainably. 


Launched in 2014 by founder, CEO and creative director Stephanie Beard, esby strives to create everyday staple garments that prioritize quality, utility and sustainability. The budding womenswear brand crafts each piece in the United States with 100% all-natural fabrics in small batches with any unused materials repurposed for future projects. Esby’s commitment to no-waste practices extends even further, using 100% curbside recyclable packaging for all orders. Esby serves as the perfect place to shop for sophisticated and timeless womenswear that will live in closets forever. 

Outdoor Voices

For a brand committed to creating a community of doers, Outdoor Voices does it right. Founded in 2013 by Tyler Haney, Outdoor Voices makes high-quality athleisure and lifestyle clothing for men and women. Focusing on longevity and circularity in their sustainable practices, Outdoor Voices commits to replacing commonly used fabrics with sustainable alternatives like RecPoly, made from recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). All shipments arrive in recyclable boxes or plastic, with reusable tote bags distributed in-shop. Shoppers are sure to find high-quality athleisure made sustainably with Outdoor Voices. 

Howler Bros

Bonded by a love of surfing, western wear, fly fishing and more, Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian brought Howler Bros to life in 2011. The quirky lifestyle brand makes colorful timeless menswear staples from hats and shorts to their signature gaucho shirt, supporting the life of an adventurer. The brand focuses on quality and longevity with every garment, using cotton and recycled polyester for all their clothes. Howler Bros delivers timeless pieces full of personality that will stay in the closet and not the landfill. 


Inspired by Austin’s beautiful nature, Raven+Lily is a women-led accessories brand founded by CEO Kirsten Dickerson in 2008. A Certified B Corporation, Raven+Lily meets the high standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency with high social and environmental performance. In addition, the brand belongs to the Fair Trade Federation, which defines itself as “an association of fair trade enterprises fully committed to equitable and sustainable trading partnerships,” according to the federation’s website. Raven+Lily’s dedication to quality practices and products stands at the core of their business and should find a place at the core of any Austinite’s closet.


Founded in 2015 by Paul Hedrick, Tecovas sells long-lasting cowboy boots with a dedication to providing the highest quality. The brand works directly with artisans in León, Mexico, who craft each boot by hand through a more than 200-step production process. With high-quality standards, Tecovas uses custom developed leathers, corkbed lining and lemonwood pegs in each boot to ensure comfort with the best materials. The brand guarantees the highest quality boots for competitive prices throughout their variety of styles. Everyone in Texas needs a pair of cowboy boots, and Tecovas can be the place to find an amazing pair that lasts.

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