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October 4, 2022

Top 6 boba spots in Austin

Elizabeth Aguilar Garcia

The Daily Texan compiled a list of must-try boba shops around Austin. Whether you’re a boba lover or looking to try something new, these six boba shops are sure to satisfy.   

ChiCha San Chen (吃茶三千)  – 6501 Airport Blvd. #100, Austin, TX 78752

With the internet buzz, customers may wonder about the validity of the hype, but ChiCha San Chen exceeds expectations. Offering a variety of teas, each customizable with flavors, milks and toppings, a visit to ChiCha San Chen proves more than just grabbing boba. Brewed to order using a signature teapresso machine, ChiCha San Chen boasts quality over quantity. 

Möge Tee – 2000 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX 78705

Its proximity to campus and variety of specialized drinks makes Möge Tee a great pick for UT students. Offering specialty cheese foam, milk swirls and fruit Yakult in addition to classic teas, the menu satisfies the needs of almost anyone. The shop also provides a number of non-caffeinated drinks for late-night boba runs. Caffeinated or not, Möge Tee’s refreshing drinks beat other boba chains in the area. 

Coco’s Cafe – 1910 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX 78705

Located on Guadalupe Street, locally-owned Coco’s Cafe makes for a convenient place for a filling meal and drinks. The menu offers standard fruit teas, milk teas and blended drinks along with a number of Taiwanese dishes and various desserts. Coco’s Cafe contends for many students’ go-to boba shop, as it’s affordable and satisfies many dining needs.

AUSTEA – 500 E Ben White Blvd. D700, Austin, TX 78704

Although it opened just this year, AUSTEA has already made its mark on Austin. Locally owned and operated, AUSTEA offers all the classic menu items with the addition of cheese foam and coffee options. It also offers seasonal and specialty flavors that keep the menu fresh. The shop presents a modern feel and youthful charm that makes it a perfect place to bring friends, grab a drink and play some board games. 

Happy Lemon – 6406 N Interstate Hwy 35 Suite 1301, Austin, TX 78752

A cheery boba shop with two locations in Austin, Happy Lemon’s menu features all of the classic teas and also offers their take on the usual cheese foam topping with salted cheese drinks. Another specialty includes a variety of chewy yet crispy bubble waffles. With the combination of yummy treats and a yellow-themed interior, a trip to Happy Lemon is sure to brighten your day.

Sweet Memes – 3801 S Congress Ave. Suite 109, Austin, TX 78704

With its photogenic decorations and a menu full of refreshing food items, Sweet Memes serves as the perfect place to live out the influencer lifestyle. Offering everything from souffle pancakes, mango sticky rice, crepe cakes and fluffy toast, Sweet Memes brings novelties, unlike any other shops in the area. Its drink menu, including colorful mojitos and sea salt coffee, won’t disappoint.

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