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October 4, 2022

“¡Celebración!” Mexican Independence Day Celebration

charlotte keene
Students play musical chairs at the Mexican American Culture Committee’s ¡Celebración! event for Latin American Independence on Sept. 14, 2023.

Finding a community at the University of Texas can be difficult for some students considering that it is such a large campus with an even bigger student population, but the Mexican American Culture Committee (MACC) is making it a welcoming environment for all who seek a sense of belonging with the various events that it organizes throughout the year. 

The MACC is one of three culture committees under Campus E+E (Events and Entertainment) and is responsible for organizing ¡Celebracion!, an annual campus event that celebrates various Latin American countries like Guatemala, Mexico and Brazil, all of which have their independence days this month. Food, prizes and music attracted students from different latin backgrounds. 

Gabriela Sobrevilla, a biology junior and logistics officer for the MACC, said the purpose of the event was more than just celebrating the independence of Latin American Countries. “It is to celebrate being Latino, to celebrate the days of independence, and it is to celebrate Hispanic Month because it begins (on September 15).”

Sobrevilla said that the MACC wanted students to feel proud to be Latinos.“The university is very big… it is important to create times where you can meet other people who are Latino and Hispanic.” Sobrevilla mentioned that it feels great to be surrounded by people who are happy and united in celebration. “When you see someone being happy because they are Latino, you feel that joy too,” said Sobrevilla.

Happiness certainly radiated from the William C. Powers Ballroom as students lined up to try the photo booth station, empanadas and other delicious treats that the event had to offer. Collaborating organizations, such as the Latin Economics and Business Association, were in attendance to provide students with more information on how to join. 

Alexia Palacios, a junior neuroscience major said, “It’s very nice to see other people celebrating their roots…finding events like this is very important and makes me remember where I come from.”

Palacios said that events like these allow students to embrace their cultural identity while being connected with their roots, and seeing everyone celebrate their heritage instilled a sense of pride and joy. 

Students grabbed their friends to dance the night away while Spanish hits played, and it was clear through the permanent smiles on every face that the MACC had fulfilled its objective for the event.

“It unites us (the exchange of cultural traditions) in ways where we can come together to see what we have in common and respect (our) differences,” Palacios said.

It is important that students have spaces that embrace them for who they are, and the Mexican American Culture Committee is certainly doing that by putting on events like ¡Celebracion! where students of all Latin backgrounds come together in celebration of their heritage.

Editor’s note: This story was originally reported in Spanish. Check out more of our original Spanish reporting on our Texan en Español Reporting page.

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charlotte keene, Senior Photographer
Charlotte Keene is a junior Journalism major from San Antonio, Texas. She enjoys making playlists and watching movies in her free time.