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October 4, 2022

Best eats within walking distance of campus

Emma Berke

As the semester begins and classes start to pick up, finding convenient meals sits at the top of many students’ priority lists. Luckily, campus boasts a number of places to eat during quick breaks between classes, nights too chaotic to cook or when just hankering for some tasty food.

Cabo Bob’s

Aptly named after Cabo Bob, the term coined for “a person who has life figured out,” this build-your-own style restaurant certainly leaves its customers feeling content with their lives. The Austin-based chain offers tacos, burritos, nachos, salads, bowls and quesadillas incorporating a variety of protein and topping options. Even the leftovers, reheated or cold, make for the perfect meal.

Sip Pho

After three years of business, Sip Pho earned itself a reputation as a go-to Vietnamese restaurant for UT students. The fresh and flavorful food, fast and kind service and the trendy interior make for a great place to get a meal with friends. Try the grilled pork belly bahn mi or the passionfruit green tea, two items that always seem to hit the spot.

Gyro Delicious

Sitting right on the south edge of campus, Gyro Delicious serves as the perfect place to grab a quick and tasty meal. Gyro Delicious offers gyros, fries and plates with tender meat and cohesive flavors. Although the food truck stands next to a small seating area, its proximity to Littlefield Fountain and UT’s Main Mall makes it the perfect place to grab food for a picnic.

Vaquero Taquero

Despite its discrete location next to Speedway Market in North Campus, Vaquero Taquero stands as a must-try restaurant. Some of its tacos mix sweet, spicy and savory flavors while others provide the classic breakfast taco taste, but all come wrapped in house-made tortillas. Starting at $4 a taco, customers can buy according to their appetite and individual taste. Grab a refreshing agua fresca to pair with the tacos to survive the Texas heat.

Chef Hong’s

Tucked away in West Campus, Chef Hong’s food truck may prove tricky to find. However, its food makes it worth the search. With a great selection of cold and hot noodles, dumplings and more, many consider Chef Hong’s some of the best Chinese food near campus. When visiting, make sure to try the 肉夹馍 (Chinese hamburger).

Madam Mam’s Thai Cuisine

From fried noodles to curries, soups to rice dishes, Madam Mam’s offers it all. The extensive menu makes it hard to know where to begin — a wonderful problem to have. The meals come out well prepared, and the establishment’s design accommodates large groups of people. The large portion sizes may even serve as multiple meals, perfect for a group outing with plenty of friends. 

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